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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Swimming and Straight Guys (Part 2)

By: Dexter

[From Part 1]
"Dex..." Ollin whispered. "Seriously, are you gay?" He was caressing his body with soap. I get it, he was trying to turn me on.
I laughed it off, and didn't respond with words. He also laughed softly then moved his hand down his flaccid penis. It was small at first but it got hard pretty quickly. It got me thinking, "Is he secretly gay or bisexual too? Is he just horny? Is he seducing me into a trap?"...
Nevertheless, I had no escape route, my body started to react, my nipples hardening, my cock rising and straightening up. He looked at me smiling victoriously.
I smiled back nervously, not knowing what to do next. I just continued soaping my body then noticed he turned to look at the shower entrance.
He then approached me, went for my hand, urging me to touch him. Oh my, my cock was screaming and in pain once again. I looked at him in the eye, then lifted my hand to his nipple. He then lifted his own hand to do the same to me. The nipple play was surprisingly electrifying, first time feeling it
in the shower.

"Dex..." Ollin whispered again... I looked at him. He nodded then looked at his raging hard on.
F*ck, he's inviting me to go down on him!

I shook my head a bit, saying NO for an answer. I whispered, "You first," then followed through with a naughty stare from his eyes, moving down to my own hard on. I can not give away my sexual preferences directly at least,
I'd like him to feel that I might just be a horny trippin' dude that happened to be in a shower room, naked with another hot guy. Ollin responded with a smile. I did not know what to make of it but nobody made the move, so the nipple play went on. I was restraining my moans so I just responded with soft sighs and sometimes by closing me eyes. Ollin did the same.

The play went on for a few more minutes, and I have felt our cocks have slightly touched each other a couple of times, which actually  was electrifying at leat for me... The knob on the shower entrance then turned, which startled both of us. We backed-off quickly from touching each other and tried to resume our showers trying to look normal as we await who the hell opened the door...

"Hi, guys, 3 minutes daw dapat nasa pool na," Mikel blurted. He was now in his speedo. Not much bulge but it was there.
"By the way, this is Jude." pointing at the chinito guy beside him, in white cotton underwear. He is in opposite condition with Mikel. His bulge was obviously there, something that definitely can not be hidden! He was too slim for my type, but I would like to view that big weapon. "Hi guys, sorry, medyo late. I had evening class kasi." Ollin and I towelled our bodies a bit to approach Jude. Our cocks are now semi soft but still a bit lengthened hanging freely for both Mikel and Jude to see. I sam Mikel take
a quick glance at my penis then Ollin's... I knew he had something, but maybe not. It could have been some curiosity in him.
"Jude, by the way, Dexter here is an English-speaking bitch. It is an English-only zone whenever you are near him." I laughed, the others too.
Jude stuttered, "Um, can I take, er, a quick shower first?" "Geh, bro!" Mikel answered, as the rest of us went out to get to the locker room.

When we got to the locker room, Mikel went back straight outside to get to the pool area, said that he'll be doing some stretching on his own first.
As Mikel left, I felt Ollin's hand grab my chest from the back, then felt his mouth and lips kiss my back, or more like suck actually.
I felt his towel drop and drew his body closer to me. He was hard again, his cock thrusting into my towel. I did not react... yet... but did not
stop him as well. His other hand went for the slit in the towel wrapped around my waist, and started caressing my thigh.
He wasted no time and went for my cock. My penis was reacting quickly too. A surge of whatever erotic hormones seemed to have filled me so fast that
I felt my breathing and my heart racing at top speed so suddenly. "Shit!" I softly moaned.

Ollin then grabbed my towel and threw it violently to God knows where. My hind thigh now feeling the poke behind me. Ollin was doing the grind, and is now moving his wet kiss and suck towards my neck while I was stunned, probably enjoying the show. I was occasionally moaning quietly,
and Ollin was producing his own groans as well. He grabbed my from the back forcefully and moved to my front. He quickly pushed me down to the locker bench to make me sit down. We were now sweaty, our bodies looked golden, especially his, with his golden brown skin. He opened my thighs further
and inserted himself in between. He looked me in the eye, and leaned closer to my face. I didn't exactly know whow I felt that time, because everything went so quickly I could barely react to his moves. He is now sucking my lips, and I "fought" back. It was a lot more passionate, something quite different when Paolo and I kissed. I thought this guy is a horny monster!

