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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vermont Boss

By: L.O.G.

I wanted to be sure, of course. I might be talking to the wrong person. But when he turns around at the mention of his what-I-know name, looked straight at me and smiled some seconds later, I knew he’d recognize me. I was wearing the same smile he’d seen in my picture for months.
“Hi,” I continued.
But instead of returning the greeting, he leaned towards me and hugged me tight, almost lifting me off my feet. I did not know he’d be this tall.
“Onyx, it’s you,” he said. I can sense he’s smiling.
I hugged him back. I can almost calculate the largeness of his torso, I tapped his hard back.
“Yes, it’s me,” I replied moments later. It’s not even my name.
I was actually waiting for him to release the hug because it’s becoming really awkward.
“Welcome to the Philippines!” I said, still in his hug, trying to remind him he’s on another country now.
“Yeah,” he replied, pulling me even tighter to him.
I hardly laughed at his actions, it’s making a scene here in the airport.
“And people are looking at us,” I firmly said, telling him it really is awkward.
“Oh!” he exclaimed. Then he released the hug and stepped back holding my shoulders. He looked around and smiled shyly.
“I’m sorry,” he said in his accent, “I was… you know how I really wanted to see you.”
“Yeah, and now you’re here,” I said as I picked up one of his bags, “so let’s get you somewhere else first,” I headed out, “come on!”
Then he picked up his other luggage and followed me out of the hall to the taxi loading area where I had reserved one for his arrival. The driver recognized me and motioned to get the bags I was carrying to the tank. I turned to Boss to help him with the luggage.
“I want to kiss you now,” he said looking straight at me, giving me the stroller.
I tried to look back but he was staring hard and I could not stand it, so I turned to the taxi.
“We just met,” I said.
“True enough,” he laughed.
Inside the taxi, as it was moving to the direction I informed the driver earlier, Boss was beside me and was really staring hard, and it’s making me uncomfortable. I looked back.
“What is it?” I said in whispers, I have an idea of what he wants, he just said it earlier, and we’re in the cab with someone else other than us. My eyes were moving from him to the rear-view mirror of the driver.
He smiled a lot wider. He did not speak, I knew he’d got the signal I relayed, so he grabbed my hand instead, intertwined our fingers, and placed it on top of his lap.
I froze at what he did. I looked at our hands for a while and looked out the window later on when I couldn’t stand to smile so hard and I don’t want him to see it.

I was supposed to make him familiarize the place like I should have been a tour guide for a first time tourist but our hands stayed that way throughout the trip and didn’t make any other sounds.

