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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Confused In Love (Part 5)

By: Akhi

It was 8 in the morning and I was still very sleepy when Rocel came to our room to wake me up.

Rocel: Akhi!!!!! you really need to wake up right now!

Akhi: hey Rocel what is this all about?

Rocel: Go freshen up first at magpunta ka sa sala okay?

then she left the room.

After I did my morning routine, you know wash my face, brush my teeth and all that papunta na ako ng sala pero bago ako makarating hinila ako ni Rocel

Rocel: Shhhhh! before you proceed silipin mo muna kung anung nangyayari.

then I saw Mackhoy, holding a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear but that wasn't the surprising part. Sa tapat ng kinauupuan nya andun ang prinsipe nakatitig kay Mac ng masama. Clearly Mac wasn't paying him any attention.

Rocel: okay Akhi, if there's something going on you need to tell me! bakit ganyan si Gab?

Akhi: I don't really know Ross and there's nothing going on between us. Ni hindi ko nga rin ineexpect na pupunta dito si Mac after last night.

Rocel: *sigh* okay I may be over reacting. Gab is Hella straight. had so many girlfriends I couldn't even count. pero kase this is the first time I've seen him acting so strange.

Akhi: Rocel stop over thinking it.

at minabuti ko nang puntahan ang dalawa.

Mhackoy: oh hi Akhi! good morning!

then he kissed me in the cheeks.

Akhi: hey Mac! What are you doing here? (pero nakatingin ako kay Gab confused)

 Mhackoy: this is for you.

he handed me the bouquet and teddy bear.

Akhi: you know this is really embarrassing since I'm not a girl to be receiving a bouquet of flowers and a teddy bear but thank you.

Mhackoy: Akhi, andito ako para manligaw sa'yo.

My god! by that time feeling ko ang haba ng hair ko! kinilig ako dun but I tried not to show it pero my smile couldn't hide it.

Gab: pssshhh kinilig kna dun? *then he murmurs* I could do better than that.

Akhi: what was that?

Gab: Wala! maliligo na ako at magpapahinga.

at umalis na sya.

Mhackoy: I'm confused. are you two together?

Akhi: Gab and me? Oh no! he's straight as hell. He's just a big jerk that's why he's acting like that.

Nag usap kami ni Mhackoy for hours and then finally umuwi na sya. wala si Gab sa bahay non. umalis sya while Mac and I were talking. pumasok ako sa kwarto at naglinis. maya maya pa dumating ang prinsipe.

Gab: hey pandak! this is for you.

then he dropped a bag packed with "suman".

Akhi: para saan naman 'to?

Gab: Um.... ahem.. para sa paglilinis mo ng kwarto, sa pagluluto mo para samin at sa pagmamasahe. you deserve it.

kinuha ko yung plastic bag and as I was putting it on the table I mumured but still loud enough for him to hear.

Akhi: *murmuring* I could do better daw? cost cutting naman.

Gab: Anung sabi mo?

Akhi: wala! sabi ko thank you.

He looks embarrassed and he's face turned red.

Gab: I'm gonna go outside. I need some air.

deep inside kinikilig tlga ako and I knew he really did better. He payed attention to my life story. he did better kase naalala nya na pasalubong parati sakin ng lolo ko ang suman and by that, lamang sya ng pogi points over Mhac. noon ko lang din na realize na may gusto na pala ako kay Gab.

Kinabukasan ininvite ako ni Mhackoy na kumain sa labas. we met at a restaurant not very far from my appartment. So we went inside, ordered some food and then nag usap while waiting.

Mhackoy: so how was yesterday Akhi?

Akhi: okay lang naman. Same as usual. di pa ako nakakahanap ng work so bahay, tapos magluluto ako para sa mga housemates ko then go back to my room.

Mhackoy: Cherry told me that you were sharing a room with Gab.

Akhi: yes I am. what of it?

Mhackoy: are you okay with that? I mean he's not very nice from what I have gathered.

Akhi: well I must admit at first he's a total jerk pero kung makakasama mo sya long enough to know him, he's actually a very nice guy.

He sighed and then he held my left hand and said

Mhackoy: You know, I can't help but notice that you're very fond of him. Kahit kahapon when we were talking you weren't really there.
You know, you can tell me everything. If you like this guy even if it's gonna be hard, I'm going to let you go.

Akhi: you think I like him?

Mhackoy: I don't really know but it just shows. It's really kinda obvious.

Akhi: *sigh* alam mo, nung dumating ako sa appartment, Gab and I weren't properly introduced. He was rude. ni hindi man lang nakipag kamay sa akin and he even warned me about raping him and that was so annoying. When I think back, It's actually quite funny.

Mhackoy is still listening intently

Akhi: I guess all these times I was trying to fight it, you know, falling for him but it just comes naturally. I know he acts like a jerk to look cool and be the tough guy but really, deep inside he's so sweet.

Mhackoy: man it's clear now.

Akhi: what? My feelings for him? It's not like I'm trying to hide it.

Mhackoy: No not that. I mean it's clear that you two are growing in each other.

Akhi: what do you mean?

Mhackoy: come on, I know you notice it. how he looks at you, how angry he is when we're together I mean even if it was only 3 days I can tell he's so jealous. You're just ignoring it kahit napapansin mo just because of the fact that he is straight.

Akhi: yeah. somehow I guess I always knew, but I don't wanna conclude. Iba iba ang tao. I'm not going to assume anything.

Mhackoy: well that being said, I guess I'm gonna have to stop courting you.

Akhi: hmmmmm if you think that's the right thing to do then go on ahead.

Mhackoy: But I'd like to stay friends. Kase now that we know each other you can't just forget about me, can you?

Akhi: of course not! besides you're my bestfriend's cousin. I don't want you telling her that I broke your heart.

Mhackoy: don't worry I won't. hahaha

Akhi: well looks like the food is here, let's eat!

Mhackoy: gladly! I'm famished. haha

maya maya habang kumakain kami ni Mhackoy I saw Gab in a bench outside the restaurant we're in. Obviously he's trying to disguise himself but he's failing miserably.

Akhi: ah! speak of the devil, look outside Mhac. The prince is in disguise. Trying to spy on us.

Mhackoy: haha let's wave at him.

at yun nga kinawayan namin sya at parang nagulat sya kung bakit nakilala namin sya. Then bigla syang umalis.

To Be Continued...

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