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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Swimming and Straight Guys (Part 3)

By: Dexter

[From Part 2]
While kissing, he grabbed my dick, now raging so much that it is already painful, stroking it vigorously. I also went for his to "fight back".
Sweat was now dripping from his body and on to mine. It was quite a show, I wanted to record it to have it replayed anytime I was alone and horny.
He then removed his kissing from my lips then went south, quickly to my neck, then to my nipples. After a few erogenous sucking, he dove to my
abs, to my navel, and then stopped at my pubes... He levelled his head directly above my stiff cock, his hands on my thighs, then looked at me.
I smiled. I knew he wanted it, and he knew I also did. It is about time I encounter my first blowjob by another guy. Although I wished
Paolo would have done it for me first, but I ain't stopping Ollin to give me this shot.

He lowered his head, his mouth nearing the head of my cock. He opened his mouth and brought out his tongue. He lightly licked the tip, the one
with the opening, and I swear I almost let out some cum. He looked and smiled at me. His grip on my thigh then tightened and his head quickly dove
in to my tool swallowing it whole. I let out a quick loud moan, hoping that nobody heard it. His head moved up such that his lips was on the head
of my cock, stopped for a while then released it. "Ayos ba?" He asked with 2 thumbs up. I gave quick nods signalling him to continue.
He looked down again, placed his hands on my thighs, his head nearing the head again ready for the next dive...
[From Part 2]

But Ollin didn't dive in. Instead, he brought his tongue out ang gave the head a light lick. The tongue barely touched the skin, but the sensation
was electrifying! My hips, my abs, my chest, my legs... they were already stiff and tightening with every lick Ollin did. Has Ollin been doing this more often than I assumed? This is definitely not his first time, I thought.
Ollin now started sucking the head, his right hand taking a grip of the shaft of my hardened cock. I was now leaning against a nearby locker already
wet, drenched in sweat and not water. I spread my arms wide, looking for any form of anchor to support my leaning body, exposing further my
shiny dripping chest as Ollin devoured my cock. I swear 3 minutes was already up, but that time, I didn't care if anybody came in and witnessed the show.
I have never felt this much sexual excitement, even beating the best encounters I have had with my girlfriend. This is heaven, I thought.

But not yet! It seemed heaven was yet to come *no pun intended*. Ollin let go of the head, pushed the shaft to his left, then dove further down
to my groin! The sensation, f*ck, it was getting unbearable already. Then, to my surprise, he spit on my groin. And with hot saliva all over, he sucked on it violently. It was quite disgusting to imagine, but screw disgusting, my body is already on fire! I was not in a position to complain! My hips was already thrusting up, my legs thrashing and opening further wide... Ollin then went even deeper, at the root of my balls, almost near my bottom hole. I lifted my left leg and had it rested on his back and shoulders. It was as if my leg was further pushing him into me! My eyes were already tight shut from the
sensation brought about by our current position. He went to proceed upwards towards my right groin and spit again! Oh my goodness, I almost burst
out my man liquids that moment. Then he let go, breathed heavily. I removed my leg from his back and opened my eyes. He was smiling at me, in all
his gorgeous sweating sexiness. I smiled back, a friendly one, then grabbed him by the shoulder as I leaned toward him. I went for his lips
and sealed it passionately with a wet kiss, tongues swordfighting, saliva exchanging. We were bursting with desire, with lust for each other...

Then the locker door burst open. Mikel's voice blasted from it, but it seemed he did not fully enter. "Guys, let's go! Now! Waiting na si Coach for minutes. Ayaw natin siya magalit." Ollin and I scrambled to look for our towel and wear it back. "Pucha, shower muna," Ollin suggested.
We had no choice, we had to shower again. We couldn't afford to go out sweating like this. I found my towel first, wrapped it on myself quickly, then
stormed the shower area. To my surprise, Jude was already at the hidden corner of the edge locker. He was also quite perplexed almost bumping into me.
He seemed a little sweaty, and lo and behold, he seemed to have his own standing ovation! He was definitely doing his own private show, perhaps,
while watching my show with Ollin. I didn't care. Consequences of that have not sunk in yet. I needed the shower...

