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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Confused In Love Four (Part 1)

By: Akhi

You'd probably think that after Gab came back to our apartment that things were going better... Well actually, it didn't, and here's what happened the night after my birthday celebration...

It was already midnight when all our guest went home. It was a really great party and I am so thankful to all my friends who've planned it out. The rest of my housemates are cleaning up. I asked to help them but they insist on doing it by themselves and dismissed me lol. So I went on ahead to my room after I cleaned up and lay on my bed. Hinihintay ko na pumasok si Gab because maybe we could get to talk and clear things out. About an hour later he came inside our room. Ipinasok na nya ulit ang mga gamit nya but he never looked at me. It was as if I wasn't inside there. So I decided I should be the one to open up a conversation.

Akhi: Hey Gab...

He didn't answer and continued what he was doing.

Akhi: umm... I'm so glad you came back. It would never be the same without you here...

He paused for a moment, sighed and then continued. Parang nanikip ang dibdib ko. He was giving me the silent treatment when hours ago we were talking and having a great time.

Akhi: Gab is there a problem? Kanina lang okay na tayo ha?

Gab: Akhi, I'm so tired already. Just go to sleep okay?

He never faced me. So I got off my bed and approached him.

Akhi: Well *smiles at him* in that case if you're really tired then I should help you out.

I was about to grab one of his clothes and help him put it back in the dresser then he stopped me.

Gab: Akhi! I'm okay! Go back to your bed!

Nagulat ako. Parang naiiyak ako.

Akhi: Gab, why are you being like this?

He sighed angrily, planted his hand on his hips, then he wiped his face in frustration before facing me.

Gab: Look, I am trying my best to be okay. Don't make it hard for me.

Akhi: Oh... *tears started forming in my eyes* well I'm sorry. But I thought we could be friends.

Gab: I don't know Akhi...

Akhi: But earlier you said...

Gab: Yeah I know! I couldn't ruin the day for you! It's your birthday and I felt guilty sa ginawa ko sayo kaninang umaga. That's why I'm here.

Akhi: But why? Para saan pa lahat nang 'to?

Gab: *sigh* weren't you the one who asked me to come back?

Akhi: Again why are you doing it?

Gab: Because no matter how I hate you right now, I still care about you and that part sucks! I hate the fact that I still care about you! I hate it, and I hate you!

Napaatras ako at naiyak. I don't know how to respond to it. So I slowly backed away, went to my bed and lay down. He sighed again and continued what he was doing. Ako naman ay nakatulog sa kakaiyak.

Weeks have passed by and our setup everyday is just the same. We wake up completely ignoring each other. Kapag kumakain kami, sila Harold and Rocel lang ang kinakausap nya. I always try to talk to him pero hindi sya sumasagot. All those times I really tried to reach out but the effort is futile. One day I just gave up and hinayaan ko nalang.

Then a few more weeks have passed, and Gab's birthday was coming up. Of course I remember it but hindi ko sya binati ng midnight like I always do. When I woke up that morning Gab left early and skipped breakfast.

Akhi: Ross, asan si Gab?

Rocel: Hmmm sabi nya the modeling angency called him and he needed to rush.

Akhi: Modeling agency?

Rocel: Well are you surprised? I mean look at him, he's like "movie star handsome" and he's really tall and gymfit.

Akhi: hindi naman sa ganun, I mean didn't he graduate MBA?

Rocel: Don't bother... He hates working in office.

Akhi: Then why did he take that course in the first place?

Rocel: Well, his the typical "son of a rich business man" guy so yun ay kagustuhan ng daddy nya.

Napaisip ako for a moment, I wondered what Gab would've really wanted. Then I changed the topic.

Akhi: You do know it's his birthday right?

Harold: Syempre naman binati namin sya kanina.

Rocel: That we did, but no matter how much he hides it with that fake smile, I can tell that he isn't happy.

Akhi: *sigh* We are his friends right? So we should do something! Gaya nung ginawa nyo sakin, let's plan out this day. Let's take advantage of the fact that he's gonna be outside for a while so we could prepare a surprise.

Rocel: Well I wasn't thinking of  surprise. Medyo imbyerna din ako kay Gab ngayon dahil sa ginagawa nya sa'yo but no matter how I hate the idea, I am still his friend so count me in.

Harold: let me guess, same tasks just like before?

Rocel: Duh? What else?

Harold: Then we're gonna need reinforcements.

