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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hopefully First and Last

By: Alex

Hi readers! This is my first time to contribute a story here in KM. I am not a good writer and not even expert on telling stories so please be nice. My story might be long I hope you would take time to read it.

I am Alex, mixed Filipino, American and Spanish. Ash blonde hair, brown hair, 21, 5’8”, lean body, fair skin. This is a love story so don’t be disappointed if I don’t get into deep in describing everything.  And just so you know I was 18 when all of this happened.

Part 1: Summer Fling

YES! I’m in my last summer and I had to go on internship (which im very excited because I can be in manila for 3 months), i got a chance to be in one of the biggest company in the Philippines and I was the only intern in the department. btw this company is in makati. It was a typical everyday in the office; I get to meet everyone in the office even from the other department. I had my first week in the office and there is this man from sales (Sir Carlo), he is good looking, tall man, fair skin and had a good chinito eyes. Yeah, I admit! Guilty as charged! I had a crush on him.

One afternoon everyone was already out of the office and I was finishing my work, Sir Carlo approached me in the cubicle..” Hi! Alex right? Pauwi na kasi ako in just a few and I saw you last time you were in line for a cab baka gusto mong sumabay sakin para di ka na mahirapan pumila?” I was so shocked that my only reply was, “WHAT?” so inulit niya sinabi niya and I said “ im okay lang po , Ill just take a cab again and besides mukang matatagalan pa po ako.”

Sir Carlo: sige hintayin na lang kita then hatid kita sa may sakayan na lang ng taxi if you want. (he even smiled to me and god sobrang nagmelt ako so I just said “ okay po!”)

So ayun hinatid niya ko sa may sakayan ng taxi. While in his car I asked him (because I am frank, tactless and brutally honest) “Why are you insisting na ihatid ako? Do you like me?”(Take note!Boss sya and I asked him that like I assumed he liked me) . He paused, looked at me and said, “Wow! I didn’t expect that, but to be honest I don’t know.”

Me: okay, its obvious that I have a crush on you sir carlo,(duh? Everytime he passed by kaya sa hallway nababali leeg ko!) But I am young and I came here to learn so if you want we can just be friends for now. (Assuming ako ehh!)

Sir carlo: you are funny, but yes I think im attracted to you too but I guess you are young.

And that night bumaba na ko sa sakayan ng taxi. AND TO TELL YOU hindi po tungkol talaga kay sir carlo yung story ko. ;P

So this where the story begin… a few more days sir carlo was still nice to me pero di na ko pumapayag na ihatid niya ko. So one time I was in glorieta waiting for my friend (kasi we live in the same condo in pasay, pareho kaming interns but different company). While waiting there was this guy, maliit sya and looks weird because he was constantly checking me out! He moved closer to where I was and I moved away from him. I noticed that he’s moving closer to me again so I decided to move to another place and walked. I saw him following me and I was so freaked out! I was so scared and medyo naiiyak na ko non.  Naglakad lang ako ng naglakad ng mabilis and because I was so paranoid I kept on looking if he’s still following…. Then I bumped into someone! I screamed so loud that everyone looked at me( I thought kasi yung sumusunod sakin was him), I was so freaking out and this guy asked me “hey, why are you screaming?” and he was calming me down. So after I realized that he is not the man following me I just hugged him (feeling close pero I just did it) and told him that there was a man following me while I was crying. He was so nice and hugged me back and said “It’s okay, look at me I am gigantic I don’t think he’ll even try to get near you.” Nung calm na ko I just thanked him. He reached his hand and introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Sam!” I shook his hand and said “wow you are so tall! I am alex!” I was so amazed with him because he is so tall (6’3”) and grabeng gwapo niya. So yun naglakad-lakad muna kami and nagkwentuhan. Sam is Australian, fair skin and have a good body and kaya pala I think he is familiar because he is a model!  Habang naglalakad he asked me if im okay already if I want daw he could drive me home so he’ll be sure im safe. And thank god for the right timing my friend messaged me that he will be staying late in the office because they had a deadline. So there, sam drove me home, sam is really nice of course I feel so special that night! When we arrived at my condo(syempre sa may driveway lang muna sya) bago ako bumaba he said “Aren’t you going to invite me in your flat? I did save your life today, remember?

Me: I did thanked you sam.

Sam: haha… yeah, was kidding though. Give me your phone!

I handed my phone and he saved his number.

Sam: call me when you get inside your flat.

