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Sunday, September 6, 2015


By: Anonymous

Pinadala ako ng aming kumpanya sa isang conference sa City of Industry, parte pa rin ata ito ng Los Angeles.  Ang usapan namin ng kapatid kong babae na tiga-LA ay magkikita kami at sabay bibyahe papuntang San Jose to meet our two sisters.  Unfortunately, ang kapatid kong tiga-LA ay kinailangang pumunta sa East Coast para magsite-inspection ng isang store na bubuksan doon.

No choice but to travel alone.  E sa lahat pa naman ng ayaw ko yung nag-iikot sa Amerika on my own.  Ewan ko ba, I never felt at ease in America.

So punta ako sa Greyhound station sa Los Angeles.  Geez, dimly lit, and the bus station, unbelievable, mas maganda pa istasyon ng Farinas.  Buti pa nga ang Farinas, maganda ang kinalalagyan ng istasyon, e etong nasa LA, kabog. With the ticket which my sister bought on-line, pumasok ako sa bus station, e malas ata talaga, overbooked and since hindi ko narinig yung announcement, I was put on a bus with so many as they say LAYOVERs.

Buti na lang late night ang alis namin, pwede akong matulog.  Nang tinawag na ang aming byahe, swerteng kokonti lang kami sa bus kaya nakakuha ako ng magandang pwesto.  Umaandar na ang bus ng nakaramdam ako ng gutom, sa takot ko kasing mag-iikot sa loob ng istasyon, hindi ako nakabili ng pagkain tapos yung bus na sinakyan ko ay wala palang nabibiling pagkain.

Kinapa ko ang aking bag nagbabakasali baka may pagkain pero kendi lang ang nakuha ko. I was looking out in the darkness, sighing, when someone said "you want?"  I turned and saw a burrito being waved at my face.

"Thanks, why are we not full?" I looked at him and saw a handsome man smiling at me. "We"ll be, later, there'll be lots in Santa Barbara then we'll be alone again after Paso Robles." I looked him over again and this guy is really a looker. 
Pwede mo ng sabihing lamang lang si Tom Cruise ng limang paligo.  Brown eyes, ang buhok parang buhok ng mais ang kulay. Pati height ni Tom Cruise, kinuha, mga 5'8 lang siguro, maliit for an American.

"I'm Jose, my wife Maria, Joe Jr and Brian" he introduced himself and his family as he sat down besides me.  "Filipino?" he asked.  "Yup" as I nibbled hungrily at the burrito.  "Got lots of Filipino friends at work."  "Really?"

"Where are you headed?" as he offered me a bottled water.  "Milpitas, my sisters live there but we'll meet in San Jose first to see some cousins. And you?" "Well, my wife and the kids get off in Paso Robles then am off to San Jose where I work."  "You work in San Jose, semiconductors?"  "How did you know?"  "Well am a Logistic Officer in an exporting firm in the Philippines so I'm kinda familiar, our factory is quite near several chipmakers inside an economic zone." "I work with that giant company from Asia." was his reply.

"Jose, so your ancestors from Mexico?"  "Yeah" as we started eating burritos.  "This is good.  I really don't like burritos that much but this is good."  "Mama made that, she lives in San Pidro" "San Pidro? As in San Pedro, the garment area?"  "Yeah, you move pretty much around amigo"  "Not really, part of the industry I'm in and I saw lots of Mexican there, so I just assumed.  You were born here?"  "I'm a third generation American" he proudly declared.

"Uhmm, this is really good"  "You can have some more"  "Thanks, maybe later."

He settled besides me with his younger son on his lap while his wife and Joe Jr. sat at the other side.

At Santa Barbara, I bought bottled water and waded my way back into my seat.  Jose was right, we were really full that even the folded chairs at the middle were used.

"Paso Robles"  the driver announced.  Several people including Jose's family started to stand up.  Jose alighted from the bus to make sure that his family was alright. He went back to where we were seated and opened the window.

"Take care, don't miss me too much" he cooed. "Save me your burrito, honey" his wife shouted as the bus started to leave.   The bus is not even half-full as we left Paso Robles.

"So are we going to be like this up to San Jose?"  I wondered.

"Yeah, most people don't like this schedule, too many stops but I like it because I get to choose where I sit."

