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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Confused in Love Two (Part 2)

By: Akhi

I'm walking fast with no direction... outside... lakad lang ng tuwid papunta sa kung saan because I wanted to get away from them. I'm still in shock sa nakita ko. Audrey kissed my boyfriend and by the looks of it, kilala din ni Gab ang babaeng yon. What's worse is that I feel like even Rocel and Harold knows her and her deal. I know I shouldn't be angry at them because clearly there wasn't enough time to fill me in on what's been going on but I still get the feeling of being betrayed or something. I've thought of going to Cherry's house again (My Bff) pero nagka phobia na ako since nung incident last year so I figured I should just call her instead and ask her to meet up with me to talk.

*On the phone*

Cherry: Hey bessy what's up? It's late in evening.

Akhi: Che, I need a friend to talk to right now. *shaky voice*

Cherry: Oh okay. I'm just gonna go get changed and I'll meet up with you.

Akhi: okay. Sa Cat's Eyes (Cafe) nalang tayo magkita.

Cherry: Copy that. Meet you in 15 minutes.

Cherry knows me very well. She can tell that there's something wrong sa tono palang ng pananalita ko. Just then I heard a voice behind me.

Gab: Akhi! Wait! Please can we talk?

I ignored him and I kept walking. When he finally caught up with me he grabbed my arm to stop me.

Gab: Akhi, please... Let's talk. *in a pleading voice*

Akhi: What is there to talk about?! You were hiding things from me. I know you know her and there was something going on between the two of you.
Gab: Let me explain...

Akhi: I don't wanna hear it! Gab! Just stop!

Then gradually and gently he let go of my arm and we were standing there silent for a few minutes looking down.

Akhi: I need some air.

Gab: Akhi..

Akhi: Just leave me alone. I wanna be with myself now.

Then I started walking away again.

Akhi: Don't follow me! Go back to Audrey!

As I look back at him he was walking slowly to the opposite direction looking so depressed. Nasasaktan akong makita syang ganon pero nasasaktan din ako sa mga nakita ko kanina kaya nagpatuloy nalang din ako sa paglalakad.

*In the cafe*

I was sitting there waiting then Cherry arrived.

Cherry: Bessy andito na ako.

Akhi: Hi bes.

I greeted her in a gloomy way. Naupo sya and she put her bag on the other seat.

Cherry: Let me guess, there's something wrong with you and Gab?

My tears started rolling down my face. She saw it kaya lumapit sya sa akin and patted my shoulder to console me.

Cherry: It's okay bes. You can tell me anything.

I think Cherry knows about Audrey so I decided that I need some answers and if anyone would be honest to me about it, It's her.

Akhi: Audrey... Do you know her?

Cherry: Oh! You mean Gab's ex?

Akhi: Ex?? I think that's an understatement. I just saw them kiss in front of me and she was talking as if they were still together.

Cherry: *sigh* Well you know, I never really liked Audrey. Masyado syang mataray at nakakairita. Ang pagkaka alam ko lang, they never really had a closure. Audrey just suddenly left him without even saying goodbye. They never officially broke up but Gab hasn't heard from her eversince then so maybe he assumed na hiwalay na sila and quite frankly, hearing that she's back is a bit of a shock.

Akhi: So now our relationship would be on a hiatus because he's gonna have to clean this mess up?

Cherry: I don't know... Do you really want to take a break from it? I mean syempre while on that process makakasalamuha mo si Audrey and you're gonna be seeing more of them together.

Akhi: I don't know what I want. I feel so betrayed. I understand if Harold hasn't mention anything but Rocel had a chance to do so.

Cherry: There's also another problem Akhi. You know why Rocel wasn't able to tell you? It's because Audrey is close to Gab's family. She can't tell you right away about Audrey cause you might freak out on the spot and confront her.

Akhi: What does that have to do about anything? I mean if you don't like her, why even care about what she's gonna feel? Rocel could've told me that she's the girl who left and told Audrey that I am the loving boyfriend who by the way, stays by his side no matter what and would never leave him.

Cherry: You don't get it, do you? Gab is straight or (whatever) has been straight for a very long time. I magine if Audrey knew about the two of you and she get's upset, she's gonna tell Gab's parents that their beloved, only hot son is in a relationship with another guy. At dahil nag iisang lalaki, sa tingin mo matutuwa ang parents nya lalo na ang daddy nya kung malalaman nilang, no offense bessy, pumapatol sa bakla ang anak nila? Just think of it.

Akhi: So that means we have no choice? we're just gonna hide and keep it a secret from his family? Then what if gusto na ng parents nya na mag asawa sya?

Cherry: I won't reassure you with anything. Wala pa tayo sa situation na yan. Hindi mo dapat pinoproblema yan bessy. For now let him deal with Audrey and I suggest, pag pasensyahan mo na cause I believe in the end, love wins. Masosolusyunan nya ang problemang ito. Just try to support him.

I felt a bit of a relief and then sighed.

Akhi: Okay... But you know it wouldn't help if we're still in a relationship so maybe I'm gonna call it off for a while. It would be easier that way. Sayang, malapit na ang first anniversary namin. It's in a few days. Hindi pa yata kami makakapag celebrate for that.

