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Sunday, November 15, 2015

MassKara in Bacolod

By: JD Lao

MassKara Weekend. It’s one big street party and so many guys in muscle shirts make your PR Radar go crazy. Puno ng tao ang Lacson Street; eto na yata ang EDSA ng Bacolod, at sinara ang siguro 3 kilometro nito para makapag-inuman ang libu-libong lokal at dayuhang nakiki-party sa MassKara. Kelan lang ay isa ako sa mga taong nakikisiksikan sa street party na ito – hanggang nakisama ako at ang straight friend kong si Lee sa barkada ng kapatid ko. Yun nga lang, wala ang utol dahil nasa ibang bansa. Pero magkalapit naman ang edad ko sa edad ng kapatid, kaya’t close din ako sa friends nya, and I hang out with them often.
One reason why I chose this particular group to sit with is that there are at least three cute boys in the group. I convinced Lee to sit with them too, telling him I had three targets tonight. Sabi ko pa sa kanya, “Tol, you’re my wingman, OK?” Alam ni Lee na bakla ako at OK lang sa kanya ito. He’s definitely straight and he’s the boyfriend of my girl bestfriend. Pero magkapareho kami ng trip, sa music, sa movies, sa drugs kaya palagi kaming magkasama. Sa gabing ito, siya ang magiging wingman ko – the guy friend who will make me cool and desirable. Habang nag-iinuman, Lee was able to whisper to me, “Sige, hulaan ko sino yung Plan A, Plan B and Plan C.” We like to play these games.
He pointed his lips (it’s so funny) to a guy right beside me (while everyone was getting busy getting drunk) and mouthed to me “Plan A.” I was laughing so hard inside. He also pointed my Plan B and Plan C. Tumpak ang kanyang mga hula. Alam nya na yata ang mga type ko kaya’t alam nya in order kung sino ang tatlong gusto ko sa mga kainuman.
I started playing the game and started getting the attention of Plan A. He’s hot. Ka-lookalike ni Carlo Aquino. He has tanned smooth skin, wearing a sando, nice arms, and ooh the way he talks. He’s also smart. What a catch. And best of all, he’s been seducing me ever since I laid my eyes on him. Whether or not he was the type who just likes to be seductive even if they’re not attracted to you – or the type that basks in the lustful stares of others – I did not know yet. But sure enough, within 5 minutes of talking to him, I gave up. He’s a total asshole. He knows I like him and I’m hitting on him, so he’s playing another game. It’s a game of “Catch me if you can.” Puta, fuck you, dude. I don’t need shit like that. I caught Lee’s stare and signaled as if I’m cutting my neck with my hand. No go.
So I moved on the next. Plan B. He was your Aljur Abrenica type wearing thin-rimmed glasses. Very sophisticated but doesn’t look naughty so I wasn’t sure if he would play with me. I stood up and moved to a seat near him, and joined a conversation he was having with a girl beside her. “Sorry, are you guys together?,” tanong ko sa kanilang dalawa. Then I sat closer to them. Plan B answered, “Ah, hindi. I just met her here. My girlfriend is back in Manila.” Another smart guy. Shit nakakalaglag-brief ang ngiti nya at titig. I can see through his eyes and find there a wise and gentle soul. But yes, shit, taken na si Plan B. Straight. Fine. I know Lee was watching me with a smile, and when I looked at him, I saw him doing exactly that. I signaled again, Nope.
Fuck, the night is not getting any longer. I should grab the next guy and just fuck. Haha. Plan C has a similar smile and face with Alden Richards. He’s smaller than me, the kind of guy you’d really call cute. And he has a nice ass. But it became complicated. Nung nagplano na akong tumabi kay Plan C, nakikita ko nang nag-uusap na sila ni Plan A. That kind of talking where you whisper to each other because the music was too loud. Or the kind of talking when you’re flirting. Hmmmm. The plot thickens. Naghanap ako ng paraan para maki-sali sa conversation, and soon I found myself talking to Plan C and Plan A. The topic was about not conforming to society. Puta mga iskolar ng bayan yata ang mga ‘to. Kulang na lang people plot the next world war in this drinking session. Mga harot din ‘tong mga pa-deep. I could see how Plan C smiles and blushes while Plan A was being an asshole talking about vaccination. Fuck this shit. Kulang na lang they were fucking right in front of me while discussing the origin of the universe. Leche. I give up. Tumayo ako after polite excuses, and went up straight to where Lee was sitting (and possibly flirting with a girl). Binulungan ko sya ng “Tol, no chance. Not happening tonight. Uwi na tayo.”