"So when are you going to meet your wife again?"  "This Friday. We have a house in Paso Robles, she works in a wine farm and I go home every Friday afternoon.  But this week, we went to my Mama's house. How many times have you been here?"  "San Jose?  Third time but America I've been coming since the early 90s."  "Really? Not difficult to get a visa?"  I shook my head.

"So you want some more?" as he opened his food container and offered me burritos.

"But your wife said to save the burrito."

He laughed softly and said "she is referring to this burrito" nodding towards his crotch area.

"Oh, that burrito.  Must be something so special to be missed that much. Can I?" as I pointed towards the burrito.

"My wife dies if she can't have my burrito once a week" he continued. "Poquito?"  "Grande" "Like this?" pointing at the burrito I was munching. He gave me a big smile.

"So can I have some more burrito?" I was really hungry, I only had a big Mac for lunch and nothing since then.

"Which burrito? bah, mukhang mapapalaban pa ata ako dito.  But not a bad idea, whew, this guy is one hot amigo.  A movie-star looking guy.  Sabagay, nagkalat naman ang pogi sa America, specially in Hollywood.

"I wanted the one where you can put salsa"  "I've never done that before" he grinned as he looked down at his crotch.  "So you mean I can also have this burrito." I touched his cock which was still soft, he smiled nervously.  "Naughty, naughty" I teased him as I noticed his pants starting to rise up.

It was quite dark inside the bus as the only light opened was a small yellowish bulb guarding the entrance of the toilet and the lights that must be coming from some houses we were passing.

Tumingin ako sa paligid.  Konti lang talaga ang pasahero sa bus, wala pa atang sampu at kami lang ang nasa bandang likuran, ang lakas na nga ng hilik ng iba.  Nabasa ata ni Jose ang aking nasa utak - ini-recline niya ang kanyang upuan at pagkatapos ay ipinatong ang kanyang mga kamay sa kanyang ulunan.

Ipinatong ko uli ang aking palad sa kanyang harapan and started to give it a massage.  Tumitigas na ang titi niya.  "No grande" tukso ko sa kanya. "No?" he shook a bit. "Yeah" I laughed softly "it is mucho grande" "Loco." he sighed, relieved that his macho pride remained intact.

"So what do we do now?  Seems this guy got some problem." habang hinihimas ko ang titi niya kahit nasa loob pa ito ng kanyang pantalon" "Can you help?  I got a week supply, I need to unload it badly, my friend." he whispered while his shaking became more pronounced.  Either he is nervous or he is excited, I really don't care as his agitated state made him more attractive.

"I don't suck" I teased him, bumagsak ang kanyang mukha, siguro ay talagang umaasam na siya ay matsupa. "But if you have rubbers, I might."  He shook his head and slid his body lower then begins to unzip his pants.  He showed me his hard cock.  It is quite big.

"No undies?" marahan kong kinagat-kagat ang kanyang tenga. "I am usually like this when traveling with the wife but no chance tonight."  "Ah so I am the naughty angel who stopped your wife from doing her things."  I pressed his hard cock against his body.

He leaned over and starts kissing my mouth.  "It is alright to suck me amigo, you gotta help this friend" as he took my hand and put it inside his pants, "I am cleaned."  He showed me his company ID "you can't work  here if you're not clean" his hands moved to my upper body and started caressing my man boob.  Siguro ay sa factory ito at hindi sa opisina naka-assign dahil mararamdaman mo ang roughness ng kanyang palad pero nakadagdag libog din ito sa akin.

"Come on my friend, I can't suck but I can help you with this" he whispered in my ears as he began stroking my hard penis.

I let my hand do the talking as I slid my other hand inside his shirt and started caressing his abs.  Noticing the thick hair, my hand went upward and sure enough, there's lots of them in his chest. I leaned over and started to kiss, then bit his nipple as my hand worked inside his pants.  I start to jack him off.  "Unbuckle your belt" I told him as I was having a hard time moving inside his pants.  "I want your pants down to your knees" I ordered him.  "But too dangerous my friend"  "That's the fun of it, amigo" as I pulled his pants lower.  I continued sucking his nipple as my hand went to work.  His hand went inside my shorts and started fondling my cock.

