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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Confused In Love Four (Part 10)

By: Akhi

Months of planning and preparations have passed at na establish narin ang cafe namin ni Cherry. Richard was behind us all the way through and so far we haven't heard from Lorraine magmula nung encounter namin sa Cat's eyes. Business is up and running and it's doing good. Madalas hands on kami ni Cherry so often times magkasama kami. By the way we named it Dreamy Cup Cafe.

One day it was about 1 in the afternoon, an unpleasant familiar figure came in. It was Lorraine. She settled in at tumawag ng waiter. She requested to speak with me.

Waiter: Sir, gusto daw po kayong makausap ng isang customer po natin.

Itnuro nya sakin ang kinaroroonan ni Lorraine.

Akhi: *Brows furrowed* I'll be there in a minute okay. I just have to finish something.

Waiter: But sir she insists that she wants to speak to you immediately.

Lorraine is looking in our direction and had an annoying confident look on her face.

Akhi: Okay well then please tell her I'll be right there.

Waiter: Okay po sir.

Huminga ako ng malalim and with a heavy heart, lumapit ako sa kanya and as there were other customers around I tried my best to be polite and professional.

Akhi: *forcing a smile* What can I do for you maam?

She smirked and was holding back her laughter.

Lorraine: Gosh! that was something.

Akhi: *Trying to compose myself* Is there something you want?

Lorraine: Hahaha. What if I wanted your head on a plate?

Akhi: *sigh* Look, I'm trying my best to be accommodating despite our history Miss Lorraine pero don't forget, I'm still the owner of this cafe so unless you wanna be kicked out of here, I suggest you state your business and be professional.

Lorraine: Oh wow!

Lumakas bigla ang boses nya.

Lorraine: I'm a new customer here and you're threatening me?!

Napalingon ang ibang mga customers sa amin.

Akhi: *in almost a whisper* Could you please tone down? You're causing a scene!

She gave me a smirk one more time.

Lorraine: Sit!

Akhi: What?

Lorraine: I said sit!

I hesitated for a moment but I figured she might calm down if I followed her so I did.

Lorraine: Good dog.

Wala akong magawa kung di irapan sya.

Akhi: Anu bang kailangan mo ha?

Lorraine: Remember the last time I told you that I'm gonna make your life miserable?

Akhi: Oh how could I forget? Those empty words spoken by a desperate mediocre woman?

Her face screwed up for a moment then she sneered at me.

Lorraine: I've been busy the past few months but believe me, those words are far from empty.

Akhi: So nandito ka para takutin ako?

Lorraine: No, I'm here to warn you.

Akhi: *feigning fear* Gosh I am so scared right now.

Lorraine: You should be!

Akhi: Was that all you came here for? I feel special because you just dedicated and wasted your time just to come here and babble.

Hindi na maitago sa mukha ni Lorraine ang pagkapikon nya but she's still trying to look okay.

Lorraine: *clears her throat* Anyway, I also came here to try the best item in your menu.

Akhi: Okay, well then.

Tumawag ako ng waiter and ordered the most expensive coffee in our menu. There was silence between her and me as we waited for her order. Pagkarating ng order nya tinikman nya agad and gave a comment.

Lorraine: This is actually good. I see why there's a lot of people coming here everyday considering how tacky this cafe looks.

Akhi: So you've been stalking? *sneer*

Lorraine: I was keeping an eye on you.

Akhi: I'm flattered.

Lorraine: B*tch please. *rolls her eyes* I always keep an eye on my enemies.

Akhi: Security issues?

She glared at me.

Lorraine: That mouth of yours is really gonna get you into trouble and that's exactly what you will be having!

Akhi: Deliver, can you?

Lorraine: *smiles* You'll see.

She stood up and spilled her coffee accross the table at napatayo ako.

Akhi: The f*ck?!

Lorraine: Oh! I'm so sorry. *feigning anxiousness* I was in such a hurry.

She took some cash from her purse and put it on the table.

Lorraine: Keep the change. You'll need it to buy some new clothes.

Tinitigan ko sya ng masama but she just smirked and tossed her hair over her shoulder and walked away. Dali daling lumapit ang isang waiter at pinunasan ang damit ko at ang lamesa.

Akhi: Seriously Infuriating! Pero hindi ako papatinag sa kanya.

Kinabukasan at the apartment maagang bumisita si Cherry.

Cherry: Bessy hindi ko alam kung anong naging problema pero nag resign ang isang barista natin and one of the servers.

Akhi: What?

Cherry: You heard me right.

Akhi: Well then kailangan nating maglagay ng ads para makapag hire ng bagong barista and a server.

Cherry: Yes I'm gonna do that in the afternoon.

Maya maya pa Richard arrived.

Richard: hey there!

Akhi: Goodmorning Richard. What brings you here?

Richard: I heard from Cherry a few staff have resigned?

Akhi: And I'm guessing you're here kase may e rerecommend ka?

