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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Bicol Empress

By: Jake

After a long time, I was able to open this site again. Hi, I’m Jake, the author of “Ang gwardyang hottie” I had fun reading your comments. BTW, I’m not aware that there is another story like this sa ibang site, akala ko pa naman unique ang experience ko with a security guard.
Anyway, I’m back to tell another story, it happened while I was on vacation/preparation for the big day of my sister. She is getting married in Bicol with her long-time boyfriend (hindi po ang mapapangasawa nya ang nakasex ko: Disclaimer agad); since I’m just in Manila and most of our relatives are in Davao, Palawan, Cebu, Ilocos; my parents asked me to scout the area for accommodations and other preparations; kaya pala sila magpapakasal sa Bicol kasi doon sila nagmeet nung college days nila and according to them, it’s very significant sa kanila love story, kaya I filed for leave sa office.
First day ko, I went around scouting for a hotel na pwede na akong magcheck in, ang daming hotel pero 12nn pa ang check in time nila, but then lucky, sa paglalakad lakad, nakakita ako ng mejo “vintage” na hotel, mejo pricy pero sulit kasi I was able to checked in agad, kaya nakapahinga ako and was able to take some rest before ako lumakad.
Pagkagising ko, I went to the nearby grocery para mamili ng mga supplies ko for the week. I then went back to the hotel and plugged in my laptop and my wifi modem, I searched the possible hotels para alam ko na ang mga pupuntahan ko, pagkakuha ko ng list, nagprepare na ako. Bago ako umalis ng hotel, nag logged in muna ako sa planetromeo at pinalitan ko ang location and status ko, saying that, “I’m in Bicol and can’t wait to taste the authentic bicol express and sisig again”, then I went away.
I was able to go back to the hotel a bit late kasi I made some arrangement na with the hotels na tutuluyan ng mga kamag-anak namin; pagpasok ko sa room ko, I went to my laptop to do skype with my parents, after the conversation, I opened my browser and was surprised na madaming nagmessage sa akin sa PR, may mga invites, may mga hi and hello, may humingi ng location ko and kung pwede ba daw sya tumambay, but what caught my attention is the message ng isang user na ang sabi nya is, “Welcome to my province, hope you’ll enjoy your stay and yes, I know kung saan ang masarap na sisig na yan.. ” it was really nice kaya I messaged back, I didn’t expect na magrereply sya, but he did and we were chatting the whole night, he asked for my number and we texted kasi nakakangawit din ang nakaupo until such time na I said good night.
Akala ko yun na ang last na paguusap namin, but I was wrong, pagkagising ko, he texted me with, “wake up sleepy head” and we texted the whole day. Nang bandang 6pm na, he texted me asking kung anong plans ko for tonight, I told him na wala naman staying at the hotel, watch some tv. He then asked kung okay lang ban a pumunta sya. I said no problem. After 30 minutes, he was knocking na sa hotel room door ko, I let him in and pareho kaming natahimik until he commented na maganda ang wallpaper ng laptop ko, and he asked kung ako ba ang nagpaint and doon na nagstart ang conversation naming. Pero every 10 minutes, he would go sa bathroom, until sa sinundan ko sya just to asked if everything is fine. He said, oo daw. I said, okay.
Pagbalik nya, I asked him, kung may urinary tract infection ba sya o talagang mabilis lang sya maihi. He then smiled and told me, no, he’s fine, sa totoo daw, nagmamasturbate sya and he looked at me and asked me if it’s okay. I said it’s okay.
He then kissed me. As we kissed, unti unti nya tinanggal ang mga suot namin pero he left his cap on. He then held my hand and led it sa kanyang dick na sobrang laki and init, he then asked me to jack him off and to suck him, I did what I was told. He then pull me up and kissed me. Nakakabaliw sya sa foreplay, ang galing kaya ng sinabi nyang I want to fuck you, di na ako nakatanggi.
He put on the condom kasi sabi ko dapat safe, and he slowly push it inside my butt hole, dahil sa laki nya, mejo natagalan syang maipasok. Nung una, slow and sexy until such time na nagtake over na ang libog sa kanya and I had my first taste of rough sex.
