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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Teaching Bro (Part 1)

By: Gregory

Hi everyone, I’ve only stumbled upon this site a few days ago. I find most of the stories very exciting and realistic at the same time. I’d like to share with you my experience with my best friend in high school but before anything else I’d like to introduce myself.

I am Gregory, or Greg for short (not my real name), 29 years old currently based in Manila. I’m about 5’10”, around 175 lbs, athletic-build. Used to play football back in high school and college but I’m into Triathlons now. Most people mistake me for a model but I’m really not. I don’t like the attention. I consider myself as Filipino but I’m very much mestizo-looking as my grandparents are a mixture of Chinese and Spanish. I attended primary and high schools in a well-known all-boys school in San Juan. Was a business management student at a university along Katipunan then spent three more years in Sydney taking-up finance and accounting. Went back home to Manila several years ago to work in the family business. This might also come as a surprise to all of you but I do consider myself straight. I’ve had a few girlfriends in the past. To be honest, I’ve never been attracted to men and never had a relationship with men – the closest I had was with my best friend, Daniel (not his real name).

I first met Daniel in 2nd year high school when we became classmates. Daniel back then was a tall, geeky but good-looking Chinese-looking guy. He was very mature-looking for his age as he was already taller than most people in our batch. He was my seatmate in class since our surnames were close to each other. I lived in the subdivision across our school while he lived in the village behind our school. On weekends, we would always hangout at my place and play basketball and video games. As I’m an only child, Daniel became more like the brother I never had. He was also the only boy in his family so I guess I was also the brother he never had. Back then, what I felt for Daniel was nothing out of the ordinary. We were best friends. When we became seniors, everything changed. I no longer saw him as just a best friend. It was already something else. I started having this feeling of wanting to be around him, talking to him all the time. I started seeing him in a totally different way. I noticed how tall and strong he was. He was around 6’1”. Whenever he would change in front of me, I couldn’t help but notice how manly his body looked. He had very broad shoulders from all the swimming since he was part of the swim team.
He had a very strong chest, and his nipples were always hard. His arms were muscular but lean at the same time. When he would lift his arm, I couldn’t help but look at his armpit and all his hair. It was very bushy and sexy at the same time. He didn’t have 6-pack abs but he had a 4-pack. But what I loved about his body the most was his stomach and the hair that runs from his belly button down below his waist. I found him very masculine and sexy. He never failed to give me a raging boner. Everytime he would put his arms over me, I would always get a hard on. When our arms would touch, I would get a hard on. When he took his clothes off, I would get an erection. Back then I knew there was something wrong with me. A straight man would never get an erection from a fellow man. The funny thing was he was the only guy that made me feel that way.

There was this one time in summer when he spent the night in my place. The thought of him sleeping in my room really turned me on. It was already late when we decided to sleep. I lied down on my upper bed while he slept on the lower bed beside me. We talked about school, sports, games until we got to sex.

Daniel:  Nakakita ka na ba ng tite ng lalaki?
Me: Ha? Anong pinagsasabi mo? (I was a little surprised by what he said)
Daniel: Have you ever seen a man’s dick?
Me: Uhm, in person never pa. Sa porn lang. Sobrang random naman ng question mo.
Daniel: Bro, hindi ko kasi alam if I can measure up.
Me: What do you mean?
Daniel: Sa porn kasi ang lalaki ng mga dicks. I don’t know if I’m just small or malalaki lang talaga ang dicks ng mga lalaki sa porn.
Me:  Bro, that’s porn. Don’t think about it.
Daniel: ….

There were a few moments of silence. I knew that he was still awake. Because of this talk I got a hard-on and I knew that this was the only chance I had to take things to the next level

Me: Okay ka lang dude? If it makes you feel better, I can tell you gaano kalaki ang tite ko.
Daniel: Mineasure mo na ang sarili mo?
Me:  Never ko pa mineasure sarili ko pero feel ko nga mas malaki dick ko sa iyo since may
halo akong white blood and ikaw Chinese. Lol.
Daniel:  Ulol gago! So gano nga kalaki?
Me:  I’m sure mas malaki ako sa iyo.
Daniel:Tangina ka, puro ka salita!
Me:no, you want me to measure myself now?

(I went up from my bed, got my measuring tape, got my laptop and started walking towards the bathroom)

Daniel: Bro, where are you going?
Me: Sa bathroom
Daniel:   Anong gagawin mo doon?
Me:Going to measure myself.
Daniel: Huwag na. Diyan ka na lang sa bed.
Me: Gago, kailangan ko manood ng porno para matigasan.
Daniel: Then just watch your porn on your bed.
Me:  Awkward yan pre.
Daniel:   Dude, I have to see you measuring your dick or else baka niloloko mo lang ako.
Me: Tangna, ang bakla naman niyan.
Daniel:  Fine, basta measure yourself there.
Me: Sige na. Pero gago you also have to measure yourself afterwards.
Daniel: Sige sige.

