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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Distance is Hindrance

By: Ryan

Greetings Kwentong Malibog! I hope you can publish my real life story. Thank you and more power! Hi! Just call me Ryan, I am 20 years old and currently working in a hospital here in the North.

My story started when I met a certain guy named Paul (not his true name) on Skype. He is from Manila. I already forgot where and when did I get his Skype name, but I'm pretty sure we reached each other thru Skype regularly especially before my review in preparation for my board examinations last August 2013. We were good friends on Skype chat. He even calls me thru Skype (well, no video, just voice calls). We shared stories thru calls. I told him about the things that happened in my life especially during my study and internship. I even found out that we graduated on the same Catholic school found in the University Belt.
But when the time came that I had to review in Manila for the board examinations, I lied low on using the Internet and I had to be serious with my review so that I'll pass and make my family proud. So, I haven't made contact with him since the start of the review and I didn't know his mobile number then.

Time came when I took the board examinations, of course I was so nervous but I maintained my composure and thought that my brain and the things I learned from school and the review is more than enough to pass the examinations. I was confident of our school's past passing rates. I was also confident of myself back then because I was a scholar of a prestigious professional group in our country. I aimed to pass, but I never aimed to top. Although my goal was to top because if I didn't top, my other choices would be either pass or fail. If I only aimed to pass, and didn't, my only choice would be fail. Am I right?The results were released exactly three days after the examinations. I was with my mom at the bus terminal that time when I received messages and calls on my phone congratulating me. We were heading back home to the North that time. My score was 3 points away from the 10th placer. Oh well, it's okay. At least I passed!
It was September when I sent him a message thru Skype asking how was he. Our frequent messaging started again. This time, I asked his mobile number. I got employed on the hospital I am currently at on the latter half of September. That means I got busy with a lot of things, but I still made sure that I send him messages thru SMS. He was working as a laboratory teacher at a school in Quezon City.

Time came when I told him that I will go to Makati on October for my awarding. The committee of my scholarship will award me and my co-scholars for successfully completing our scholarship. Paul and I made arrangements that we should see each other. He agreed.

Days before my awarding at Makati, his frequent texting became seldom. I even tried to call him the night before my arrival at Makati but he didn't answer.

I arrived at Makati safe and sound. I checked in, together with my co-scholars, on a five-star hotel near the Ayala triangle. Our awarding went smoothly, until I found myself alone in my room. I received a text from Paul asking how was I. I replied him my whereabouts and I told him I eagerly want to see him and to hug him. Well, he said I might be disappointed because he is not handsome and it might be unfair for me because I am (well, I am not bragging but I have the looks). I told him, I don't base friendship with those things and I just need a company and a hug because I'm alone (my roommate went out for a drink).

He agreed. He arrived a little shortly after midnight. We met at the hotel lobby. He is not handsome but he is not ugly. We went to Starbucks Ayala 6750. We were talking while we were walking. We continued talking at my hotel room. I found out that he is colorblind. Then I hugged him. The next thing I know, we were already seeing each other's eyes. Then he kissed me. I went with the flow. We kissed. We necked. We petted. I even penetrated his anus. But I stopped having anal sex with him shortly after because I don't want to hurt him. We continued masturbating each other. And then we came. We took a bath. We put our clothes on. And we continued kissing each other and storytelling until the time came when my roommate arrived. I told him that Paul was a classmate from high school (we are both discrete). I sent Paul off at Makati Avenue.

Me and my co-scholars had our buffet breakfast. I was thinking of Paul. I lived in the illusion that we were in a relationship since something already happened to us. I asked Paul to send me off at the bus terminal tonight since I'm going home. I bade farewell to my co-scholars. I went to SM City San Lazaro after. I waited at Starbucks. Then I saw him again. I asked him to look after my things. I went out to buy doughnuts for my workmates and family. I returned and ordered a Grande Mocha Frappuccino and an Oreo cheesecake for him. His 24th birthday was near so I greeted him in advance. The drink and the cake was my advance birthday gift for him. Then he sent me off at the bus terminal. He hugged me, but it was a man hug. There were many people that time that's why I didn't have the chance to kiss him. I went aboard the bus. A tear dropped from my eye. I'm gonna be missing him. I promised him that I'll return on December. He said he'll wait for me.

He transferred to a research-based work the day after I arrived home. It made him too busy because he was doing his Master's thesis. I was missing him so much. I frequently text him but he can't answer those all the time. I even call him late at night after his work. He oftentimes cuts our conversation when one of his brothers arrives in their house (we're really discrete).

December came and he was asking sorry because he can't have a leave on the days we planned to see each other. He was to busy with his thesis. I said it's okay. No harm done. But deep in my heart, I was hurt. I badly wanted to see him that time.

I told him that I'll just be in Manila on January. Then I arrived on the 7th. I was unsure if we'll see each other because he was really busy with his work. Until I received a text from him asking where I was, and that he will come. I was so happy that time.

We met at Lacson Street, near Mercury Drug. Then I led him to the transient room I rented. We started the same way we started before. Stories first before the foreplay then the sex. I asked him that night if we already are couples. He said no. He doesn't want a commitment. I was shocked that time. Tears came from my eyes. The lights were off so I grabbed his hand and placed it on my cheeks wet with tears. He asked me why I was crying. I told him my reason. That I'm already attached to him. That I'm already in love with him. He still insisted that he doesn't want a commitment because he had a bad experience from a past relationship with a guy. I made him promise me that while I'm far away, I'll stay in his heart as a special someone. I said I will wait for him, that I'll be good, that I'll be loyal. He said what if he finds someone, someone who's nearer. I said distance is our hindrance but my love for him is immeasurable. I continued crying that night without letting him know. He went home at 6AM because he had to be at work at 8:30. Before going home, I told him about his promise.

He wasn't able to send me off that night because of his work. His last text to me is dated January 8th. And until now, I am still crying every night and still waiting for his reply...

I hope you enjoyed reading my genuine story...


  1. wow.. that was so genuine.. I hope he feels how sincere you were..

  2. Are you a lab scientist mr. Author? :) nice story though.

  3. Relate Mr author. I've experience it before 2 years relationship same situation discreet. But he give up because of LDR we meet naman onece month but I don't know wla sxang reason bkit sxa nag giveup. Before Hindi ako naniniwala basta love no hindrance but ngaun parang nahihirapan n Ako mag tiwala. He is my first relationship and I don't know sxa narin ba ang last. Na trauma na Ako.