Nag-init na rin ako kaya bumaba ang ulo ko sa kanyang napakaling burat.  Ano ba meron dito sa mga Westeners at ang laki ng kanilang titi.  Isinubo ko ito, I can feel his head swelling as my tongue encircled it.  Pero at the back of my mind, ang tigas ng titi niya pero hindi kasing tigas ng titi ng Pinoy, ewan ko kung nag-iinarte lang ako pero bitin sa tigas ang titi ng mga Puti.  Kaya mas masarap tsupain ang titi ng Pinoy kahit di ito kalakihan.  But that is another story.

Nadedemonyo ata ako, tuluyan kong hinubad ang kanyang pantalon at umupo ako sa sahig ng bus.  Itinaas ko ng bahagya ang kanyang paa para maabot ng dila ko ang ilalim ng kanyang bayag at tuluyang maisubo ito.  "Hmmm, that feels really good my friend" he moaned as he moved his legs even higher while I was sucking his balls.  I went back to his cock and started to lick his head again while my finger went in his hole and starts probing. He moved  his right leg higher and starts to finger fuck his hole.  "Oh, oh suck me harder please" as my hand and tongue went to work together.  "Faster my friend" then suddenly he stood and began fucking my mouth furiously. "I'm coming, please, deeper" "Ahm, am coming, coming" as he fucked both my mouth and my finger.   I took him in my mouth as deep as I can as I felt his semen spurting inside my mouth.  He must have not cum for a week as his load continued spraying inside my mouth while I continued finger fucking his hole.  As I felt him easing up, I took out my finger from his man cunt. He was still breathing deeply as he slowly sat down beside me, while I clean my hands.  Grinning at me, his hand opened my zip and took me in his mouth.  Ramdam na ramdam ng titi ko ang init ng kanyang bibig.  Sinimulan niyang paikutin ang kanyang dila sa paligid ng aking ulo.  Akala ko ay tatapusin niya ang pagtsupa sa akin pero pumanhik ang kanyang bibig papunta sa aking bibig at sinimulan akong halikan habang jinajakol niya ako.  "Ah shit" I grabbed his head and shoved my cock in his mouth.  He did not resist and starts to suck my cock as fast as he could.  I reach for his cock and start to beat it again.  He took my cock out of his mouth and jacks me fast.  Pawisan na ako  at kay bilis na ng tibok ng puso ko.  Ilang sandali lang at nagtalsikan na aking tamod - sa aking tiyan, sa kanyang mga daliri.  Nilingon ko siya at nakita ko ang kanyang pagngiti habang ako ay nilalabasan.  Kinuha ko ang kanyang kamay at dinala ito sa kanyang bibig, ipinasok niya ang kanyang mga daliri sa kanyang bibig at sinimulang supsupin ito.  Sobrang nalibugan ako sa ginawa niyang paghimod sa kanyang kamay ng puno ng tamod ko kaya tsinupa ko uli ang titi niya.

"Where's my pants?" We both went down and groped in the dark.  It was really dark inside and when he can no longer find it, he reached for his bag from the overhead bin, searched and slipped on a pair of shorts.

"That was some nice suck we had" I smiled at him.  "Yeah" he said "you're good man, one of the best suck I ever had".

"But you're a cheat" I teased him "you should have finished sucking me."  He smiled back "That was the farthest I could my friend.""No worries"

"San Jose"  I heard someone shout.  I opened my eyes and saw the driver of the bus, smiling while he was waking us.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked.  "Yeah" Jose replied.  "Your fly still open" The driver gave us a knowing smile then walked back towards the door as we took our things from the overhead bin.

"Well I hope you enjoyed the ride Sir" the driver said as he handed Jose his pants.  He gave us a wide grin and Jose winked at him.

"Haha, now you are a famous passenger here" I kidded him as we went outside the station.

"Where is the train station? I'm supposed to meet my sisters there."

"At the back of that building, walk about a block, then turn right.  It is not really a station but you'll know when you get there. There's my ride. Have a good time here.  When are you going back to LA.?"

"Nope, not going back.  Am off to the Philippines in a week time and am exiting via SanFo."

"Here's my number, call if you're interested.  I'm free 6pm onwards."

"Hasta la vista baby" I waved him off as I walked towards my destination.

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