A few seconds later, Ollin joined me in the shower. "Pare, may utang ka sa aken ha," he said in a low voice, then smiled. I understood that, and smiled back,
promised nothing. After a quick shower, we quickly put on our tights, as I call them, because they were freakin' tight, then hurriedly went out to the pool area.
Of course, we were reprimanded for our tardiness. There was no physical punishment at first, but the verbal attacks struck us hard.
We had our first test laps, and I literally sucked. I thought I was at an advantage, having the longest arms and legs, well, along with Jude.
Ollin definitely made us look junior amateur. Anyway, it was a tiring night, and had almost no strength left to go home.

Ollin offered to drive me home but told him I brought my own, so I had to drive, no matter how tired I was. He asked if I could sleep in his condo,
but I declined and told him that I prefer sleeping in my own territory when I get extra tired. He then asked, "What if ako, sa inyo?" Ok I get it,
this guy wants the part two... I was hesitating, I was pretty sure I was drained. Besides, I can't risk having sex in my own house with family around...
But that thought surprisingly aroused me. F*ck hell no, I am not doing this, I told myself. But my body was quickly reacting to the thought. My penis
apparently still had the energy to rise, inside this thinly lined shorts. I'm screwed!

While trying to conceal my arousal, I asked, "What's the plan?" trying to sound natural more than naughty. "Wala lang, just sleep." Ollin said, smiling.
Yup, he's done this before, I am sure of it, but I can't blame him for using his charm, his smile is quite arousing itself. "What if I leave my car here,
then sabay na tayo?" Wow, this guy has guts but I am amazed that his persistence turned me on. I had't lost my hard on and we were almost at the parking lot.
Without suprise, I went with my body, didn't have energy to overthink, and said, "Ok, sounds like a plan."...

During the drive home, we talked about the tests, how it was easy for him because he had been training since high school. I thought he was too small
for swimming but then his agility was amazing for his build. He said that he met his girlfriend through a teammate in his swimming team, and he said
that his girldfriend was somewhat adventurous as well, and that she would have liked the show we did back at the locker room. He jokingly added
that he might invite me for a threesome with her. I just laughed it off, still in shock on how my sex life has just got officially complicated.
It started with a same-sex kiss dare, some few thrills with my girlfriend, a first taste of cock with Paolo, and now, a first taste of blowjob by a man.
Plus, a probable threesome...

"So, are you gay?" Ollin asked, again, since I never really answered his question. "No, of course not." I said. Ollin half-laughed and removed his shirt.
"Dude, I'm driving, don't get me distracted." I joked, but my stupid penis is again giving me away. It has started to rise like a maniac, probably
wanted a lot more action after the disruption during the locker show. "Not gay pala ha..." Ollin said in an obviously naughty tone. He then reached for my
shorts and started lightly caressing the top of my hard-on. "Dude, just bisexual, and ours was just my second." I defended myself. But also confessed
accidentally about a first. "Whats wrong with me?!" I thought frustratingly. Luckily, Ollin didn't seem to care. "Ako rin, bisexual din ako pare,"
Ollin finally confessed, " but few experience lang din." I was relieved we finally had some truth common ground...

After a few minutes of stories, Ollin stopped caressing me, and started doing it on himself. I am not sure if I should be disguted but I was starting to smell Ollin's manly pheromones again. He seemed to start to sweat out, beads of liquid already on his chest and abs. His hand was already in his shorts. We were now both silent, me trying to stay focused on the road, him still turning himself on... and me as well... Ollin then removed his seatbelt and pushed his shorts and briefs down, to break his dick free. He let out a quick loud moan, which was unmistakably because of pleasure. Now, I am sure my concentration is quite broken.
He was stroking it already, gently taking his time, and as if he was alone, as if I was not watching. He closed his eyes and softly moaning occasionally.
What the hell, I thought, this guy has officially lost it. His arm was already dripping again of sweat, his chest and abs shiny. "Fuck Dex," he moaned.
This guy seems to be fantasizing me sucking on him. My penis is already raging, the rest of my body screaming in pain, already too tired but can't help
but get stiffened. I decided that I couldn't take it anymore though we were just 20 minutes away from home. I took a right turn, off the main road, and headed to the parking lot which I know is always empty at this hour. Once at the empty lot and fully stopped, Ollin faced me smiling, and said, "T*ngina pare, di nga? Right here?"

To be continued...


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    When I open this site every Sunday I always hope the next parts of your series is up, thanks for the amazing story!

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