Lee laughed so hard that other people in the group started looking at him. When everyone went back to their topics of world domination, Lee said, “Sige, ubusin ko na lang ‘tong isang bote.” I started getting ready to leave. I told my brother’s best friend in the group that I was leaving. Why so soon, she started asking, and then she started blabbering. Lasing na ang puta. She wouldn’t care or no one would care if Lee and I leave now. It’s almost 12 midnight anyway. Cinderella ako te. At bumalik ako dun kung saan nakaupo si Plan B at ang girl na kausap nya. I told them, “Hey guys, it was nice hanging out with all of you. I have to leave.” Si Plan B: “Ha? Ang aga pa ah. And we haven’t talked yet.” Napataas ang kilay ko. Ano akala mo, talk show ito? But I didn’t bitch. I sat beside him. “OK, well what did you want to talk about?” The girl beside us was listening too. Plan B, with the ever enchanting stare behind those sexy glasses, said “I heard you were an erotica writer.” Shit, gago to ah. Gago din ang kapatid ko. For sure nakwento nya sa barkada nya na ang mga trip gawin ng bakla nyang kapatid. Gago. But Plan B and the girl didn’t look they were making fun of the fact. They looked sincerely curious. So sige, pinagbigyan ko. I started talking about what I write, etc. God, napahaba ang usapan. We kept ordering again for additional drinks. At one time tiningnan ko si Lee and we understood just by looking at each other that the night goes on. Hindi pa uwian. But we kinda both know that we’re both not getting laid tonight and will probably just get home and get stoned together until we crash.
And so going back to my continued conversation with Plan B and that girl (fuck I forget her name), napasabi ako bigla ng: “You know, I’ve got this awesome shit to smoke back home.” Napalaki ang mata ni Plan B. “Do you mean, weed, pare?” Si girl hindi maka-relate. The girl quietly said, “Ay sorry, I don’t smoke. Ikaw, baka gusto mo,” while tapping Plan B’s shoulder. I confirmed: “Yes, weed. Cannabis. Marijuana. Medicine.” Plan B chuckled and there was a hint of excitement in his eyes. Plan B replied: “Wow. Hmmm. I have a flight back to Manila at noon tomorrow. But gusto kong mag-weed tonight. Yes gusto ko!” Natawa ako at sinabihan sya na “Tol, excited ka ah! Sige. Game. Let’s go?”
What followed was a whirlwind of events I couldn’t remember getting to the house. I remember us leaving the bar at 2am, while everyone in the group were too busy and drunk to notice. Plan A and Plan C were already making out. Nag-tricycle kami dahil ang hirap makahanap ng cab at dahil closed ang main street, plus ang dami pa ring taong naglalasingan at naglalakad na parang mga zombie sa kalsada. We got some more beer, cigarettes, Strepsils and burgers along the way. Munchies. And next thing I know we were at the balcony of my house. Lee went with me as well. So tatlo kaming nagsimula ng mag-pot session. I asked Plan B whose name I eventually found out is Drew: “What’s your comfort music? Para mapatugtog ko and you will feel at ease.” Sagot ni Drew, “Kahit ano, pare, your playlist. I wanna hear what you listen to when you smoke weed.” Ayos to ah. Trip ko syang maging kaibigan. I asked him “Do you listen to Up Dharma Down?” to which he answered “Oh that band which played last Friday night? Uhm, I know Tadhana, that’s it.” What, tanong ko? Tadhana lang? “Good lord, I need to make you listen to the songs that were significant to major moments in my life. Fuck, dude, I grew up with their music.” So ayun, inisa-isa kong pinatugtog ang mga hits ng UDD since “Maybe” (2004) while I told him what story of my life was represented (or scored) by each song.  Lee was useless; tahimik lang siya at parang inaantok. Hanggang sa tumayo siya’t nagsabing, “Mga tol, higa lang muna ako sandali to stretch my back.” Pagka-alis niya sabi ko, “Hindi na babalik yun. Talks shit all the time.” Unti-unting na-akyat na rin naming ang high ng weed. We were getting stoned and eventually Drew was already swaying to UDD’s “Turn It Well”. Fuck this guy’s sexy. He looked like he’s out of his mind, his eyes closed and lost in the music. When he stopped, he took of his glasses off and relaxed his shoulders, his head back to the top of the couch. Then Drew said, “This is fantastic, dude. Eto na yata ang pinakamasarap kong high.”
Bigla akong nasiglahan. Nagising ang aking malikot na isipan. “Gusto mo ng massage, Drew? Relax ka lang dyan, I’ll stand behind the couch to give your shoulders a rub.” Hindi na sumagot si Drew at pumwesto na ako at hinimas-himas at pinisil-pisil ang kanyang mga balikat. Ang firm ng shoulders ni Drew. Dinemonyo ako at pinalikot ko ang mga kamay ko hanggang umabot sa mga utong ni Drew. Matigas at mainit ang dibdib ni Drew, at tayong-tayo ang mga nipples nito. Drew was moaning. I lowered my head and whispered in his ear: “Masarap ba?”