Me: clingy mo ha!(I joked) then I said byeJ

So ayun from that day on, we always call and text each other.  Sam is really sweet, lagi niya kong hinahatid pauwi and we are almost always together. One time he did have a show in glorieta and I surprised him at nanood ako, I totally forgot that everyone of his friends are there and he is not actually out in the open(so do I, sa manila lang ako nagkaganto). I was so impressed with him that he didn’t hid me, he introduced me to his friends and told them that he’s courting me( so there, its official! Nanliligaw na sya) His friends (mostly models) were shocked but they did gave me a warm welcome.

Fast forward ng konti…

It was my last day on my internship, after work we went to his condo, I was seating in the couch then, he hugged me so tight and whispered in my ear, “why do you have to leave?”

I just faced him, looked him straight to the eye, and cried. Sam held my face and said “You do know I will wait for you!  Right? I just cried and cried and he just wrapped his arms around me.

Sam: don’t worry it will be just a year, after you graduate promise me you’ll go back. Okay?

I nodded and said “promise!”

That night I stayed on his flat, we cuddled the whole night (yeah!!! Nothing happened because one, It was a really sad night for the two of us, and two, because I’m not ready and he knows that!)

After that night I went home to baguio with a cold and heavy heart. We did promise to each other that if ever one of us will have time we will visit each other. And we did do that! First sem, he visited me twice, once when they had a shoot in baguio and the other one when he did just have a free time. After first semester, I had a week-long vacation with him in manila for my sem break.

Second semester, I did have a lot of vacation, Christmas vacation he met my family and we went to hong kong with him. My family like him so much, sam is really nice, like he is just perfect.  Sam got really close to my family and he even visit them more often (because my family lives in Pampanga which is a lot closer to manila) than me (I was in baguio kasi!)

Feb 14: The Surprise!

It was February and it was really cold in baguio! Malamig din syempre valentines day ko because sam was in manila. Our school have a tradition that makes valentines day so special kaya yun inggit inggit lang ako sa mga couples at nagbibigayan ng kung ano ano. It was not that I didn’t receive anything, in fact I received a lot! Not that im bragging but my name was quite big in our school and I had a reputation. Marami nahuhumaling sakin(well, I think because may lahi ako) na nagbigay during that day pero syempre I wanted sam to be that only one lang. It was late in the afternoon already, I was in class (my last class) then someone knocked on the door because they will serenade someone in class (sa isip-isip ko, THIS IS SOO LAME!)  Then they sang just the way you are ni Bruno mars… nung nag-chorus na someone went to me, held my hand and dragged me out of class. I was so shocked seeing people in line giving me flowers and there he was at the end of the line handing me this huge bouquet of flowers.  Everyone was screaming (even my instructors!) I didn’t know what to say and I didn’t know what to do, then the bell rang (yes! Saved by the bell) I went back to class, got my things and we walked together. Sobrang solid kasi while we were walking agaw eksena talaga kasi sam was so tall and handsome and I had this huge bouquet. We got in to his car and drove away.

Me: Sam, you do know my apartment is just around the block, right?

Sam: yeah, but do you want to have a dinner date at you apartment?

Me:  I love you sam!(this was the first!)

He kissed me and said “I love you too!” (*kilig much*)

We had dinner then went to his hotel, while walking towards the door suddenly I was so nervous that I knew that “that night” it will happen. He held my hand kissed me torridly. He stopped for a while then asked me, “You can tell me if you’re not ready, because I won’t force you to do it.” I lean forward then kissed him. We got on the bed, i unbuttoned his shirt and kissed him in the neck down to his chest (btw his chest is my favorite part, I love sleeping on his chest!) he pulled me up and kissed me again and he did like to take control. He took off his shirt and also his pants leaving only his undies.  He kissed every part of my body and all I can do is moan to death. I got up a little and crawled on top of his body, I sat on his tummy and looked at him, he whispered and kept saying “I love you!”. I kissed his lips aggressively, got down to his chest while I grabbed his crotch! He was so hard and I couldn't contain the feeling and sensation. I went down on his abs then to the sexy v shape of his hips; he was moaning loud and took off his undies. When I saw his cock it is so huge (well this what a 6’3” looks like). I licked it in its shaft up and down then teased the head with some kisses.  I sucked it up and down; It was long, thick and hard. I tried deepthroating him but I just can’t make it to the end of his shaft. Sam groaned each time I go deep sucking his cock. I tasted some precum and I knew anytime he will cum. Sam pulled me up again and whispered on my ear “I want to fuck.” I kissed him and said “okay” he stood up and got a lubricant; he put some on my hole and tried to insert his finger first. He kissed me again and tried to insert his cock on my ass. I cried in pain and ask him to go gently; gosh it was really hard to take that 9 inch dick on my ass. He got into me and gently pounded my ass. It was really painful but I really enjoyed every inch of him, although I don’t think he managed to get the whole of it in my ass. He kept on grinding me until sometime I cum without even touching myself. He kissed my lips and my neck while he’s inside me doing his thing until I felt a fluid squirting inside me (made me realized he didn’t wore any protection). He was dead tired after cumming, passed out on top of me for a while without even pulling out his cock. We were both tired and totally slept the whole night.