Itinayo nya ako and he fucked me hard sa may over head ng bed habang nakahawak for support sa over light sa bed. Then he fucked me sa edge ng bed with my feet high. Nagtransfer kami sa chair and he fucked me habang nakaupo sya, nakadog style ako sa chair. Ang hindi ko malilimutan is nung naging sadistic na sya. He fucked me sa may dresser and he asked me to looked at the mirror as he say nasty things as, I’m such a filthy bitch and he would fuck me until I bleed and them he slapped my butt, he then held my chin as he roughly asked me if I’m enjoying it? I said yes, he then licked my cheek and my ear and said, moan bitch, as if it’s your last sex. I moan and moan but a side of me is getting scared. He then pulled out and tossed me sa bed, and he said, I want to rape you, I want you to react like I’m raping you, he told me to beg him not to fuck me, when I did he said, no, you will be mine tonight, he then lick every part of my body and made me suck his tongue. It was a crazy experience for me, hanggang sa binigla nya ang pasok sa butt ko at doon talaga ako napasigaw, but he had his hand covering my mouth, it was hell, it was painful, and he started to fuck me habang sa ganun kaming position, I was crying na and really begging him to stop fucking me because I’m really getting hurt and it’s really painful, but he didn’t listen, he fucked me and fucked me, until such time na alam nan yang lalabasan na sya, he carried me habang nasa loob ko sya sa bathroom and he positioned me dog style sa toilet and fucked me again, nang malapit na sya, he whispered sa akin na malapit na and he wants me to kneel down because he wants to shot his load on my face and body, I did what I was told, pag pull out nya I went down to my knees and he removed the condom and I was caught off guard when he shoved in his dick to my mouth and commanded me to suck it, after a while he pulled out and masturbated in front of me, he held my hand and the next thing I know string by string of cum is shooting out his dick and into my face and body, I was covered in cum. I was exhausted and in pain, the weird part is, I’ve enjoyed it. He then, helped me stand up, still covered in cum, he kissed me passionately and helped me cleaned up.
One more unexpected thing that had happened was he slept in my room and I woke up with him giving me some sexy kisses on my neck and ears and whispering how sexy I am, I responded with, “oh shut up, you just want another round.” He laughed and said, well, my dick is not protesting. We had another round pero hindi na yung rough sex, it was more of the honeymoon kind of sex. We went out for breakfast and he toured me around the city until I told him that I’m okay exploring alone, and besides I have to meet the family of my sister’s boyfriend to discuss about the division of labour and other concern.
He told me he’ll just be here if I needed some help; I thanked him and went my way. My sister texted me the address and I met his soon to be husband and we went to their place. I’ve already met them when they joined our family reunion a few years back. So we started with the planning and the division. I was not until we took a break that I’ve noticed that one of the guys was checking me out. Thank God for the call from my mom that I was able to excuse myself and went out. After our 15 min conversation, I said goodbye and was surprise to see the guy also outside, he smiled, so I smiled backed, he came close and introduced himself. He is the best man of the soon to be husband of my sister. He told me that he already met me before but I was in a hurry kaya hindi daw kami nagkausap ng husto, he admired my paintings and my art and follower ko daw sya sa Instagram ko. I said thanks and we began to talk and laugh until he asked for my number and also offered some assistance if ever I needed one.
I said, “okay” and then noticed that it’s getting late, kaya I told him na magpapaalam na ako sa loob and I’ll be on my way na back to the hotel. As I was about to leave him, he asked me if I would like to get some dinner with him. I was surprised and told him, okay and we left.
next time ko nalang ikwento ang sa amin ni BEST MAN

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