Richard: More like a sub really.

Cherry: Well where is this sub?

He points to himself

Richard: Me.

Akhi: Seriously?

Richard: I mean why not?

Cherry: Nakakahalata na ako sa'yo Richard. I don't mean to be ungrateful but you've been doing us a lot of favors.

Richard: Which you guys are going to return one way or another.

Akhi: I knew it! I hope this isn't a bad thing.

Richard: Well you know I'm just a simple person na mababaw lang ang kaligayahan so I think di naman kayo mahihirapan if I ever asked for those favors back.

Cherry: Shouldn't you be busy in an office somewhere in your family's company?

Richard: And there goes one of the favors that I'm gonna ask of you. Please don't remind me of that life.

Cherry: I suppose I can manage that.

Richard: Haha good enough. Anyway I've always wanted to try serving customers at cafe's and restaurants.

Akhi: Ah so ikaw ang magiging waiter? Then I'll be the barista.

Cherry: Such good looking gentlemen as my staff? I couldn't ask for more. Though it wouldn't be for forever.

Akhi: Haha you wish!

Cherry: Anyway, ang alam ko ikaw lang ang marunong magluto dito, pero bakit parang may nagluluto sa kitchen?

Akhi: Si Rocel. She's been having lessons from me. Since medyo busy na ako sa negosyo natin I figured meron dapat akong kahalili.

Richard: Well I guess this is my cue. Gotta go now and prepare.

Akhi: Dito ka na magbreakfast Richard.

Cherry: Sure ka bessy? Hindi pa natin alam kung anong klaseng science project ang niluluto ni Rocel.

Akhi: Ahaha oh come on bessy don't be too harsh on Rocel. So far mga niluluto nya na tinuro ko ay masasarap naman so take it from me. If it's not that good I'd say it's decent.

Richard: Decent works for me. Hehe

So that morning we all had breakfast together with Rocel and Gideon. After that, we all prepared and headed for DCC. It was a usual busy day. Lots of customers, and I pretty much enjoy watching Richard serve customers. He's been getting different reactions from them and I think it's cute. He's just so hot and handsome that almost all the ladies are taking selfies with him, including gay men.

2 in the afternoon at wala na masyadong tao. I saw him at a corner obviously feeling tired as he was leaning against the bar table. Kahit sa ganung sitwasyon, he still look so cute. I smiled and approached him with refeshments on hand for both of us.

Akhi: How are you holdin' up? *hands him one drink*

Richard: Phew! Nakakapagod din pala. But it's a lot better than being held in four corners of a boring office with paper works. *takes a sip*

Akhi: I see. Well it's good to know that you're having fun.

Then he looks me in the eyes at talaga namang nakakatunaw ang titig nya. I felt awkward at umiwas ako sa tingin nya dahil feeling ko bibigay ako.

Richard: Haha

Akhi: Ba't ka natawa?

Richard: Di parin ba nawawala yung pagkacrush mo sakin?

Akhi: Haayyy nako! Pwede ba? Hindi kita crush.

Richard: Talaga lang? Sige nga. Kung hindi talaga, titigan mo ko sa mata for 5 minutes.

Akhi: This is silly. Just cut it out already.

Richard: Sinungaling.

I looked at him with a screwed face

Akhi: Anung sinungaling?

Richard: Simpleng titig lang di mo magawa so it means Crush mo nga ako.

Then I faced him at nakipag titigan ako. I don't know pero kakaiba talaga sa pakiramdam. As if I am being pulled in. Di ko na malayan after a few moments naglalapit na pala mga mukha namin then biglang sumulpot si Cherry at nadatnan nya ang eksenang iyon. We were startled and moved away from each other.

Cherry: *Eying us suspiciously* Ahem! Anung nangyayari dito.

Akhi: Wala um...

Richard: Sinusubukan lang patunayan ni Akhi na wala syang gusto sakin.

Akhi: Richard?!

Naramdaman kong namumula ang mga pisngi ko.

Cherry: Oh em gee. Hahaha talaga?

Richard: Ikaw ang humusga. Haha

Then he walked away. Nakita ni Cherry ang pamumula ko.

Cherry: Oo nga. Wala nga. Hahaha

I looked at her with an embarrassed look on my face.

Later that afternoon we got 2 new applicants and it looks like they're experienced and are very much qualified for the job so we hired them right away. The rest of the day has been fun for us. We closed up at 10pm and as usual sinundo ni James si Cherry at ako naman ay hinatid ni Richard sa bahay.

Richard: Thanks for today.

Akhi: salamat din. Ingat ka sa pag uwi.

Richard: Oo promise. Mag iingat ako para di ka mag alala.

I felt annoyed but somehow this familiar air of teasing and flirting comforts me. I sighed, smiled and took a deep breath at dinampian sya ng mahinang suntok sa braso.