“Here you go,” I said after I opened the door of his room in the hotel, “this place is awesome, you’ll love it here,” not minding what he does behind me.
“It’s almost night, perfect timing to see the city lights sparkle one by one,” I said happily like I am proud of how good the room I booked for him.
I walked to the large curtains of the room that covers the full windows that overlooks the city. I pushed a part of the curtain to the side to open it up, but I was taken aback when Boss came near and pulled it back close, and held my waist to face me.
“I just wanted to see you,” he said before he kissed me and stayed still.
My eyes were wide open in shock of what he just did. His face is very close. Someone is kissing me. And his looks are different from what I regularly see around. He is really American, and I call him Boss. His eyes were closed. And so I gave in. I closed my eyes and moved my lips to kiss him back. That’s when he cupped the back of my head with his hand and the other moved to my lower back to pull me closer to him. I moved my hand to caress his face and the other to pull his belt towards me. We started kissing hard. This, for me, is a sweet fresh experience. His mouth tastes good. Our tongues were moving deep towards each other’s mouth. We did that for a while longer until we had to gasp for breath and had to stop. He looked at me straight in the eyes.
“I’m happy to be here,” he said, catching for breath.
“I’m happy you came,” I replied smiling.
He grinned.
He placed his both hands to his shirt and started unbuttoning it while teasing me with his grin. He then moves his face to my ears and whispers.
“I haven’t yet.”
He then moves away to teasingly unbutton his shirt again. But before he can do more, I held both his hands to move it away from his body. I then unbuttoned the remaining two down while looking at his excited eyes.
“You will,” I said as I slipped my hands into his chest towards the shoulders to undress him.
“…with me.”
Now he is half naked and I see he has a defined torso. But before I can memorize his features, his hand held the back of my head and kissed me deep again. I kissed back. His other hand traveled from my waist to my abdomen inside my shirt up to my chest that sent my body shivers. I raised my arms up and he quickly removes my shirt and kissed me back again. I held on his belt with both hands and pulled us together to close the gap between our thighs. That’s when I felt he’s been so turned on and it pushes hard on my lower abdomen. I was about to unclasp his belt when he suddenly stopped kissing me.
I looked at him in confusion. His smile teases.
He placed both his hands on my waist and traveled slowly to my butt cheeks. I was still looking at him, wondering what he’ll do.
He first gave me a peck on the lips before his force lifted me off my feet with his hands on my thighs moving my legs to wrap around his waist. I laughed at his motion.
“Put me down, Boss, I’m no girl!” I exclaimed.
“Then you should have been tall as me,” he replied while he walked towards the bed.
“You know we’re of different races, you should see that.”
“I do,” he said as he puts me to sit on the edge of the bed, “I just can’t stand the thought of fucking you while struggling to bend down even just to kiss.”
Then he stands straight in front of me.
“You should have told me then! I know how to walk and position myself on this bed, not carrying me like that.” I said out of nowhere like really do it always to not realize he has removed his shoes and loosen up his belt to further unzip his pants.
“Are we really fighting over this now?” he asked as his pants dropped to the floor.
Right there and then I saw his whole nakedness. My heart pumped faster when my sight landed on his centerpiece, maybe because I have been too excited about him coming to my place that I forgot about what I should anticipate when we’ll have sex, or maybe because I really wondered how it would fit me down at the bottom if this was that big, being the bottom I am now because of height disadvantage. I almost drooled at the sight of his manhood, nevertheless, and he might have noticed it.
“Are we?” he reassured.
I looked up to his face and saw him with a sexy grin. I looked back to his enlarged piece and replied.
“No, we’re not.”
He slowly walked closer to me. I am still astonished at the sight of an actual naked American guy in front of me, that I usually see on porn. Now it’s real, for the first time, and it is still moving closer to me, his hairless nakedness.
When he was at the edge of the bed where I sat, he bent down, pressed his hands on the spaces on both sides of me, moved his face near mine and whispered.
I followed. I moved further into the bed still facing him while he crawled on his hands and knees towards me, looking straight to my eyes. He moved slowly further towards me when I have already stopped moving. I was still leaning on my arms when he gave me a deep kiss, enough to make me weak and fall with my back to the bed. He leaned closer to me when I fell and kissed me even harder. He used his hand to support his torso while the other traveled to my chest. He stopped kissing me and started licking and kissing my jaw, my neck, and ears, while his hands caresses my nipples with slow whispers of moan, sometime biting my ear.
His lips returned to kissing my lips deep when he started working his way down to my stomach with his hand. He held the button of my pants for a little longer while our tongues fought within our mouths. He then goes back to kissing my neck, down to my chest, while his hand unbuttoned and unzipped my pants.
