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Sunday, September 7, 2014


By: TankGuy

Good day readers! This is my first time sharing a story with you so I hope you'll like it. I am also an avid reader of this blog. So many great stories that really touched my heart.

Anyway, What Im about to share is a story which happened recently lang. By the way I am Jess (Not my real name). Im 20 from San Pedro, Laguna. I took up BS HRIM in a Well known college in Taft. I stand almost 5'8" and Versa ako but mostly top. Im chubby, my skin is fair and I have a cute smile. Most people say baby face ako and sayang daw ako cause naging Gay daw ako. Yes I am out with my gender but I still act discreetly.

Anyway back to my story. Now a days uso na yung mga gay apps like Facebook, Kwentong Malibog app etc. I mean yes even I have apps like Grindr and Hornet. I started using this app back when I was in the states(I stayed there for a one year internship which is course related). But then I deleted those apps kasi I find it boring na. But when I got back home here sa Philippines last April 2014, ayun something nacurious ako kung gaano na ba kadami ang may ganung app dito sa place namin. So when I opened it again boom. Ang dami na and ang lalapit pa. So ayun ako naman tong go lang ng go, hanap kausap. There are just some guys that are so horny nakakabastos lang. That is one thing I hate about that app. Well di rin naman masisi yung app cause yung iba sex lang naman din habol.

Anyway, so halos everyday nagbubukas ako nun, wala lang, just looking for something or someone to talk. Until one day someone asked to access my private photo. So I looked at his profile first. His profile picture is somehow walang face pic. Pero di naman ako mahilig magreject kaya okay lang so I granted him to access my photos and vice versa. After the photo access thingy I got happy naman kasi gwapo siya. By the way he's Greggy(not his real name), he's 5'7" bottom, late 20's na,  chinito and medium built. So natuwa ako kasi weakness ko when it comes to guys is singkit talaga. So he messaged me first and asked me, "Do you drill?"
Ako naman siyempre di ko alam ano ibig niyang sabihin so I replied "what do you mean?" So he replied again "do you fuck?" And said "oh yes. Why?" Then may kadugtong na "where you from?". Then wala na akong natanggap na reply.

The next day. Mga 1 pm Mag isa lang ako sa bahay, and I was feeling horny. So I opened the app and then I saw na nagreply siya around 3 am na he's reply was "Will you fuck me?" So ako naman since libog. Sabi ko Sure. Then I added "Im alone now, I got a Couple of hours before someone arrives" pero narealize ko since 1 pm on a weekday malamang nasa work yun. Haha ayun then mga 6 pm nagreply siya ng "I was in the office. Sayang" so from there nag tuloy tuloy conversation namin.

Then Last June 9 na lang ulit siya nag pm sa akin this was the conersation

G: What's up
Me: hey sup?
G: Horny hahaha!
Me: go jack off
G: it's not enough. I wanna be laid
Me: ohh damn I can't go out tonight:/ where are you ba?
G: at home why?
Me: nothing just asking
G: why can't you go out tonight?
Me: my parents are here they might suspect something wrong, and besides got I got work tomorrow.
G: I see. Can we not do it tomorrow?
Me: its fine but I don't have money to get a room.
G: where can we get a cheap room
Me: I don't know. Pero I saw somewhere in pacita na meron.
G: okay we can try.

So yeah that was our conversation. Umabot kami ng umaga and still we don't know each others name:)) so I ask him his number and his name. So that we can text na lang, and he did the same thing, the next day when I got off work I texted him.

Me: hey greggy its jess I just got off. Are you still on?
G: Im at the Spa center now. Destressing
Me: oh I see, so di ka na pwede?
G: how about tomorrow
Me: I can't. Im gonna go to my friends despedida eh
G: Thursday?
Me: Ill try
G: bawi ako next time. Do you drink?
Me: yeah
G: inom tayo minsan
Me: okay

Ayun so I got a little bit pissed and sad kasi di na siya pwede. Pero its fine with me atleast nakapag pahinga din ako when I got home. Then thursday that week bigla siyang pumasok sa isip ko. So I grabbed my phone and texted him if his free tonight? Kasi wala din naman akong gagawin day off the next day. He said Yes! So ayun finally after weeks of talking were gonna see each other na.

