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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Confused in Love Two (Part 1)

By: Akhi

It's been a year since that incident... and it's also been a year that we started dating each other. Me and Gab.

        A lot has changed of course, sobrang sweet sakin ni Gab and I towards him. I can say that we're a real couple now. I started working as a chef 5 months ago in a restaurant just nearby our appartment and Gab, nako! Hindi ko alam kung anong plano nya sa buhay. Well I guess rich people can stay unemployed and still be able to live. Eventhough a lot has changed between us, sometimes nakakainis parin itong si Gab. He has a thing for teasing people in every way especially me but I'm used to it now.

        One day Harold and Gab decided to have a drink at a local bar. You know, macho bonding and not including the girls and perhaps, the gay boyfriend (me).

Harold: So Gab, may nangyari na ba sa inyo ni Akhi? I mean it's been a year.

Gab: *nabulunan sa alak* what is that all about? *cough*

Harold: Oh come on! Tagal nyo na magkarelasyon ni Akhi wag mo sabihing wala pa? I was going to ask you how it goes... kung ano rin pakiramdam.

Gab: *sigh* Nako tol, hindi ko pa naiisipan gawin yan.

Harold: Wow. That's just funny but boring. Not the kind of relationship I thought you're going to have.

Gab: I'm taking it slow. You know, he hasn't even opened up about it. Hindi nga nya ako inaya na mag sex kahit once.

Harold: Probably because he wants you to give the initiative.

Gab: Bakit naman ako?

Harold: Kase tol, mahihiya nga naman syang ayain ka sa ganun eh dati kang straight, ngayon hindi na. Hahaha!

Gab: T*ngina mo ka 'tol! I'm still me. I mean if we ever fall apart, sya at sya lang ang bading na makakarelasyon ko. I am still interested in women and never interested in men.
Harold: Ha Ha Ha!!! Whatever you say dude...

       Harold continued laughing and all that Gab can do was glare at him. Poor boy, getting a taste of his own medicine.

      At work, I am very busy but good thing the whole staff are nice and we help each other with the tasks. Isa sa mga katrabaho ko na sobrang bait sakin ay si Aaron. He's a wait staff. I'm in the kitchen so we barely see each other pero after work, magkasabay kaming umuuwi at nagkukwentuhan. He's taller than me about 5'8, really gym fit and also handsome. Everytime na magkasama kami ang lagi nyang tanong ay tungkol sa relasyon namin ni Gab.

Aaron catches up with me while I walk home.

Aaron: Akhi wait! huff huff. di mo man lang ako hinintay.

Akhi: Nagmamadali kase ako. It's a little late than usual na uuwi ako ng bahay.

Aaron: What's the rush?

Akhi: Oh you know, I have to cook dinner for everyone and I'd like to take care of my ever dramatic boyfriend.

        Aaron just looks at me seriously while I say that. I was smiling and he can see clearly that I am happy. Whenever I give him these kind of answers he suddenly becomes quiet.

       Two blocks before reaching my apartment we part ways kase magkaiba na ng way ang pauwi namin.

      I entered the apartment at nakita ko si Rocel in the living room, pacing. Nang makita nya ako, parang nagulat sya and then as if she's trying to keep me occupied or something...

Rocel: Oh h-hey Akhi! Welcome home dear.

Akhi: Ross what's going on? Bakit parang di ka mapakali?

Rocel: Ha? Um wala! May iniisip lang naman ako. he he he

Akhi: Oh okay sabi mo eh.

      Then I started to head towards my room ng harangan ako ni Rocel.

Rocel: Hey! You know what? Why don't we get to start cooking? You could teach me a thing or two.

Akhi: Ross perhaps I will after I change into something comfortable.

Rocel: no no no! We can start now. You don't need to get changed. Ha Ha Ha Let's head to the kitchen now.

      I didn't listen to her and I continued papunta sa room namin ni Gab habang sinusundan nya ako obviously trying to stop me from getting inside but she failed. As the door swung open, I saw a woman, sitting on Gab's bed.

Akhi: Uh... Hi? Just who might you be?

Woman: No one you should worry about.

Akhi: I don't think that's right. You're actually in my room.

Then the woman looked at Rocel and Rocel looked back at her looking so nervous.

Akhi: Um... excuse me? Do you know this woman, Ross?

Rocel: Kind of. *in a nervous tone*

Akhi: What does "kind of" means?

Woman: What she means is before you ever came here, I was the one who occupied the other bed in this room.

Akhi: Oh! Great! A former housemate of my friends! Why didn't you tell me sooner? Hi! I'm Akhi.

Woman: You can call me Audrey.

Akhi: *shaking hands* Well nice to meet you Audrey.

Audrey: Same here.

Rocel didn't even move and I think it's odd that she's acting like she has seen a ghost in the room.

Audrey: You know I'd like to stay and chat but, There's something that I oughta do in the living room. I'll see you later dear.

Akhi: Okay.

        Sinundan ko ng tingin si Audrey hanggang sa maka alis na sya. Rocel gave me one last nervous look, and then closed the door. So I quickly changed into a comfortable outfit then headed to the kitchen to start cooking our dinner.

       About an hour later I heard the gate open and I thought "nakauwi na sila Gab at Harold". I hurried to the living room and found Audrey doing something in her laptop. Then bumukas ang pinto at pumasok si Gab at Harold ng magka akbay at nagtatawanan ng malakas at halatang mga lasing na. Biglang tumayo si Audrey.

Audrey: Hey honey! Long time no see! I missed you.

        Sa buong pagkaka akala ko, ang lalapitan nya ay si Harold. Pero nagulat ako nang lumapit sya kay Gab, snatched him from Harold and quickly gave him a torrid kiss. I was dumbfounded and so was Gab and everyone. As they break from the kiss...

Audrey: Did you miss me honey? We've got a lot of catching up to do.

Gab: Audrey?! What are you doing here?!

Audrey: Aren't you happy to see me? You've never changed. Two years have passed and you're still very handsome and irresistible.

Gab: I'm asking you what are you doing here?!

        Then Gab looked my way and saw that I was shocked. Bakas sa mukha nya ang pag aalala habang nakatingin sakin. Nakayakap parin si Audrey sa kanya. Di ko alam kung anong nararamdaman ko. It's mixed up but all I know is it's a mix up of awful feelings. Then nag walk out ako at hinabol ako ni Gab. Dali dali nyang binitawan si Audrey...

To be continued...

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