(I opened my laptop and started watching my porn. It was Maria Ozawa on the video and she kept making all these moaning noises as the guy penetrated her. Since the lights were off, it was quite dark)When I got hard, I measured myself. My dick was around 6.2 inches long.

Me: Tapos na pre. Your turn (I gave him my measuring tape and laptop)

(I couldn’t see anything since it was dark and I did not dare to turn around since I’m afraid he might see me looking at him so I just waited)

Daniel:  Ugh…ugh. fuck.
Me:   Gago, ano ginagawa mo?
Daniel:  Sorry sorry bro. Na-distract ako.
Me: O ano na?
Daniel:  6.4 inches bro.
Me: No fucking way.
Daniel: Why? Gano kalaki sa iyo?
Me: 6.2 inches!
Daniel:  Haha. Mas malaki pa pala ako sa iyo e
Me: Puro ka stirero.
Daniel:  I’m serious dude, 6.4 inches bro talaga tite ko.
Me:  Sos, you’re all talk.
Daniel:  Ano, gusto mo makita?

(My dick was getting a hardon from all this talk)

Me: Ayaw ko makita tite mo. Sobrang bading niyan. (But deep inside I wanted to)
Daniel: Fine. Basta at least I know I’m bigger than you.
Me: You’re all talk.

(I suddenly her Daniel standing up and opening the lights)

Me: O why’d you turn on the lights?

(He then walks towards me and stands in front of me. I can see his raging boner. It was really long and thick. I can see that his dick was already forming a tent out of his basketball shorts. He was trying to push it down so it wouldn’t protrude too much.

Me:  Gago, why is your dick in front of my face?
Daniel: There, can you see that it’s big?
Me:  Naka shorts ka malamang may padding from the shorts.
Daniel:    Fine, ipapakita ko na sa iyo tite ko
Me:  Bro, that’s just gay. Wag na.

(I close my eyes because I saw that he was about to pull his shorts down)

Daniel:  Open your eyes dude.

(I open my eyes and I see his dick. It was really big and thick. The head of his dick was pink and very big like a doorknob. I could already see some precum)

Me:   Wtf Dude! Tangina, that’s so big.
Daniel:   Do you believe me now? Now show me yours.

(I show him my dick)

Daniel:  Dude, yours is not bad. Hindi nagkakalayo dick natin.
Me: Pare, looks like nagjakol ka kanina. Parang may tamod na naiwan sa dick mo.
Daniel:  Ulol. Di ko nga nagawa kanina e, ginulo mo ako. Sobra na akong libog bro. Ilang araw na
rin ako hindi nakakapagjakol. Okay lang ba sa iyo I do it right now?
Me: No problem bro basta sabay tayo.
Daniel: Alright. Bros naman tayo basta walang tinginan.

(Daniel goes back to his sliding bed and I go to my bed. Since we only had one laptop, we decided to put it between us. Since we only had one laptop, we had a hard time watching porn)

Daniel: Bro, lipat ako diyan. Can’t see properly
Me: Ugh, ok.

(Daniel is now beside me. He took off his shirt so he’s basically naked. His body was amazing. It was indeed a swimmer’s body. He had very long legs and very strong thighs. His dick was very thick and his pubic hair was obviously untrimmed. It was very bushy. Then his treasure trail from his dick to his belly button was very apparent. His abs was clearly showing as he was somewhat in a sitting down/lying on his pillow. His nipples were very hard and erect. I can feel the heat from his body and it made my dick even harder. I tried not to look at his dick but once in a while I would glance at it. The head of his dick was already full of precum. He was holding holding his dick like he was holding a pen. He stroked it up and down slowly.

My dick was already very stiff and hard from him being beside me. I felt like anytime I could’ve ejaculated but I was trying very hard not to so that I could enjoy this moment a little longer. What I felt that time was very weird but made me horny at the same time. I knew that what I felt was wrong. I’ve had one girlfriend but what I felt towards Daniel was different. My heart was beating very strong, I was sweating and I was burning all over. I never felt this in my entire life.

Me:  Malapit na ako dude.
Daniel: Fuck, bakit ang bilis mo? Nalilibugan ka ata sa akin. You’ve been looking at my dick since   we started jerking off.
Me: Fuck you bro, curious lang ako. Iba kasi pag-stroke mo sa dick mo. Para kang naghahawak lang ng ballpen.
Daniel:  Paano ba dapat?
Me:I don’t know. I just hold it like how everyone else does it.
Daniel:  Ah, ganyan din ako before pero nilalabasan ako nang mas mabilis. Try doing my technique.

I tried replicating his technique but I wasn’t feeling it. My dick started getting soft. Daniel saw that my
dick was getting soft.

Daniel:   Bro, kala ko ba lalabasan ka na? Baka maunahan pa kita
Me: Ewan ko dude, your technique doesn’t work.
Daniel: Akin na bro.

Daniel got my dick and started stroking it up and down. I was shocked by the turn of events. What
happened next blew my mind.

To be continued

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