So we planned na magkita sa station ng bus going to pacita. I arrived there agad since I was waiting for him so smoke lang ako. After I smoked I texted him "saan ka na?" He Answered "walking on the way to the station." So antay lang ako saglit then suddenly there's a guy walking towards the chair na familiar yung face, I told myself siya na to diba? Pero antay lang ako text niya, until he texted "Im here na sitting" then I replied "Im the wearing camouflouge" tapos tumingin ako sa kanya then tumingin sin siya, so lumapit na ako, and he said na sorry di daw masyado makakita buti daw lumapit ako kasi akala niya sobrang green camou suot ko. So we talked a little bit hanggang makasakay ng bus usap pa rin kami about our lives ganun. Until we reached our destination. Sabi ko lets go down sa may shell before mag mcdonalds el vinda. From there we just walked like 2 minutes para marating yung hotel na di pa ako sure kung mura talaga, when We saw the price sabi niya ang cheap nga ha. Cause we got a room for like 200 pesos with aircon and smoking room pa. So when we were alone na ayun kwentuhan ulit ng konti at first we were shy pa but then I couldnt resist na so I made the first move. I kissed him sa lips saglit and then tumigil ako and nagsorry kasi masyado atang mabilis. After nun. We kissed again for like a really long time. We've been kissing torridly and passionately na para bang wala nang bukas. Then sabi niya gusto niya daw muna magshower so he took a quick rinse then after him ako na. Since isa lang yung towel we need to share pa. When I got out of the shower room he was sitting naked while smoking. Then I made the move again. We kissed again all over. He was on top of me kissing my lips, licking my ears which is one of my weakest part, then he was going down to my body pababa sa may singit ko
He was doing something miraculous na sobrang sarap talaga. he was licking yung buong singit ko and it made me tickle pero ang sarap. Then bigla niya nang sinubo yung alaga ko nang buong buo. It felt super sarap. I was moaning hard. Then I fucked his mouth a couple times. "Fuck ang saraaaap" are the only words that I can say during that moment.

Then it was my turn, I also sucked his dick and even licked his hole. After licking his hole I kissed him again then bigla kong pinasok yung finger ko sa butas niya. "Oohhh aaahhh aahhh". At first isang finger lang then dalawa na pinasok ko sabi niya ang sakit na daw so I stopped para di na siya masaktan. Gusto ko kasi gentle lang para swabe. Then back to kissing for like 10 minutes and then he whispered to me na "Fuck me" I said "My pleasure" he asked me If I have a condom, I said yes. "How about lube?" I replied "shoot wala". Good thing na lang na meron siyang dala. So sinuot ko na yung condom nilagyan niya ako ng lube pati hole niya nilagyan niya then I was laying down sa bed he sat on my cock and started grinding up and down. "Oh geez ang sarap" sabi ko. He was just sitting on me then we kissed again. Tapos bigla ko siyang tinulak pahiga while my dick is inside him. So nakahiga na siya ako yung nasa top. I Started grinding again. "Ooohhh ang sarap aaaahhh" he keeps on moaning. I just fucked him hard na nagbigay ng sobrang kaligayan sa amin. He asked me if malapit na ako sabi ko matagal akong labasan.. So he sucked me again with so much pleasure and then he just jacked me off.. Hanggang sa "ahhh ahhhh ayaaaan na akoooooo.. " sabi ko. Ayun pumutok sa buong katawan ko yung tamod ko di ko na nakita if natalsikan siya and then it was he's turn. Of course to return the favor I was helping him by sucking his nipples and licking his ears. Ayun bigla na lang din sabi niya na lalabasan na siya. Ang dami ding lumabas na tamod sa kanya.

That was one of the best nights of my life. As in swear. Nakatulog kami sa room for like 5 hours so may extra charge na kami. Haha but it was okay. We had fun though and I'm hoping to see him again. He is my crush I told him that. We are still in contact di nga lang makapagkita ulit because of schedule pero I really want to see him again. Ayun thank you for reading everyone. i hope you enjoyed it. Im sorry for all the typo. I was just writing this sa Ipad ko.


  1. Replies
    1. I agree with you. Actually walang ka thrill2.

  2. Im from pacita... hope to meet u one of this day...

  3. eto yung tipo ng story na totoo.. very casual... keep the good work bro...=)

  4. Hey fellow benildean!

  5. You sound familiar... Hehehe...

  6. I knew it, I'm from benilde too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

  7. i hate this. sobrang pasosyal wala namang pang motel. haha

  8. author saang state ka ng internship?Corpus Christi,Texas ako..cheap or kuripot kalang bah talaga?bakit wla kang png hotel or motel wahahaha..laki kaya sahod kahit internship lang.