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Thursday, August 10, 2017

When Enough is Enough (Part 2)

By: Kenneth

Hi! Its me again. I'm trying me best to improve my writing skills so please help me. Sorry if natagalan itong part na ito. My english is not good, i know.  Sorry. Hope you guys enjoy. To tell you guys something about my self. Im 19, hindi maputi, sakto lang, 5'5. feeling ko di naman ako pangit kasi may nagkakagusto naman sakin. I'm a Medical Laboratory Science student. please help me build my self-confidence kahit dito lang. thank you!

“Ricardo Andrada 47, a car hit him and landed few meter away from the scene. Tibia is broken, chest and head trauma.” Wow this is interesting day. Good day to start my call.
“okay. you intern! Call neuro and ortho for a consult.” I said to one of my interns because im still a resident here.
When the nurse cut his shirt open I see a large hematoma on the heart area then it hit me. Pressure building up in his heart, It is compromising the beating of it. deym!
“ultrasound please!”
Oh god! The pericardium is full of blood.
“hey give me a syringe we need to do pericardiocentesis.”
“what size?” ow damn intern what size? Seriously? Didn’t he learn this procedure?
“the largest needle you can find. Fast!” I yelled at him because he’s a moron.
“okay Mr. Andrada this is really really painful but after this you will feel relieved” I said to the patient although he’s woozy
Okay. I can do this. I slowly entered the needle and careful not to puncture the heart. I have no choice but to do this because the Attendings are not here yet. It’s my second time to do this anyway. When the needle was in the right place I pulled the plunger to remove the blood.
 After that I check for his Foot. His tibia is badly broken.
The attendings arrived and I explained the condition of the patient and neuro and ortho did their thing. My job is done here. I went out of the E.R. to check some patients.
“you paged me for what?”
“um let me see? The chart please?” the nurse handed me the chart. I can’t go diagnosing a patient without reading the chart.
“okay. thank you. Hey interns follow me. You read the patient’s chart?” I asked my interns because I don’t trust them.
“okay who will present?”

“okay dr. Sanchez” interns raising their hands and I see eagerness in their faces except for one.
“hey doctor alex, present please” I threw him a look.
“um okay. thank you. Minerva Cortez. 49. Suffering from pain in the chest and radiates to the neck, shoulders, and upper arms. Shortness of breath , mild fever, swelling of the abdomen and the legs, and swelling of neck veins.”
“so what does that tells us Doctor Alex?” I asked. He can’t answer and opened this small notebook to look for answers.
“anyone?” I asked because obviously he doesn’t know.
“yes you.”
“this may indicate constrictive pericarditis. Order some X-rays, Cat scan and MRI for further diagnosis. Also ECG, blood test and echocardiogram to rule out possibilities for heart attack.”
“okay order them and let see” dismissed.

Gosh these interns.
I have burger and pineapple juice. I’m taking my time to eat when these interns came rushing and surrounded me.
“okay what is it this time?”
“Mrs. Cortez scans and blood test is done. Blood test shows no indication of heart attack. The scan shows that the pericardium is thicker than normal and is filled with fluids. This prevents the heart from expanding fully and unable to fill than normal. So she has Constrictive pericarditis.”
“okay well done. Book an O.R. Inform the patient and prep her for surgery.” I said and continue my eating. Why can’t I just have a peaceful lunch. I hate this job sometimes.
“okay we are done here.” I said to the people in the O.R., Mrs. Cortez’ operation is a success and Im scrubbing out and good to go home. I’ll just change my clothes because I don’t want to go home wearing a scrub suit.

