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Monday, September 30, 2013

I Kissed A Man

By: Ken

Ako nga pala si Ken. Hindi ko kwento ito, pero nakita ko ito sa isang blog na sinusundan ko. Medyo iba yung pagkakasulat niya, pero sana magustuhan niyo kagaya ng pagkagusto ko sa kwentong 'to. :)

It started out as a normal day. My classes starts at 3:00 PM so I had the time to visit my friends not far from my home. I met with my very close friend Donna and Vlad. We ate in a carenderia right around the corner of their school. I had tapsilog, which was one of the best tapa I have ever tasted before. By 2 PM, I was already boarding a cab, instructing the driver to avoid the traffic jam in the main road and follow the route that I have been taking ever since I started living all by myself here in this city.

I grabbed my phone from my pocket and saw that I had three messages and one missed call. I opened the messages first. Two were from my classmates, asking me if I’ve done my assignment. It was a stupid question to ask, because I always do my assignments. I didn’t bother to reply. I deleted both and read the other one. It was him.

It was my friend, the one I’d kiss after the sun sets down.

I opened the message. A question for our group project. He was asking me on what he’d do for the group. The project was to be submitted 3 weeks from now, but I guess he can’t wait. He was that kind of guy; he’d always do what he can in the present, a “now-man”.
Instant. That would be my description of how he replied back when I told him what to do, vaguely, and that I’ll talk to him after our classes together. He sent a smiley back. I know it’s not that big of a deal, but it was a smiley from a person who doesn’t really talk that much. He doesn’t even show emotions with other people. Then I felt blood rushing into my cheeks.

It was a windy day. I had my sweater on and my arms around my chest. I never thought it would get cold in this country.

I arrived at exactly 2:48 PM. That was also the time when my phone vibrated. He texted me again, asking me where the hell I am. I shoved the phone in my pocket. I was already looking at him after I read it and smiled. He looked at me too, but he wasn’t smiling. It was weird, but I brushed it off and sat on the chair at the front row. I drowned myself in my professor’s lecture and the whole business about accounting and shit made me forget of how he looked at me.

It was raining when I got out of the room. He already went to his class and didn’t even talked to me. Maybe he’s just having one of those days, I told myself. We do all have those days. We get cranky for no reason, we get annoyed with every little detail, and we get insanely mad because we don’t know.

It’s funny that time passed by so fast when I’m not listening. I grabbed all of my things and put on my sweater. The rain had stopped, but it was still cold. Then I remember his eyes. It was cold too and it sent shivers down my spine. I brushed it off and walked through the door.

I was shocked. He was there, sitting in a bench near my classroom. He was looking at me. It was still his cold eyes that are piercing through me, but it was different now. I don’t know how to explain it, but it is different. He then stood up, his bag slinging on his back. I waited for him to come closer and I smiled. He still didn’t.

“I need to talk to you,” he said. I agreed, even though I didn’t have a clue on what was happening. He asked me to follow him and we were in the comfort room that was rumored to be haunted. Nobody dared to go here except for us. We loved the quiet and peace the room has to offer. He closed the door and I heard him sigh.

It was a blur. He was near the door, then he was near me, holding my face with his warm hands. His eyes, his cold eyes looking at me, and not just looking at me but practically looking into my every inch. I looked at him too. I never realized he was good looking. He was always the type of guy who you don’t notice unless you really pay attention and you exert effort. Now I can see that he is a hell of a guy. He was perfect, especially his lips. I know more that perfect is not possible, but his lips, his thick lips that never spoken a word about himself openly were like magnets, attracting me like a piece of metal. Then his lips were on mine. He kissed me. It was shocking. He was my friend and as much as possible, I don’t want to ruin the friendship. He was a “he”, a guy, a human male with a penis just like me. I’m feminine in some ways, but I am not homosexual. I’ve never imagined myself being with another guy, let alone get a kiss this good.

I kissed him back.

It was explosive, but it was what it was. I felt heat, energy from him. He was giving me life. I was living after years of being a boring, ass kissing, straight-A student. I felt his tongue open my mouth and I let him in. It was searching for something, digging very thoroughly in my mouth. Then he found my tongue and he licked it. I licked him back, tasting what he tastes, licking what he licks, uniting two sensations in one, and I love it. I loved how his lips, how his mouth, how his saliva tastes like. It was sweet, that I want to have more, but also bitter, that I want to have it all.

I grabbed his thick hair, his hair that always amazes me. I have to always cut my hair short because it will get frizzy if I do not, but his hair was perfect. He cuts it short and it suits him in a silent way. He grows it long like this and it was damn sexy. I pulled him closer, even if his mouth is one with mine. I can’t get over the taste of him.