Rocel: Don't worry, I've got my girls Cherry, Celine, and Lyssa to help us out.

Harold: Yeah I know that but actually I was thinking about someone else.

Rocel and I looked at each other perplexed.

Rocel: Excuse me, and who might this "someone else" be?

Harold: Grace.

Rocel was thinking to herself "Oh great! That woman. What does she have to do about any of this? She's not even Gab's friend."

Harold: Guys, although I know you haven't met her in person, she's really nice and actually I think this is the perfect time to introduce her to everyone.

Akhi: Introduce? Why would that be necessary?

Harold: Ah kase, girlfriend ko na si Grace.

Oh dear, I really didn't see that coming. I know for sure Rocel is in love with Harold and this is really not a good timing to announce it in front of her. I looked at Rocel and I saw the "resting bitch face" She pulls off evertime she tries to hide that she's pissed.

Rocel: Oh haha, well good for you. Surprised that she actually became your girlfriend. Considering you're such a dork. Well that being said, I'm gonna go muna Akhi and call the girls and may gagawin pa ako.

Then she never looked at Harold and left the dining area.

Harold: What's up with her?

Akhi: Ugh! Honestly Harold? You're that dense?

Harold: What are you insinuating?

Akhi: Nevermind Harold! Let's just get to work.

Then I followed Rocel to the living room.

Celine: Hindi ko alam kung may movie na nakasalang jan sa binatana oh nag dadaydream ka jan pero it's already time for breakfast Lyssa. Unless gusto mong may mag abot sa'yo ng food from that window.

Tulala lang si Lyssa.

Celine: Uh, hello? Jupiter calling Lyssa?!

Lyssa: *sigh* why does he have to be married?

Celine: You mean Andrew?

Lyssa: Ay hinde! I mean Bentong! Bakit may asawa na sya tapos ako kahit boyfriend wala?!

Celine: Hay nako Lyssa relax, hindi kawalan si Andrew.

Lyssa: Easy for you to say that.

Then nag walkout ang lola mo passing by Celine and through the door.

Celine: Is she actually in love with Andrew?

Confused, she just followed Lyssa para makapag breakfast silang dalawa. While they were eating, Rocel called.


Lyssa: Hey girl, what's up?

Rocel told her about the whole birthday suprise for Gab.

Lyssa: Eh kase sis today is a really busy day for us. But if gusto nyo, pwede namin ipadeliver ang mga food jan and if may time pa kami hahabol nalang kami sa party.

Rocel: *sigh* anu ba yan. Well okay just please try to catch up.

Lyssa: We'll do.

Celine: Anung sabi?

Lyssa: Birthday surprise daw for Gab.

Celine: Ah okay. Try nalang natin humabol mamaya.

Then they continued eating, cleaned up got changed and went outside to take care of some business.

At a restaurant magkasamang naglunch ang magpinsang si Cherry at Mackhoy.

Cherry: Please cuz, I really need you to help me out on this. Please?

Mackhoy: And why does it have to be seducing Aaron? Could you at least think of something else?

Cherry: Honestly? This is the best I could come up with. I mean, aren't you pissed that he did that to me? You're favorite cousin?

Mackhoy: *sigh* You're impossible.

Cherry: Oh okay well then I guess I'll just go and ask somebody else! Excuse me for wasting your time. I'm not that important to you after all.

Cherry pouted and looked away acting like an upset little girl. Mackhoy saw that at hindi nya kayang tiisin ang matalik na kaibigan at pinsan nya.

Mackhoy: *sigh* I can't believe this. Well okay I'll do it for you.

Cherry: Really you would?

Then she held mackhoy's hand and made a cute pouty face.

Mackhoy: cuz enough with the drama! I said I'll do it.

Cherry: haha! Sabi ko na eh maaasahan talaga kita.

Mackhoy: So I seduce Aaron, so pano kapag di nagwork?

Cherry: Trust me it will work. Ayon sa information na nakalap ng tauhan ni Mr. Dawan, ang mga naging boyfriend ni Aaron in the past ay puro chinito and you are a perfect candidate Mac! I mean look at you? Hahaha and I've seen you in action. Magaling ka mambola.

Mackhoy: Oh gosh you're evil. That explains why he's so desperate for Akhi. So what if it worked? Kapag napasagot ko sya at naging kami? Ako naman ang miserable?

