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Monday, March 14, 2016

Alexander the Great (Part 2)

By: LexDV


It's Me (in an Adele tone of sing voice) :D LexDV! from the 'Story Alexander the Great (part 1)'  which is a narration of my first boyfriend experience posted March 22, 2015

First and foremost. I decided to share this story mainly to voice out some things that I cannot openly discuss to the general public - even my family. Why, you ask?

Let me give a few description of myself to my readers, who may have stumbled upon this story by sheer luck (or bad luck), by curiosity, by hoping that this may help with their struggles, or by simply trying to figure out how bisexuals are.

Simply put, I am what you call a typical Filipino. I like to describe myself as fair-skinned, average height for our race, nothing special really. I'm in my mid-20s, practicing professional who happens to have a gender problem. Some might react as to why I call my preference a problem. I have come across different people who are openly opinionated with regards to unorthodox gender preferences, and quite frankly, I envy those who can openly express their 'uniqueness' which I know I cannot. And YES, I am a closet bisexual. I dislike and have no interest nor do I have urges to cross-dress, I don't act gay-ish, and especially I am not overly concerned about looking all too good,

My Story Goes like this:

I grew up with 2 sisters who are older than me. I usually go to play with my cousin who also happens to be a girl and their helpers daughter. We do play rough at times - typical Filipino 90s game such as batter, agawan-base, tagu-taguan (hide and seek) - which are rather physical games. But there are times that, being the only guy, I give in to what they want - and Yes BARBIES. (though in my defense, I play KEN). I never felt I was a different, I didn't think of being one with the girls, I don't feel attracted to other guys then, I never acted like a girl. Not until I was in 5th Grade, some of my classmates suddenly started teasing me that I might be gay. Knowing that I am not, I dismissed the teasing and never made it an issue. Besides, I still had a good set of guy and girl friends who never judged nor made me feel different. Though some classmates would keep teasing me whenever I do something that does not fit their liking.
Through the years, re-emergence of the same teasing began once again, I started to doubt myself. I started to analyze myself if there were any truth to their accusation. As a teen, I enjoyed a fair share of naughtiness - especially things sexual. The surprising thing is, my preference then was all straight - both visually (whenever I watch pornography) and virtually (whenever I masturbate). Which really confused me a lot. On one hand, some people tease me of being gay then there's that personal preference which stated otherwise. SO, i said to myself - f*ck it.. I'm Straight. I had 2 girlfriends in High School - one serious and the other for fling. No Problem right? IM STRAIGHT. teasing suddenly stopped.

It was all hugs and kisses for my serious one until a semester before we graduated, and we split up. To my surprise, I suddenly lost interest, I guess it was because of all the routine and the lack of willingness to make time for the both of us. We then decided to call it quits and I was again free. Time and time, the same set of person pestered me yet again with what happened between us. And it's quite not easy to explain. (but you guys get what I mean right?)

My first real experience... Grade School: (confusion starts)
I have a cousin that stays with us at our house and he was years older than me - 6 years in fact. Since my parents stay mainly in the provinces, we are left alone with only a helper to watch over us and our house. We were at liberty to do everything we wanted. My cousin also grew up with only girls at their house and no paternal figure since they work abroad. but he was quite timid and shy with his actions. One might think he is gay, but there are some who attributes that with his gender.

I don't know what came in to my mind, as in sobrang random, one random weekend (as i recall) while we were alone downstairs, i was laying down on the sofa, only in my underwear and sando (which i usually do whenever I'm at home) and he was seated on the single chair beside me. As i recall, I was thinking of something naughty at that time and felt a hard on. I quickly glanced up to him and held my dick inside my tiny whities and asked him kung nakakita na siya ng joystick?

can you believe that?

He was so startled he just uttered out 'LOKO KA TALAGA' while laughing.

I continued on and played like I really was playing with a joystick. He just stared at it and did nothing. As usual, i just laughed it off and it passed.

Days followed and I couldn't get that incident out of my head and gets random Hard-ons. I found of ways to tease him when we are alone. Whenever I grow one, I discreetly and subtly go to his side whether showing him my bulge or touching it to some part of his body - may it be arm, butt, leg. A quick dick nudge. hahaha

I can't remember exactly how long I was doing that during the summer. I got bored and I started to be naughtier. While he was seated on the single sofa, I wrapped myself around his neck - of course with my hard on pressing in on his upper back.