I was slightly disappointed when he removed his tongue in my mouth but took it back when he kissed my neck. He was tasting every bit of me and it was ecstatic. I was still holding his hair, guiding him where I want his wet lips on me. I pulled him up and he moaned, obviously hurt from the gesture. But I didn’t mind it. It was actually turning me on. He was wearing a shirt that fits him perfectly; his biceps, his chest, his flat stomach and his hard nipples. I removed it and pushed him to lean on the wall near us.

I kissed him again, aggressive but short. I went slowly down to his chest and kissed it. When I reached his nipples, I licked it first. Around the edges, then the whole thing. My left hand was playing with the other one, pinching hard. Then I sucked it, like how I imagined babies sucking their mom’s breasts. I sucked his nipples like I never wanted anything in my life other than him. He was moaning louder, a little bit dangerous, but I didn’t give a damn. I was living, and I won’t stop.

It tasted well, his nipples. We lay down the cubicle floor which was as clean as my bathroom at home. It was really good that nobody comes here. I was on top of him. I grabbed his fingers and I kissed them. I proceeded to sucking and eventually licking slowly up to his shoulders. I raised his arms, his muscular strong arms. I kissed it, the beauty of how manly he is. Then I smelled his armpits. He was hairy for a guy our age, and I loved it. I licked it and it didn’t taste bad. On the contrary, it was heavenly. To own a part of another’s body so private. I never thought something so dirty would be something so delicious.

I smiled because he was breathing hard. But it wasn’t the only thing that was hard. I felt my manhood pressed on top of his and I moved my hips, rubbing them together. It felt good and I thought I was about to come even when we were wearing jeans. He grabbed my head and pushed me down, away from his chest but down to what he really wants me to taste.

I traced my tongue on his body. From his nipples, to his stomach, down to the top of his pants. I didn’t unbutton it. I opened the zipper and saw a glimpse of his white underwear. I inserted my tongue in his open fly and he stiffened. I licked it some more and I swear he begged me to suck it. I’ve never done it before, so I was uncertain. Not whether it was right or wrong, or how I’d do it right. I was scared I won’t give him the satisfaction I am getting right now. I unbuttoned his pants and dragged it down to his knees. He was big, really big. His underwear is almost exploding because of the angry creature he has in between his legs. I felt my body twitch.

I removed his underwear and I grabbed his manhood in my palms. It was warm. No, it was hot like hell. I observed it for a second and I licked its head. I licked the hole on top making him squirm a bit, down to the shaft and inhaled the scent of manliness from in between his thighs. I licked the hair circling around his beast. He begged some more. It was funny, that I didn’t mind my face digging into someone’s crotch.

It was his balls that I licked next. I mopped it with my tongue and sucked one of it, tea-bagging is what they call it I think. He loved that too. “Suck me, please suck me,” he said in between moans and gasps of air. I went back up and sucked his penis. I did it slowly at first, sucking and slurping at the same time. After some moments, I was letting him fuck my mouth.

It all happened so fast. He was humping me so hard that I feel his head touching the back of my throat. Then he exploded. Warm, sweet fluid flooding my mouth. I closed my eyes. It was the best thing I ever tasted, the best thing I ever drank. He was pressing my head to his crotch so tightly so nothing would spill. He wants me to swallow every single drop. I didn’t waste anything. His dick was beginning lose its hardness, but it was still a mouthful.

I opened my mouth and let go. I still had my hard on, but it was alright. I was satisfied of what happened, even though I don’t know what to do next. I pulled my handkerchief from my bag sprawled on the floor and wiped my face, my mouth. He was about to put his briefs back on but I stopped him and started wiping his crotch too. I wiped his penis, around it, his thighs, even up to the back of his balls. I stood up and also wiped his chest. I raised his arms and smelled his manly scent. I wiped it too, just to enjoy the moment.

In a blink of an eye, I was on the floor, my lips bleeding. He punched me hard. I looked up and he kicked me too. He kicked me in my chest, my stomach. He then kicked my face. I heard ringing after that. He went inside a cubicle and heard clashing of porcelain. I can’t see though, because of my pathetic position. He was in my view once again and he was holding the broken sink at the back of the bathroom. He was holding it up high, aimed directly to my skull.


  1. parang sa baguio eto ah.. SLU ba mr. author????


  2. Financial boy.panget m

  3. Parang psychotic naman ng other party? I like the story in a way b/c it keeps you hanging!

  4. This deserves a part 2. Or a prequel. Something.

  5. I think this is already the prequel why the bathroom is haunted.

  6. what was that? its super scary to encounter that kind of guy..haha

  7. A very commendable facility of language... I found the story quiet artistically crafted. Thumbs up!