Cherry: No. You're not gonna stay in a relationship with him. You're gonna take his heart and break it, then crush it to the ground.

Mackhoy: Ewe! That's disgusting and very brutal!

Cherry: *Rolls her eyes* It's just a metaphor and besides, the point is to make him fall for you and break his heart.

Mackhoy: What's in it for me?

Cherry: Well aside from getting revenge for me and Akhi, I will give you an all expense paid vacation kahit saan mo gusto.

Mackhoy: Hmmmm... Even abroad?

Cherry: Uh, duh! That's what I am talking about.

Mackhoy: Deal!

Cherry: Okay then let's do this!

Maya maya pa James was right in front of their table.

Cherry: What are you doing here?

James: I want to talk to you. Please?

Cherry: James, I don't have time for this.

James: Wow. I came here to talk and fix things between us and you're brushing me off?

Cherry: Let's go cuz. I've got to go and help Akhi and the others prepare a surprise party for Gab.

They stood up and she ignored James but before she could go James grabbed her arms.

James: Cherry, are you really gonna do that to me?

Cherry: What?! I am busy right now! If you want to talk, maybe some other day!

Mackhoy: Um, excuse me James. Can I borrow my cousin for a second?

Mackhoy pulled Cherry aside and then whispered to her.

Mackhoy: What are you doing?! This is an opportunity na makapag usap kayo at makapag ayos!

Cherry: Can't you see I've got something else to do today?

Mackhoy: Cuz, stop it. If you're worried about the surprise thing for Gab then let me take your place. I'll help them.

Cherry: Bu-

Mackhoy: No buts! Humabol ka nalang if there's time. Right now, you need to stop being so immature and fix your own relationship!

She looked at mackhoy for a second and then sighed.

Cherry: Okay fine.

Lumapit sya kay James and went out of the restaurant with him. Mackhoy also left to go to our apartment and help out.
Rocel: Seriously? My girls can't help us!

Akhi: You can't blame them. I mean may mga sarili din silang pinagkaka abalahan.

Rocel: Ugh! So skip the decorations and cooking?

Akhi: We can do this Ross.

Rocel: No, you can. I can't!

Akhi: Tsk tsk. In a few moments grace and Mac will be here.

Rocel: Uh, all the more reason that I'd want to sit this one out!

Then I murmured

Akhi: If you weren't so afraid to tell Harold that you're in love with him, baka hindi naging sila ni Grace...

Rocel:Anung sabi mo?!

Akhi: Wala. If you don't wanna help out fine. I have someone else in mind.

I took my phone out and called Audrey and asked her for help. Pumayag sya and said that she's gonna be here in a few minutes.

Rocel: Wow, this is a better cast, isn't it? You think this is funny?

Akhi: No I think we are shorthanded and we need all the help we could get because anytime now, Gab might come back home. 

Rocel: Whatever.

Few minutes later dumating na si Grace, Mac and Audrey. They helped me out with the cooking, decorations and preparations. It was already 3pm when we finished everything.

Akhi: Guys thanks for the help.

Audrey: No thanks needed. I'm making amends.

Rocel: *Rolls her eyes* Yeah right.

Mackhoy: Well you're my cousin's bff so I'm more than happy to.

Grace: Thanks to you too for letting me be a part of this.

Akhi: I'm just glad we finished before Gab comes back.

Harold: Let's get ready to greet him a surprise happy birthday.

Pumihit na ang doorknob and we know for sure it was Gab and as the door opened we all shouted "surprise! Happy birthday". What I didn't know was, I am also in for a surprise... There was a girl beside him and they were holding hands.

Gab: Wow! Thank you guys!

Ang nakakatawa lang, I thought I was the only one, pero lahat sila ay nakatanga din pala seeing him with that girl.

Gab: Ey guys! What's wrong?

Harold: *clears his throat* Ah wala. We're glad you liked it.

Then lumapit sya kay Gab and gave him a bro hug.

Gab: Nga pala guys, this is Sarah. She's a stylist in the modeling agency, and also my childhood friend.

Sarah: Hello po! It's nice to meet you all.

Everyone introduced themselves but I don't know why I didn't even move. Nasasaktan akong makitang may kaholding hands si Gab na iba, but I also couldn't get myself to be rude to her because she's just so sweet and she's really pretty at sobrang hinhin. Parang hindi makabasag pinggan. As they entered and everyone else started eating, I went to the back of the house to get some air.

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