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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Curiosity (Part 1)

By: Ryan

This happened just a few days ago. October 2. Gusto ko tong ikwento as accurate as possible dahil ayoko ding makalimutan ang mga pangyayari nung hapong yon. 
Just a brief description, I’m Ryan. Turning 19 this month. 3rd year college sa isang kilalang University sa Espanya. Looks? Hmmm. Wala ako nun ehhh. i’m 5’7, chubby. (baka naman isipin ninyo yung baboy na sobra.hindi nameeennnn Hahaha). Any ways, yun lang namanyung kailangang details sa mga ganito diba? Hahaha
Well, I live in a dormitory near my university. And I have this dormmate, His name is Tim, 22 years old. Fresh graduate, Iskolar ng Bayan. He’s currently reviewing for his upcoming boards. Ever since nakita ko siya sa dorm, it was 5 months ago, I really admire him. He’s not muscular or something but there’s something in him that made me like him so much. He’s very witty, playful, and sex-appealing. He’s very knowledgeable yet innocent.
I befriended him a week after he moved in. Napakadami niyang kwento. I always find myself dumbfounded everytime he tells a story. Honestly, i thought I was just being playful with what I feel. I didn’t know everything’s going to change... maybe.
My classmates and I were finishing our final project in the lobby of our dormitory. Grabe sa hassle. 1 week na lang deadline na. Kaya cram na kami. In the middle of our discussion, Tim entered the dorm. Happy and smiling as usual. I greeted him “Boss Tim!”, “Boss!” he replied. Waving back at me and smiled. Oh Gosh. I always feel butterflies on my stomach every time he do that. He continued then entered his room.
Now im inspired to finish our work.
After ilang minutes, lumabas siya ng room nila carrying his iPad. He sat on the couch beside the table we’re working on. I approached him and sat beside him. Inakbayan ko siya.
“Boss. Ano yan?” I asked.
“Ahh wala, naguupdate lang ng games” he said.
“Ahhhh. Okeyyy kamusta review?” i said.
“ayos lang naman. Boring nga ehhh. “
“hahaha. Naks, talino talaga ng laude” i kidded.
“haha din naman. Kahit nga sa room boring ehhh. walang tao.” He replied.
Then, my naughty mind started tingling when i heard ‘walang tao’. Hahaha I got up and retured to my groupmates. He also stood up and got back to his room.
I followed him. ‘Fuck. I don’t want to do this’. I lied to myself as i was entering the room.
I saw him lying down perpendicular on his bed in his earlier clothes. Polo shirt and tattered jeans. Simple but hot, I said to myself. I lied beside him looking at his work.
“Hey chief, what’s up.” He asked me.
“Nothing much. just looking at your work. ” I said.
Kuya Tim has been very good to me. We’ve always been playful and all, but i don’t know what just popped into my mind. I hugged him and cuddled him. My right arm resting on his chest and right leg on his. I smelled his manly fragrance. Oh gosh. Even though i cuddled his stomach and feet, he didn’t do anything. Just focusing on updating his iPad.
After that, I cuddled his nipples over his shirt. He twitched the first time i touched it but soon relaxed. I can’t believe im doing this to kuya tim. I was playing with his nipples! I thought he liked what im doing and he’s just ok with it so i tried to risk some more. I moved my hand from his nipples crawling down to his crotch. But as soon as i reached the button of his pants, he twitched. Then we both sat.
“Uy ano yan?!” then he laughed....

To be continued. Hahaha antok na meeeeeeee. Just comment for comments. hahahahaha


  1. Bitin.. Haha, an hot nung last scene.. Sana may malaro din akong nipples ng di pumapalag.. Haha, nagustuhan nya siguro..sa espana na university? At dorm? Haha.. Parang lan ko yan :)

  2. sayang hindi tyo nagchampion sa basketball..HAHA!