Morning after that night, I woke up sleeping on sam’s chest (my favorite!). I kissed him on the neck greeted good morning. The only thing he uttered is that “I will never forget last night, I love you!”  then he kissed me.

So that was my valentines night, and sam had to go back to manila that afternoon.

After February sam and I didn’t have had time to visit each other again but we still call from time to time.

Graduation: The Revelation

It was my graduation day! We’ve waited for this time so much but sam didn’t have the chance to attend my graduation and also didn’t even congratulate me on the day because he had a huge project. But of course I understand that. I love sam and missing out my graduation wouldn’t change that. So after graduation I went back to pampanga, told my mom that sam and I will be living together and I’m going to surprise him today. I drove straight to sam’s flat(I did drive that day with my new carJ).  I arrived on his flat at around 8pm, I rang the doorbell then someone opened the door and I shouted “SURPRISE!” of course I was expecting sam to answer the door but then I was surprise, It was a woman, she was wearing sam’s shirt and I can even see her nips through the thin sheet of clothing. I was so devastated, I grabbed my luggage and walked away from the door, I heard sam asking the woman “Who was that?” sam ran on the doorway and called me “alex!!!”  The woman was aking sam “sam, who’s that?” sam who’s that” (arte arte, kainis!) sam ran and grabbed me, “alex, please… don’t do this. This was a mistake!” sam hugged me so tight “ alex please, give me a chance.. we have waited so long for this.” I faced him, I was sobbing then, I told him… “yes we have sam...” I slapped him in the face and continued  “I am so in love with you that I didn’t see that it was never gonna happen!” I walked away and never looked back. All I heard is that he was sobbing and the woman was screaming bullshit at him.

That night I pulled myself up and drove home to Pampanga, went to my mom’s place. I was so devastated. I was young and stupid, I lived through fantasy and I saw everything perfect with sparkling glitters all over.  Everything with sam was my first. Kiss, love, sex and first heartbreak.

He tried to get back to me and even went to my mom to apologize and all, but even my family can’t accept him and give him a chance. I was so wrecked for a long time so I decided to go away. That year I went to New York to my dad’s. So until now I haven’t seen sam again. I am happy now but until now I was never in a relationship. I’m too scared of going through the same experience with sam. You may say that the way I narrated everything, it’s like I haven’t moved on but the thing is I have! I have moved on, that’s why now... I’m willing to give sam a chance. Sound stupid or even naive, right? But it is what it is. I'm going back to the Philippines soon, and if ever we see each other and he’s still available… I will take him back. Sam is my first and everything.  And he did tell me before “I will wait, til you’re ready.”


  1. Natawa ako sa eksena na "Who's that?" Kainis ang arte-arte. ^_^!

  2. Nice story bro,i wish u see each other again

  3. ganda ng story. Sana makilala Kita. I love you author. kw lang ata na gay na napaka behave at mabait. iba kc pg may itsura ang daming partner.

    1. THANK YOU! thanks for assuming that im good looking(haha) and i love you for loving my story.


  4. "I did thanked you Sam" DID na nga THANKED pa. Pwede naman "I do thanked you" Lahat ng lahi nasa kwento mo na ata ah? Mga cross breed haha

    1. Nagcorrect pa mali naman. Ang rule pag may do, does, did,to ang kasunod present tense kaya i do thank you, i did thank you, he does thank you, i want to thank you. Icorrect mo din sarili mo.

    2. Pansinin mo yung THANKED ate. DID THANKED. Pakinggan mo ang sagwa kasing sagwa mo at yung nag correct niyan olers

    3. THIS!!! Ang dami kong laugh.. mga 20.. hahaha..

  5. Ang arte ng story mo ate. Ang pride mo kasi kaya ayan nga nga. Yung Sam mo dyowaers ni Piolo haha

  6. Haha i think I know this guy :)

    1. clue naman pre!