I admit I was so weak to move.
He transferred his weight to his knees as his lips fondled my nipples and both his hands were on my waist. He was alternately sucking my nipples when he pulled my pants and undies together, releasing my pained hard-on at last.
He went kissing further down my abdomen. More blood were pumped to my tool at the thought of this American guy blowing me, so it stood up hard, touching his chin.
I leaned on my elbows. His eyes met mine. We both know it was funny so we kind of laughed at my tool’s reaction. But I was taken aback when he stuck out his tongue and licked the tip of my tool, with his eyes fixed to me. That was so hot and sexy and I almost pleaded for him to savor my whole manhood but he didn’t.
He leaned on his elbows so his face was even closer to my aching hard-on. He kissed its tip. Licks the whole of its head. Enclosed his lips on the head while the tongue plays with the tip inside. The trick was already erotic but I was shocked in pleasure when he suddenly dropped his face to suck my whole tool like a vacuum and pulled up right away.
That made me moan loud. So loud I felt shy I might have been heard next room. He is so good.
He smiled looking at me and did the same whole trick again, from lick to drop. But I was so stuck in pleasure I know I might come done soon, so I had to stop him on his next attempt. He followed and I was disappointed.
His hands then crawled back towards me to reach my neck. He lifted me that our lips met again. We shared deep kisses again and it tastes a little different now.
He stopped and slowly straightened his body. He is on his knees now and his legs are parted. I am now sitting with my legs between his knees, making his larger hard-on directly pointing at my face.
I looked up at him.
“Soak it wet, hon,” he spoke, “soak it wet.”
I looked directly at his masterpiece. It really is. I gathered all my courage first before I was able to hold it with one hand while the other rested on his butt cheek.
I didn’t have to suck it whole, it just has to be wet. He called me hon, and I know what he wants. So I literally drooled on his and licked the whole of it after teasing the head with sucks and kisses.
He then slowly pushed me on the chest with his hand and I’m lying on my back again.
We shared deep passionate kisses again while he slowly leans his body on top of me. I can now feel his whole weight, but I can feel our cocks touch each other between our stomachs as he closes the gap between our heated bodies.
We were still kissing when his hands clasped my thighs and pulled it up to strangle around his waist. He moved downwards. We stopped kissing and stared at each other when we both realized he was already aiming at the entrance.
We stayed quiet. His stare was asking.
“Go on,” I said, my voice sounded nervous making it unconvincing.
“I want it inside,” I said in assurance. He smiled. He kissed me again, I kissed back.
We were still kissing when he started to enter my hole. He noticed I wasn’t able to kiss back.
“Just look at me,” he ordered while he slowly enters. I did, trying to conceal the pain to show in my face. We cut the stare when we both know he was wholly inside. He kissed me deep again, to relax me a bit longer.
Moments later when he noticed I was already fond of his kisses, he started moving. Full slow thrusts at first that made us both moan so hard.
He was already moving faster when my tool, weakened by pain of the entrance, woke up again due to the rocking of Boss’ hard-on to my prostate. He knows.
His thrusts now are lot fuller and harder that it moves both our naked sweating bodies. Him fucking me and my hard-on fucked by our stomachs in contact, along with our moans and his kisses, gives me the utmost pleasure I have never imagined. All I can do was to hold him tight with my hands on his perfect back and enjoy the fucking.
We were already whispering dirty words when he started doing a unique rhythm. He pushes his tool to my prostate and deep and pulls it fast and does it again. I didn’t know what that was for but I knew I was coming. He then did that faster and moments later, we were both shouting and kissing deeper while my tool was squirting between our stomachs and I can feel his tool throbbing inside me.
We kissed a little longer before he pulled to lay beside me.
I can still feel his liquid inside me and mine has already dried with the cold air of the room that dried our sweats too.
He turned to embrace me, so I did too. We are now facing each other. His eyes are really foreign.
“So, which part of the Philippines do you want to see first?” I asked.
He looked at me for a while. He placed his hand on my thigh and pulled it to his waist and pulled me even closer in our embrace.
“I just wanted to see you,” he said, sweetly.
I can’t contain it. I already initiated a kiss with a smile.
“Bring me to Vermont right away, then,” I said in between a kiss.
“I can’t,” he said with eyes closed while kissing me. I can feel him in my stomach getting a hard-on again.
“Why?” I asked.
He continued giving me pecks and deep kisses.
“Because,” he kissed, “first, I want to fuck you again here now,” kissed again, “until we get so tired… hmmm… and you can fuck me more in other hotels… hmmm… and even on sand in beaches… or in mountains… anywhere in the Philippines,” he said in between erotic kisses, which made my heart pump blood again.
“Then I’ll bring you to Vermont, and fuck you even more,” he said as he moves on top of me and drowns me on kisses again.
“…I just want you,” he said before we made love again.

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