While kissing, he grabbed my dick, now raging so much that it is already painful, stroking it vigorously. I also went for his to "fight back".
Sweat was now dripping from his body and on to mine. It was quite a show, I wanted to record it to have it replayed anytime I was alone and horny.
He then removed his kissing from my lips then went south, quickly to my neck, then to my nipples. After a few erogenous sucking, he dove to my  abs, to my navel, and then stopped at my pubes... He levelled his head directly above my stiff cock, his hands on my thighs, then looked at me. I smiled. I knew he wanted it, and he knew I also did. It is about time I encounter my first blowjob by another guy. Although I wished Paolo would have done it for me first, but I ain't stopping Ollin to give me this shot.

He lowered his head, his mouth nearing the head of my cock. He opened his mouth and brought out his tongue. He lightly licked the tip, the one  with the opening, and I swear I almost let out some cum. He looked and smiled at me. His grip on my thigh then tightened and his head quickly dove in to my tool swallowing it whole. I let out a quick loud moan, hoping that nobody heard it. His head moved up such that his lips was on the head of my cock, stopped for a while then released it. "Ayos ba?" He asked with 2 thumbs up. I gave quick nods signalling him to continue.  He looked down again, placed his hands on my thighs, his head nearing the head again ready for the next dive...

To be continued...


  1. I cannot believe that noone has left a comment. This is a very nice story. Makes my imagination work and it is quite classy. No cursing.

  2. I really love this series. I love how the author described what was happening. Made me feel so horny. Konti lang siguro nakaka-appreciate kasi english. Pero this series made me realize na parang mas maganda basahin mga english na series. Haha

  3. No one tried reading because story was done and published in english #sossyproblems

  4. Even the story is written in english, it made my tool turned as hard as metal! hahaha .. Author you're amazing! Hoping to read the next update next sunday. kudos!

    - enebeyen :)

  5. I enjoy reading it..
    The scene was perfectly describe..
    It is a major turn on..
    ohhhhhhhh! ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh!

  6. this ia worth reading, i bet this dude is a la sallian? am i right?

  7. Dahil ba ng englis la sallean na kaagad? What if his from UE but just happen to be comfortable in english?

  8. at first, ayaw ko basahin kasi i thought baka trying hard nanaman yung english at baka hindi ako maarrouse. Haha. I was wrong. Ang cool ng story and i love the choices of words! Niiice! Im looking forward to the next episodes. :)

  9. saw some errors but still a good work, nothing turns me harder than a man with classy choice of words. Kudos to the author.

  10. i have a similar experience...hahaha...im a swimmer too....ron from pque

  11. ganito ang english story by a pinoy na hindi trying hard at disente at hindi pasosyal.. effortless kung baga.. very minimal ang errors at ung iba eh halatang typos lng.. i hesitated reading this at first but when i found out that this was written by the author who wrote Basketball and Straight Guys, i thought to myself this must be good, too.. and yes it is good.. very clear and no exaggerations like 'aaaaaahs and ooooooohs and no cursing.. more from the author please!

  12. hi guys, dex here. thanks a lot for the great comments, good and bad. by the way, I know some tagalog/filipino but I am not as expressive as I am in english so I had to write in english. :) sorry also for grammar and typo errors as well as the extra long sentences, because as you know, had to do some jerking while writing. ;) please contribute some of your experiences too, and try english as well so that I, too, will enjoy! thanks! ;)

    1. Hey Dex...would love to do swim drills with you haha.....im presently preparing for a long distance (4kms) open water swim competition on December. My similar experience happened maybe a month ago...Ron from Pque

    2. Hi Ron! Glad you like swimming too, but I am sorry I can't give up my full identity, yet. :( Well, we might be treading the same pool some day. ;)

  13. This story is infrequent and one of the best of the best stories that I've ever read in any blogsites, wattpad, or journals and this made me leave my very first comment for the past 2 years that I've been reading stories about Gay Encounters and Gay Love Stories. I commend the author and the story teller as well. I am a journalist and mass communicator at the same time and you just caught my heart of language and the heart of my soul of reading wounderful stories (interest). I praise you Mr. Author, you delivered the story in its finest. LGBT Community is gay(happy) and proud to have you... God Bless You -Macky

  14. nice story! I really like it and your other story Basketball and Straight guys (I really felt the sexual tension between you and Paolo and it gave me a stiffy!) I've been telling other guys out there who read stories here that this is one of the best. You made an eloquent description of the characters and the intensity as it builds up! I can't wait for the next part or more stories from you Dex! - OZoioioi

  15. where's part 3? kakabitin. great job.