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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Confused In Love Five (Part 2)

By: Akhi

Inis na inis akong lumapit sa kinaroroonan nila Celine and I was so ready to cause a scene.

Akhi: What the hell is this all about?!

I looked at all of them furiously while pointing at the guy who turns out to be Aaron. The one who ruined it all. Alyssa and Celine just exchanged looks and was unable to answer my question. Aaron puts both his hands on the arm-rests and had a tense demeanor.

Aaron: I-it's not their fault, I just wanted to talk to you Akhi.

Out of rage, I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up from his seat. I held back my fist, ready to punch him on the throat.

Akhi: Talk?! What is there to talk about?!

He didn't fight at all. Hinayaan nya lang na gawin ko ang bagay na iyon then he spoke.

Aaron: Well go ahead. Hit me as hard as you can if that's gonna earn me your forgiveness.

I didn't hold back and launched my fist right to his face. I must admit, masakit sya sa kamay bes. Pero that time I was so deep in my anger that I couldn't care less.

Akhi: Forgiveness?!!! *clinched teeth* You dare ask of that?!

Mackhoy rushed to where we are and stood between me and Aaron.

Mackhoy: Akhi! You promised me not to freak out! Just hear him out okay?

Akhi: So now you're betraying me and your cousin?!

Mackhoy: I am not betraying anyone! But don't you think everyone deserves a second chance?

I point my finger at him with clinched teeth and a furious face.

Akhi:  P*ta Mac! It's easy for you to say that! Hindi ikaw ang nawalan! Hindi ikaw ang namatayan!

Mackhoy: Okay Akhi we get it! You're still hurting! You don't have to forgive him immediately or even forgive him for that matter. But you might wanna hear him out! I guess that isn't much too much to ask for, is it? You know how it feels. Yung gusto mong mag explain pero di mo magawa because you're only gonna be dismissed in an unpleasant manner. You've been in such a situation before, I believe so.

I am still raging but now I've gathered my wits and I am trying to calm my self.

Akhi: I can never. *cries withholding*

Niyakap ako ni Mackhoy as I kept trying to hold back my tears. Lumapit din si Alyssa and Celine and rubbed my shoulders and back to calm me down. A few moments later, kumalma na ako and we all sat down face to face.

Akhi: So pinapunta nyo ba ko ditong lahat para lang marinig ang paghingi sakin ng tawad ng hayop na yan? *pointing at Aaron*

Alyssa: Akhi, kung yun lang ang dahilan, hindi ka na namin dadalhin pa dito.

Celine: Because we both know how much you hate Aaron right now.

Aaron: Akhi, trust me I really want to make amends. Kung kaya ko lang ibigay ang buhay ko para maibalik sa'yo si Gab, I would do that as it is my fault in the first place.

Akhi: Yes! I would very much prefer that!

I look him straight in the eyes with a deadpan expression.

There was a few minutes of awkward silence then after that, Mackhoy finally speaks.

Mackhoy: *sigh* so tell us again kung ano yung natuklasan mo about Miko, Aaron.

I turned to look at Aaron again with my eyes wide and furious.

Akhi: Pati ba naman si Miko pagtritripan mo?!

Mackhoy is already exasperated kaya't sinagot nya ako.

Mackhoy: Will you stop talking and just listen first?!

I turned to him and was stupefied because I didn't expect that. I looked down on my feet with hands on my thighs as I fell silent.

Aaron: Look, nabalitaan ko lang ang tungkol kay Miko. I got so curious and had to see for myself so I stalked you and na shock din ako dahil oo nga, kamukhang kamukha nya si Gab that it almost feels like it is him.

I never spoke nor did I make any move and was just listening.

Aaron: I thought to myself "I have to know something about this guy" kase baka sa bagay na ito makabawi man lang ako sa'yo. So I did some digging, pulled some strings and found something interesting. Miko is adopted or should I say, he was stolen from his real parents.

I raised my head and looked at him. Napatanga si Aaron and just stared at me.

Akhi: Well go on with it! I am listening!

Aaron: *clears his throat* ahm yung tungkol sa ninakaw lang sya as a baby, tsismis lang or bali balita ng mga kapitbahay nila. Pero sure ang source ko na ampon lang si Miko.

I raised a brow and was appraising him.