“Dude, tuloy mo lang.” Pa dude dude ka pa… And girlfriend in Manila? Makukuha lang din pala kita, putang ina. I moved to the front of the couch, sat on his lap facing him, and gave him a long passionate kiss. We made out for like 5 minutes and I felt his boner getting fatter. Dinilaan ko ang leeg ni Drew. Para syang babae kung umungol. Tinaas ko ang T-shirt nya at kinain ang mga utong. Parang nababaliw si Drew sa ginagawa ko higit na nung umabot na ako sa mabalbon nyang puson. “Oh fuck,” sabi niya sa akin. “Fuck, what? Ano tuloy ko na?,” I looked up and asked him. Sumagot sya na parang umuungol: “Yes, please, chupain mo.”
I unzipped his shorts and he was already rock-hard. Tinanggal ko ang kanyang briefs (masikip na) and out sprang his beautiful 7 inches long and smooth, hard cock. Hindi ko na pinatagal pa and I gave him my best blowjob ever. The head of his dick kept hitting my throat and my expertise in cocksucking allowed me to take it all in without gagging. Parang mapasigaw na si Drew ng tinanong nya ako ng: “Fuck, is this what you want Jay?” (Yes JD po ang pangalan ko ) All I can do is mumble because his big dick is in my wet mouth. Sinimulan nyang igalaw ang bewang nya pataas habang nakaupo sya sa couch at ako’y nakaluhod at chinuchupa sya. Over the music, you can hear his balls slapping my chin while I’m on deepthroat. “Gago ka, gusto mo pala to ha. Take my dick. Lunukin mo gago.” The guy likes to talk huh. Syempre ang maririnig mo lang sa akin ang mumbling dahil ang tarugo mo’y napakalaki at napakasarap.  Hinubad na naming ang lahat at nagsimula na ang mahigit dalawang oras naming pagtatalik.
Hindi lang maingay si Drew, mahilig din pala sya sa iba’t ibang posisyon nang pagchuchupa mo sa kanya. Chinupa ko syang nakatayo sa harap ko. Pinahiga nya ako habang pumwesto sya sa taas ng mukha ko at kinantot ang bibig ko. One time, umupo sya sa backrest ng couch habang hinahawakan ang ulo ko’t tinataas-baba sa lalamunan ko ang ari nyang pumipintig at napakahaba. Fuck this guy. Hayop pala sa kama. Kani-kanina lang ang pormal pormal habang nagdidiskusyon, parang astrophysicist kung makapag-asta. Tapos ito pala, madumi ang pananalita habang sarap na sarap siya sa pagchuchupa ko.
“I want to fuck you Jay.” Napangiti ako habang nakalabas ang dila’t umiikot ito sa ulo ng uten nya. I gave him another 3 minutes of deepthroat, and I got a condom from my wallet. I wore it on him using my mouth. Drew’s mouth was full of cursing and licking while I was getting him ready to fuck me. “Duraan mo,” I ordered him while I offered my fingers. With those fingers I got my asshole wet from his spit (although it was already getting slippery there by now!) and I positioned on top of him. When I sat on him, and when the head of his cock pushed itself through my hole, he yelled: “Gago ka!...” And almost whimpering: “Ang sarap ng butas mo Jay.” Mabagal pero dineretso ko ang pag-upo hanggang nararamdaman ko na ang pelvic bone nya sa pwet ko. Napakalalim ng tarugo nya sa loob ko dahil ang haba nito. Ramdam na ramdam ko ang pagdiin ng ulo ng uten nya sa prostate ko sa loob. Napapaungol din ako sa sarap. “Drew fuck your cock is hot.” Nagulat ako nung hinawakan nya ang bewang ko, tinaas ito at binaba ulit fucking me deep. Inulit nya ng marahas. “Dreeeew. Ahh oohh. Sarrrap nggg titttti mooo.” Kinantot nya ako ng mabagal, ng mabalis, ng patayo, ng patalikod, ng nakatagilid, ng nakabukaka. Maingay pa rin siya at panay salita ng “Fuck you’re so tight Jay… You like that? Tell me you like that, Jay… Sarap ba? Ito hanap mo no?... Sayo ‘tong titi ko ngayon bakla ka… Fuck you, you’re so good with this Jay… Sarap mo pare…  Say you want more. Do you want it harder? Huh, like this?! Like this, huh uhh uhh!” Tumatahimik lang siya kung hinahalikan nya ako ng parang uhaw na uhaw na aso, pero hindi rin completely silent because he’s still moaning like a bear.