Cherry: well hey! There can always be a late celebration right? Ang mahalaga pareho nyong naalala ang anniversary nyo.

Akhi: You're right che. Thanks for being here. I know you always hear it from me but I'm gonna say it anyway. I don't know what I'd do without you, my best bitch.

Cherry: Awwwww... Thanks bitch.

then we laughed a bit.

Akhi: So what now, are you going home alone? You can stay in the apartment with us just for the night if you like.

Cherry: You think after what happened to you last year that I would go home this late all alone? Hahaha I would never.

Akhi: So you're coming?

Cherry: No. My boyfriend's gonna pick me up. He'd be here soon.

Akhi: Oh? So when did you have a boyfriend? I'm upset now. You didn't tell me about him.

Cherry: Hey! You're way too busy about work and Gab to even check on me. like I get a phone call from you for like what? Once a week?

Akhi: Yeah yeah there's that. Nagkaka text naman tayo araw araw. You could've told me anyway. What's his name?

Cherry: His name's James. He's such a sweet guy. sobrang seloso lang. He's actually my boss haha. Nililigawan na nya ako noon pa man. Sinagot ko sya 8 months ago and since then, we've been living together.

Akhi: Ah so hindi kna nakatira dun sa house mo sa Bernette?

Cherry: No. pero minsan umuuwi din ako doon.

Maya maya pa a guy entered the cafe. He's tall, pale and a bit chubby but good looking overall.

Cherry: Well there he is.

Nang makalapit sya sa table namin Cherry stood up and they kissed briefly.

Cherry: Hey baby, I'd like you to meet Akhi. My bestfriend for life.

James: *offering his hand* Nice to meet you Akhi. I'm James.

Akhi: *shake hands* Same here James.

Cherry: Well we could have some catch up portion here pero I figured you've got a lot to settle at home Akhi.

Akhi: Of course. I'm gonna have to go home now.

James: Pwede ka naming ihatid kung gusto mo.

Akhi: No. no need James. I can handle myself. Just take care of my Bestfriend okay?

James: Okay Akhi. Nice to meet you again.

Cherry: Bye bessy. If you need me, you know what to do.

Akhi: Yes I'll call you.

Then they left and I hailed a taxi and went home.

At home

As I entered, sinalubong ako ni Rocel ng yakap.

Rocel: Akhi, I'm so sorry about that. There's something I need to tell you.

Akhi: Ross, don't worry about it. Sinabi na sakin ni Cherry ang lahat.

Rocel: Hindi ka galit?

Akhi: Well I'm still a bit pissed but, I know na mahirap din para sa'yo ang sitwasyon so let's just forget about it.

Sumulpot bigla ang bruhang Audrey sa sala at nagsalita

Audrey: Oh you're back Akhi? Hahaha Why did you storm off like that? It's not like you're jealous of me? Wala naman sigurong namamagitan sa inyo ni Gab ko? Oh ho. I've heard from everyone na gay ka raw? Hahaha Dear, don't get your hopes up. Gab's straight as a ruler. Hanggang pantasya ka nalang. You may sleep in the same room but hanggang doon ka nalang and don't you think it's a bit rude doing that earlier?

Bakas sa mukha ko ang lubhang pagkagalit then I clenched my fist and Rocel saw that. Just when I was about to talk back Rocel interrupted me.

Rocel: Audrey! You're the rude one! Akhi was just um... *she looks at me unsure what to say* he was just not accustomed to see something like that kaya sya nag walkout! Mind your tongue bitch or I'll cut it off myself!

Audrey: Oh! I'm scared. Hahaha *Evil laugh* Well if that's the case, you don't need to worry about me. You can mind your own business and stay out of my hair.

Rocel: Oh yes we'll do just that. Don't push your luck on me bitch, this is still our house. I'm the queen here so act accordingly or I might make your stay here a living hell.

Audrey: Chill old lady. hahaha Well anyway pupuntahan ko lang si Gab 'cause, we've got some catching up to do and while I'm at it, you can prepare Gideon's room para makalipat si Akhi. hahaha

I forgot to mention, wala na nga pala si Gideon sa apartment. He's now abroad working with a bigtime company so his room has been vacant for a while.

Rocel: Such a bitch! I hate her! ughh!!! grrrr!!!!

Akhi: Well that makes the two of us.

Then the front door opened and Gab entered. Nagkatitigan kaming dalawa.

Gab: Akhi, can you at least let me explain?

Akhi: I get it Gab. Cherry filled me in on everything.

Rocel: Guess I'll leave the two of you so you could talk. *she whispers to me* and I'm gonna keep Audrey from coming here.

Then Rocel walked away. There was silence between us for a while. then I started talking

Akhi: Gab, I think we should take a break.

Gab: what? Why?

Akhi: It would be easier that way. Clean this mess up. Then maybe we can be together again.

I was about to walk away when he grabbed my arm

Gab: Akhi please!

Akhi: And I forgot to tell you, I'm moving to Gideon's room. It's best if we're not in the same room especially when Audrey is around. She might get suspicious.

Binitiwan na ako ni Gab and I went to the room and started moving my things...

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