“hey. Babe. Let’s have dinner.”
What the hell is this man doing in the hospital?
“I’m going home Julian. I have a car.” Obviously this man is going to annoy me again.
“no you don’t get to go home. I let Mark drove your car to your apartment and you are coming with me. We are going to have a dinner.” He said with full of authority. Sino ba ‘tong lalaking ‘to? But I’m really famished, wala namang mawawala if I have dinner with him. pero kailangan magpakipot muna ako ng konti.
“make me” I looked at him with a mocking voice.
“Okay then as you wish my prince.” Then suddenly I’m off my feet . He grabbed me by my torso and legs, bridal style. What the hell! I didn’t see that coming ey. I thought he’s going to beg but I was so damn wrong.
“I told you to make me come with you to a dinner not harass me! Damn it Julian” pag iinarte ko naman.
“ang dami mong alam sasama ka din naman. Gusto din naman aarte pa. alam ko naman laway na laway ka sa katawan ko and I know baby wala kang sex since we broke up.” Maangas naman nitong sabi sakin.
“excuse me mister Martin. Kung patuloy ka pang mang babadtrip bababa na ako. Kung di mo lang kinalikot yung kotse ko di ako sasama sayo and besides gutom na din ako. So shut up and drive Julian Alexander Martin”
“okay chill Tyler Thomas Zamora. Let’s have pasta tonight shall we?” he’s using a soothing voice this time.
“okay.” tipid ko namang sagot para dina kami mag away.
We arrived at this resto where we usually eat when we were still a thing. I have missed this place. It’s been a while since the last time we eat here.
“what can I get you sirs?”
“anything you want Tyler?” oh im going first this time. Madamihan nga ng oorderin.
“umm. Spicy marinara, chicken wings, seven cheese pizza, garlic bread and ice tea please. Thank you.”
“anything to add ty?” Julian with this waiting face.
“nothing more Mr. Martin. Ikaw ano? Di ka pa mag oorder?”
“Chicken Pesto and pineapple juice please” parang ang konti naman ng oorderiin ng lalaking ito.
“wala bang pagkain sa Hospital kaya ang dami mong kakainin”. Is he mocking me?
“I don’t have time to eat because I’m saving lives” I said with an attitude para tumahimik na siya. The hell I care. I’m still in shape.
“im joking ty! Jeez!” well it is not funny Mr. Martin. Sabi ko nalang sa isip ko. Kasi nakakahiya naman kung susungitan ko siya eh ililibre na nga ako.
While waiting for our order, I’m looking at this guy playing the violin. I don’t know the song but it’s romantic. The music is filling the whole room with a romantic vibe. Or maybe it’s just me thinking that it is romantic.
“you still wear the watch I gave you” cutting my deep thoughts I felt his hands over mine. His eyes looking at me intently like they’re saying something to me. Sa mga matang yan ako nalunod, sa mga matang yan ako nabighani at sa mga matang yan ako ay nahulog. I don’t know but his eyes haven’t aged. Now I don’t know what to say. I’m lost of words. Ano ngayon ang idadahilan ko. The truth is, the watch reminds me of my days being happy, true to myself. It reminds me of the time that I was happy and I wear it because it was him who made me happy.
“your order po” thank God the waiter has arrived. Buti nalang talaga.
“let’s eat” sabi ko nalang para din a siya magtanong ulit.
We eat and laugh at thing. I didn’t expect this to be fun. We reminisced those days where everything was fun and easy. We had a great dinner together.
On our way home, all I hear is the radio playing and he’s humming to tune. The song is upbeat and lively and I like it. The ukulele is the only accompaniment of the song. I’m stamping my feet inside and pretend I have a ukulele in my hands and strumming like hell to the beat. Actually I know how to play this with a ukulele. Then we hit the chorus.
“Cause I've been
Thinking 'bout you lately.
Maybe you could save me,
From this crazy world we live in.
And I know we could happen,
Cause you know that I've been feeling you.
I know you want me.

There's no other,
There's no other love.
That I'd rather have,
You know.
There ain't no one,
There ain't no one else.
I want you for myself.”
As the music dies down I felt ashamed of myself for what I did, being foolish in front of this man. What did I do? Thank God we came to a halt in front of my apartment’s building. This man is looking at me intently and he thinks I’m a crazy doctor now.
We came to a halt sakto sa building ng apartment tapos biglang
 “damn it! this can’t be happening!”

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