    2. Isa kapa. I think I know this GAY. Bobo

  7. Ganda bro. Buti nalang mabait kadin.. hindi naman porke may itsura.. kelangan mrami nkarelasyon. Its my first na nagcomment dito. Sobrang natatakot ako na malaman ng iba at wala ko balak malaman ng iba...

    Nagandahan lang ako sa istorya mo kaya nagcomment ako. Thanks.

  8. Mali mali ang English, sana Tagalog na lang.

  9. nkakainis mga ibang bakla dito. npaka perpekto Kala mo naman napakgaling mg English. cguro ito yung mga bakla sagad sa kolorete ang mukha o kumkerengkeng sa daan, in other words walang breeding. o dili kayay mga pangit. kc malimit kc sa mga bumbatikos ay mga pangit, para pausapan lang.
    to the author ang ganda pre ng storya mo. Sana may part two. dont worry author mass maraming ngagandagan kaysa mga nanlalait. thanks for sharing your story hope this is not the last

    1. Let's drink to that!!! Though I must admit.. there are a few lapses.. maybe typos or so.. but the overall story was great.. Also I must say that your tone is a bit bossy.. nonetheless you were able to put forth your story and that is all that matters.. I just wish you keep us posted about how were you able to get him back after you ditched him.. hmmm.. please... and MAY THE ODDS BE EVER IN YOUR FAVOR.. (capslock para intense)

  10. sana pg makita kyo may part two... hehehe...

  11. I hope mapatawad mu pa si sam. Imposible ang perpektong relasyon pero hindi imposible, ang TRUE LOVE. Pero kung hndi tlga bata ka pa marami ka pang makikilala nice story:)

  12. It was a nice story. Keep it up!!!

  13. The story was told na mas maarte pa kesa sa may puke. Lol. Remember, men's advantage over women in keeping our men is that hindi tayo maarte, which men hate about girls.. tapos nag-gagaganyan ka. But well, to each his own.

    1. I agree, maarte nga yung writer(or yung pagkakakwennto) BUT to tell you, i think we should admire yung mga "maarteng" katulad niya. Most of the time people think we are cheap(dahil nga di tayo maarte). I think now is the time we should set standards. Iyang ganyang mentalidad(kagaya ng sayo) ang nagsasabi at nagbibigay ng mga wrong connotations about sating mga homosexuals. maraming icon ang pilit na itinataas ang tingin ng mga ibang tao sa ating mga LGBT, pero dahil sa mentalidad na kagaya ng sayo ehh patuloy pa rin tayong minamaliit. PLEASE DONT BE CHEAP!

    2. hundred likes for you sir.. (dun sa nagreply)

  14. Hindi naman sa pag mamayabangpero alam ..mo alex parang pareho tayu na baklang ugaling babae siguro pinalaki ka ng parents mo na habanang
    bata ka pa alam na nilang ganyan ka kaya itinuring ka nilang parang tunay na babae kasi ganyan ako pinalaki ng parents ko kaya kahit may mga lalaking alam ko na ng aakit di ko pinapansin naiisnis lng ako

  15. Studied in Baguio? Feeling ko, sa SLU to? Culture na rin kasi ng Slu tuwing valentines day, may mga nag hara.harana. :)

    -Jay (student in SLU)

    1. wow my SLU dito. tol anong course mo?

  16. Paksyet ang ganda!!! Kinilig ako dun. Isa na to sa fav ko. Sana may 2. At yang kaartehan na yan I love it.

  17. Okay lang naman yung story. I loved it. Although at some point it seemed that the story was quite fictional, it's still fine. Atleast, the author managed to widen my imagination. :-) To those people who made a big fuss about the grammatical inconsistencies, you guys were funny. You corrected someone when you yourself was corrected by another person. Kind of a pathetic move. May masabi or may ma comment lang. It didn't make sense at all. Hahaha. To all the readers, most of the time the author's personality will be seen on how they constructed their story. Wala kayong pake on how will they express their story. To the author's bashers, it clearly showed what type of gay were you guys. Yung palengkera-type, uneducated, and most of all, the type of gay who were such a big disgrace to the LGBT community. Kahihiyan kayo sa LGBT. To the author, please write more stories. #proud