Nung umabot na kami sa missionary position, at kitang-kita ko na ang mukha nyang napakaamo pero napakamanyak. Habang kinakantot nya ako, nakatingin sya sa akin na parang nalilibugan sya lalo sa mukha kong nasasarapan. “Talk dirty to me, bitch,” he ordered. Aba. May ganito. “Fuck me Drew, fuck me babe, yeah I love it when you fuck me like that… Your cock’s so huge and long and hotttt…. Aaah, ooh, aah, fuck me, fuck me harder, yes there there….” Para akong trying hard porn star pero itong si Drew mas nagaganahan. Hindi naman ako nagpapanggap so ayos lang. Masarap naman talagang kumantot itong “straight” na si Drew. Sa dirty talk, nasarapan din ako lalo at nababaliw na rin sa pagdiin sa prostate ko. Punung puno na ako at parang puputok na ang tamod ko kahit hindi ko pa hawak ang titi ko. Parang may drop of precum na lumalabas sa titi ko sa bawat diin ng ulo ng tarugo ni Drew sa pinakaloob-looban ng aking laman. Hayop siya pag kumantot. Mura ng mura. Pawis na pawis na rin kami sa couch sa balcony at wala akong pakialam kung may nakakakita sa amin o nakakarinig.
“Fuck Drew, you’re going to make me cum…,” pabebe kong sinabi sa sexy guy fucking me like I’m his wife. “Come Jay, sige palabas ka malapit na rin ako. Fuck fuck, eto na, fuck fuck fuck, shitttt!” At ako din, parang ulol at baliw na nanginginig habang ang mga talsik ng tamod ko ay umaabot sa leeg ko, sa kilay, sa bibig, habang nararamdaman ko pa ang pagpintig-pintig ng tarugo ni Drew sa loob ng condom. “Whew, Jay, shit, shit, I just fucked you!” Parang nagising si Drew habang sinasabi ito. Nawala na rin bigla ang tama ko, and I realized umaga na pala. The sky is still a bit gray but the sun has risen. Fuck. We need to clean up and change. I guided Drew to the shower while I cleaned the couch and threw the condom away… But seeing the condom half-filled with cum, bigla akong nalibugan ulit sa nangyari samin ni Drew and dahil ang tagal pa niya sa shower, I jacked off sitting on the couch until my come was all over the balcony floor. Then it was my turn to shower. I was truly awake by the time the water hit my head and face. Ang sarap mag shower after a night of getting smoked and fucked.
Kinain naming ang burgers na binili namin along the way home, made some coffee, na parang wala lang nangyari. “Jay, sorry ha, I hope you’re not mad at me,” biglang napacomment si Drew. Sinagot ko siya na “Huh why would I get mad at you? But I’m worried about you.” I know Drew has now remembered he was straight and had a girlfriend. “Okay, Drew,” I continued, “I have to ask some important questions and I want you to know whatever your answers are, I’m going to be fine with them. Ayos?” Drew nodded, and I asked: “Do you want us to forget what just happened?” He nodded. “Of course you don’t want anyone to know about this?” He said Yes. “You still think you’re straight… But you were just stoned so you did what you did.” He nodded. “But do you still want us to keep talking after today?” Drew replied: “Yes, Jay, god, you’re the most interesting person I’ve ever met. I think I’d like to smoke again with you, when you know, you’re in Manila or I’m in Bacolod visiting. Yes I’d still like us to keep talking on Facebook or something. If that’s OK with you?” At sinabi ko agad, “Sure, of course. But we don’t talk about what happened, right?” He nodded yes. “Okay. So we’re friends?” Yes. And lastly, sabi ko: “I can do that. But wait, there’s one last question. Will it happen again, I mean, you know, do you think we may still have sex again? Sorry for asking, but I just want things to be clear.” It took him a while, but he said: “Depends.” I smirked, and added “Cool. Game.”  And winked. I know I must have looked funny, because Drew laughed.
“Thank you talaga Jay. This is a very memorable event in my life. MassKara in Bacolod is one big happy adventure. Thanks to many things and to you. Thanks for the pot, for the uhm, fun. I’ve never felt so awake. Add me on Facebook OK? Can I give you a hug?” And after saying that and smiling, Drew stood up to hug me on my couch. While we were in the hug, I see from where we are at the balcony that inside the house, at Drew’s back, a door was open. It was the door of the room where Lee slept. There was movement there, but I wasn’t totally sure because it was still a bit dark inside the room. Hmmm. Perhaps another straight friend had quite a night as well.
It was 6am when Drew left the house to go back to his hotel and get ready for his flight at noon. When he left he again looked smart and sexy, with his glasses on and formal demeanor. He even gave me a manly and firm handshake when he said goodbye. Gago ang sarap niya at naalala ko ang nangyari sa amin kani-kanina lang, kung paano nya kinantot ang dalawang butas ko, at kung paano sya nakatingin habang dinidiin nya sa loob ko ang kanyang mahabang titi. Puta, ang sarap at alam kong magjajakol ulit ako bago matulog.

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