Akhi: Bwiset ka talaga! Sige na! Haha

Kinabukasan sa cafe it was all normal until the afternoon, one of my customers complained and was freaking out! Dianne (One of the new staff) was dealing with the customer.

Dianne: I swear I had no Idea ma'am.

Akhi: Anung kaguluhan ito?

Customer: Excuse me?! Nakita nyo ba yan?!

She points at her drink at nagulat ako sa nakita ko. May tatlong maliliit na ipis sa loob.

Customer: Gross!

From the corner of my eye nakikita kong inaupload ng mga kasama nya ang picture ng ice cold coffee na may ipis with some captions that for all we know makakasira ng negosyo namin ni Cherry.

Cherry: Sir Ma'am can we just talk this over? I swear all our equipments and facilities are clean and we have a food service license.

Customer: Pinagsasabi mo jan?! Eh ano 'to?!

Akhi: Gosh bessy how is this possible? Sinigurado naman nating malinis ang lahat.

Cherry: *sigh* ako nang bahalang makipag areglo dito. Go check our equipments and the bar at tingnan mo kung saan galing ang mga ito.

Akhi: Okay and one more thing bessy, please pigilan mo yung mga kasama nya na e upload yung pics na kinunan nila. If we have to compensate just do it kesa naman mawalan tayo ng negosyo.

Cherry: I'm on it bessy.

As I went to the bar I noticed one of the newly hired barista hide something in his pocket at nung nakita nya ako ay parang gulat na gulat sya pero hindi ko na pinansin as I was more concerned na e check ang mga kagamitan namin.

Victor: A-a sir anu pong kailangan nyo?

Akhi: Just need to check.

Tiningnan ko ng maigi and there were no signs na may mga peste oh kung ano pa mang insekto na nandoon or at least lugar na maari nilang pamahayan. Everything was new so it is basically impossible na mangyari yon.

Naareglo na ni Cherry at napakalma ang customer at nabigyan na ng compensation. Then pumasok si Lorraine sa DCC na parang nakapangluksa at naka shades pa.

Akhi: What are you doing here?

Cherry sensed that there was tension between me and the woman. Hindi alam ni Cherry ang mga eksenang naganap saamin ni Lorraine.

Cherry: Bessy sino sya?

Lorraine: I'm someone you don't wanna know.

Cherry: Ah tama ka. Sa pananalita mo palang... Wait, sino ka nga? Ahaha!

Lorraine: You're laughing at me? Funny. Ang alam ko kayo 'tong may katawa tawang eksena dito.

Akhi: So mabilis nga pala talagang kumalat ang chismis.

Lorraine: Correct! And if the platform for that gossip is the internet, you'd be surprised!

She held out her phone and showed as un uploaded video nung eksena kanina.

Akhi: The hell?!

Lorraine: Congratulations! Sikat na kayo.

Cherry: Bessy hindi ko nagugustuhan ang tabas ng dila ng babaeng 'to. Sino ba sya?!

Akhi: An evil entity fresh from hell.

I was glaring at Lorraine.

Lorraine: Hahaha! Enjoy your new found fame!

Then she turned her back and walked away.

Cherry: This is not good bessy. *shakes her head*

Sa isip isip ko nararamdaman kong may kinalaman si Lorraine sa nangyari but I have no proof. We closed up the cafe early and Cherry asked for Mr. Dawan's help para magawan ng paraan ang sitwasyon namin. Out of stress, pinili ko munang mapag isa and I went to verdant gardens park to have a peace of mind. As I sat at one of the benches so many memories came back to me. Memories ng first anniversary namin ni Gab. Then I started talking to myself.

Akhi: I wonder, anu kayang gagawin mo sa sitwasyong ito Gab kung kasama pa kita?

I felt so sad and I was about to cry. A few moments later habang tinitingnan ko ang mga taong nagdadaan, sa hindi inaasahan, nagulat ako. A tall, and handsome guy walked passed me at kamukhang kamukha sya ni Gab! Napatayo ako and I was feeling mixed emotions. All extreme. He was walking with a girl and they were having fun and they both were carrying luggages. I inhaled a sharp breath then shouted.

Akhi: Gab!

Then tears streamed down my face but the guy didn't seem to hear or notice that I was calling him. Hindi ko napigilan ang sarili ko at tumakbo ako papunta sa kanya at niyakap sya ng mahigpit.

Akhi: Gab!

He was startled pero hindi rin sya gumalaw. Hindi nya alam ang gagawin nya.

Guy: Uh teka! Excuse me lang. Sino ka?

Girl: Kuya Miko, do you know him?

I looked at him as I heard the name "Miko" but all I was seeing is Gab's face. Exactly Gab's face. Nalito ako and gave a distance between us but my eyes were still in tears.

Miko: Do I know you? Have we met somewhere or...

Hindi ako makapagsalita habang nakatitig sa kanya at nakikinig at di makapaniwala.

Miko: Am I supposed to know you?

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