Lex: Ano na? Joystick na oh.
him: ang loko loko mo (then laughed)

Not satisfied with his seemingly lack of enthusiasm, I reached out to touch his dick. To my surprise, he was hiding a secret of his own! Natutuwa pala ang loko. However, surprised as he was, he swiped my hands away and seemingly angry. Of course I know different, I kept on forcing myself on to him until he just told be: 'Bahala ka na nga'

I didn't know then why I was excited to fondle his rock hard dick. I inserted my hands inside his gartered shorts and brief. and held it on my hand. My heart was racing, a was breathing heavily. I remember distinctly, mainit, smooth, pero medyo rough yun pubic hair. I fondled it blindly trying to feel everything I can. I slipped open his garter to finally see it myself. But unfortunately, he suddenly stood up and walked away, while laughing and uttering his usual remark: 'ANG LOKO LOKO MO TALAGA!'

The following days, I was determined to see what was inside whenever we are alone. but he always walks away. Until one day, gumanti na ang loko.

him: 'Hawak ka ng hawak, hawakan ko rin sayo e'
Lex: 'edi hawakan mo'

and syempre he did.. ang sarap, siguro narin dahil libog na libog na ako. I had started masturbating when i was in 5th grade and explored the world of pornography when i was still on the 2nd grade if i remember correctly. going back.

he grabbed my dick, and held it. i dont know how else to describe it, pero masarap. it was the first time i had somebody else touching my thing. I usually fool around with my 2 other male cousins, like group masturbation while watching porn, laughing at each others cum spurt and all.. but nothing like that.

it quickly became our (secret) thing. madalas, hawak. it would go on and on and on for minutes, sometimes hours. puro laro, puro hawak. explore the kakaibang gawain. Until one day, he initiated THE MOVE. i remember, i was pulling on his pubes.

him: aray.. ang sakit.. sige ka, kakagatin ko to. (we are usually on a 69 position) i use his leg as my pillow while im watching his. (i wouldnt call it masturbating him, pero basta nakatingin lang, lapirot, hila balat- his  was loose-, balls and whatever)

as he injected the idea, i immediately wanted that. napapanood ko lang noon, tapos ngayon ito na - hahah wagi!
but he didnt. and i continued to pull on his pubes, and after a couple of 'threats', he finally did. MY FIRST BLOW JOB at age 11. ang sarap sarap. ang init init.. paulit ulit, madulas.. but then, wala pang labasan na nangyayari.. madalas hihinto nalang kami randomly, and we would go to each other's bathroom and finish the deed. parang laro lang lahat.

thinking about it now, i still wouldnt say na bading ako. i was never attracted to him, and i usually just initiate just to have myself unload. siguro a year of just palying went through.. until one time, sa sobrang Libog, nilabasan ako while im getting blown.. then naging madalas na.

that was only the start: he was my first gay fuck. previously, madalas ko na siya ayain, pero ayaw niya.. virgin e.
but he finally gave in when we came home to the province and i invited him to stay over the night at our house.

usual, i felt horny, he was beside me. nangungulit ako. then i just decided to wet my finger and played with his butthole. nun una nanlalaban, pero eventually, hinayaan niya ako. I asked him straight away, gusto kita tirahin. try natin.

and he obliged. we had no lubricant, i think he wasnt expecting that either kaya wala 'bowel preparation'. i used my laway to wet his butthole, and proceeded to insert. Masikip, kitang kita ko hirap na hirap at sakit na sakit siya. we switched places and he decided na siya ang magpapasok by sitting on me. it slid slowly, bilang recipient alam ko na pumnapasok na, but it was incomplete. he managed to insert my dick's head. then he pulled out. added some more laway, it then tried, it went a little further in, then pulled out. he repeated the process until he was able to insert my whole shaft. i was and still is at 5inches from base to head. and he managed to insert it full on. mainit. madulas. Since it was my first time, i was expecting it to be gross. syempre pwet yun e. i was feeling for any presence of shit but felt none. he was the one pacing, and sakit napapalitan ng sarap na ungol.  and for me, it became more accomodating, hindi na gaanong masikip, though it wasnt loose, but it was comfortable. few more pumps at nagiinit na kami pareho.... pump, pump pump.. "Kuya, malapit na ako"

to my horny pleasure, he replied "sa loob nalang para hindi makalat" AAAHHHH.. sarap. my chest was throbbing, my heart racing. grabe, first gay fuck and i really liked it. he proceeded to wash. inspected my thing and surprisingly, walang 'souvenir'. ganun pala yun. hahaha SARAP!

we regularly had sex, pure libog. even when i transferred back to the province, whenever I visit Manila, i make sure i get a little booty.. at literal na booty... if you are reading this kuya, im sure, mahahalata mo na ikaw ito. Im still willing to try, kahit may GF ako.. :D hehe

BY the way, i had videos at Xtube before, he really knows how my dick look like and messaged me randomly, kung ako ba yun.. syempre inamin ko. siya lang naman nakakalam ng lihim ko, and i know he wouldnt divulge that 'secret of our's.

Next: My second Boyfriend.. si Wax. kung sipagin ako mag compose ulit. at kung magustuhan niyo

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