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Monday, July 17, 2017

Polo Barong sa FX (Part 2)


Sigh. But I do believe in fate. I mean, if he was the one for me, he would be. We would meet no matter what the circumstance. But then again, if I don’t make a move, all will be lost. He could only be the one guy that could have been my life, the one I would offer my successes, the one who would share with me my life’s adventure. He could have been.

I made a compromise with myself. If we get off at the same stop, I would make the first move and introduce myself. Why does it have to be like this? Here was my one chance and yet I am hesitating. He looked decent and presentable naman. I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with (he he, the question is, he might be the one be embarrassed to be seen with me). But still, I made a promise to myself. If and only if he gets off at the same stop as I am, then and only then would I make the move.

And he did get off at the same stop. Shucks, I could not back out of my dare. I got off first. I told myself, if he overtakes me, that’s it, or if he didn’t, I would chicken out. There you go, I was still afraid to try. Funny thing is, I was never given the chance. He walked right beside me and matched me stride by stride. Well, I guess he would be receptive for a casual talk after all. So, I mustered all my guts and blurted, “You going my way?” Duh, a good opening line... “It looks like it” he said. Good. “I am Paolo by the way, you?” “Call me Adan.”

To continue

Surprisingly, after that introduction, I wasn't nervous at all. It's as if we clicked and that we knew each other already. Adan and I shared a tricycle, apparently, we lived on the same subdivision, we were just a couple of blocks from each other. During the ride, we were chitchatting. Adan I learned worked at a bank. He graduated from the same university as I did but from a different college. Adan will be the first to get off. Before the tricycle stopped, he casually asked me if I would like to come in his apartment and have coffee, I said why not.

Adan was renting the apartment with his sister but tonight he was alone. His sister was out of town for a seminar. The apartment had a cozy feel to it. Adan asked me for coffee, at the back of my mind, I would want to say no, if I drink coffee, I will be up the whole night but since it's a Friday, I said why not again. It seemed that for Adan, I couldn't really say no to him.

At this day and age, I really thought he would served me instant coffee, but he didn't. He took the coffeemaker, filled it up with ground coffee beans and let it percolate. I was relaxing on the sofa while Adan turned on his stereo and played soft music.

He asked me if I was comfortable and I said yes (again!). He asked if it's ok to leave me for a while as he would like to change for a more comfortable clothes and asked if I would like to change too. I wouldn't want to be presumptuous as to say yes this time so I said no. He went upstairs and while he was gone, I looked around the living room.

Adan had a framed graduation picture on the wall. He looked so adorable. His smile melted the pants off me. My weakness was guys with dimples, and his was the deepest dimples I have ever seen. His teeth was very white and even and those lips, so kissable. I stared at his eyes, which drew me as if they were talking to me. Another weakness of mine are eyes that looked dreamy, as if those eyes were just awakened from a beautiful sleep.

I didn't know that Adan had finished changing nor the coffee was done. With a soft cough, he caught me staring at his picture. As I turned around, I couldn't help but stare at this real version of the picture.

He was holding a steaming mug of coffee in his boxer shorts and white sando. Oh my, my legs were shaking. As I grabbed the coffee he was holding out for me, I immediately put it down for fear that it would spill as my hands begun to shake as well.

How could I find the Mr. Right of my life? I have tried going out for dates, meeting new people. I have been used, abused, manipulated and terribly hurt, only because I thought that if I only give-in, I will have Mr. Right. Talk about being desperate! But still I haven’t met him. Some may argue that to meet Mr. Right, one has to be one. One has to be the right person too. And I believe I am. I am caring, passionate, romantic and giving. I am sincere, thoughtful and sensitive. I appreciate life, I love fun. I am a good conversationalist, understanding, and smart. I am simple, and yet complicated. I am not a high-maintenance person. I admit, I am not perfect, but who is? I am not looking for Mr. Perfect; I am looking for Mr. Right.

Have I found my Mr. Right? Is Adan my Mr. Right, someone who, unabashedly, will sing me a song or recite to me a poem he had written. Adan isn’t necessarily good looking but he is pleasantly clean and neat. I can feel he is confident, and supportive, understanding and romantic. But will he encourage me to try new things and discover new activities as I imagine my Mr. Right would? Or is he quiet, preferring a night on the bed, talking. Or holding hands at the movies. Would he enjoy going to the beach once in a while and with me, wait for the sun to set, the moon and stars to come out, sleep on the sand with the waves of the sea lulling us to sleep only to be awakened by the sunrise. Or an evening where he would cook pasta and set the table with candles and have dessert while listening to my favorite song “Your Song” or watching “Sleepless in Seattle or Serendipity.” Would we have the same taste in music, food, books; or not. Is he complicated, and even if he is, I would cherish every moment in my life I’m sharing with him understanding his complexity. He could be simple and I would enjoy every moment of simple life, as long as it’s with him. I’ll share with him every thought, dreams and aspirations I have. He could be of my age, or older or younger. He could be all of the above… or not, again, I’m not looking for Mr. Perfect, just the one, someone who would feel right to me.

And tonight, he felt all right to me...

Ps steamy part next

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