Aaron: I mean, what are the odds? Maybe Miko is actually related to Gab. Stolen as a baby? This could be a cliche plotline in our story.

Akhi: You think this is a joke?

Aaron: I'm sorry. It's just that things seems awfully connected and it's really suspicious. Ang ina inahan ni Miko ay nurse dati sa hospital kung saan pinanganak si Gab.

Celine: Come to think of it, the possiblity is probable.

Alyssa: I mean someone who's completely identical to Gab, it isn't hard to see.

Akhi: If that's the case don't you think Gab would've said something to me?

Mackhoy: He might not have known.

Akhi: Is that really something that his parents would hide from him?

Aaron: Knowing they are after all of a wealthy family, I doubt hahayaan lang nilang mawalan sila ng anak without going through the lengths of looking for him in every way possible.  So I suspect in theory maybe they were lead to believe that the other twin have died.

Mackhoy: Then again we don't know for certain kung talaga ngang blood related si Gab at Miko.

Aaron: For what it's worth, I think this is something that you have to know Akhi.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

Akhi: This is a lot to take in and I'm gonna have to do a lot of thinking.

Mackhoy: So anong balak mo? Are you gonna tell Miko about this?

Akhi: I don't know... I mean kailangan pa ba? Isn't that just gonna ruin his relationship with his family now? As I see it, he's living a happy life and he was raised properly by his mother.

Alyssa: Don't worry Akhi, wala kaming babanggitin kahit kanino about this revelation.

Celine: What you do with this information is entirely up to you.

I turned to Aaron and finally calmed down.

Akhi: I won't thank you because you owe me so much. I still don't forgive you and I don't know if I ever could. Pero I'd like to say, you did the right thing. This is a start for us.

Aaron: Akhi, I'm never gonna stop asking for forgiveness even if you don't. So I'm gonna keep making amends at gagawin ko kung ano man ang magagawa ko.

Akhi: You better do.

After that, nagpaalam na ako kina Alyssa at Celine at inihatid na ako ni Mackhoy sa bahay.

At home, pagpasok ko ay nasa sala parin si Rocel at nanunuod ng movie kasama ni Cindy.

Rocel: Ano't namumugto yang mata mo?

Cindy: Have you been crying kuya Akhi?

Akhi: No. It's nothing.

Rocel: *rolls her eyes and looks at me* Oh come on! I've known you long enough to know that you are lying beks, and I don't even have to know you that long para di makita sa itsura mo, So do spill.

Akhi: Not now Ross.

At dumiretso na ako papunta sa kwarto ko.

Rocel and Cindy exchanged looks and shrugged.

Cindy: Parang kaninang umaga lang nakita ko syang papalabas ng bahay ng masaya tapos umuwi syang parang malungkot na malungkot.

Rocel: My guess is that he's visited someone's grave.

Cindy: Grave? Family member?

Rocel: Nasa probinsya ang family nya. I am talking about Gab.

Cindy: Ohww! Well then, I can't imagine how painful it is for him to be around kuya Miko everyday.

Rocel: I think he's still hurting but not as much anymore, trust me. It's more than a year since it happened.

Sobrang na curious talaga si Cindy and she was concerned about me so she decided to check up on me. Kakatok na sana sya sa kwarto ng marinig nya akong nagsasalita.

Cindy: Huh? may kausap si kuya Akhi?

She carefully leaned with her ear on the door and listened. I was talking to Cherry by the phone. Ikinuwento ko sa bff ko lahat ng nabalitaan ko kanina at lahat ng iyon ay narinig din ni Cindy.

Cindy: *murmurs* Si kuya Miko? Ampon lang ni mama? At maaring kakambal nya si Gab??

Her heart was racing then as if something has struck her, she put her palm over her mouth, and the other on her forehead. She started crying as if she realized something.

Cindy: No no no... Gosh no... This can't be...

Habang nandoon sya nakita sya ni Miko.

Miko: Cindy, anong ginagawa mo dyan?

She glared at him with tears on her eyes. Then she ran off without saying a word.

Miko: Cindy! Sandali lang!

Mabilis na naglakad papalayo ng bahay si Cindy habang nakasunod naman si Miko.

Miko: Cindy ano ba? Magdahan dahan ka nga sa paglalakad!

Cindy: Leave me alone!

Miko: Ano bang problema mo ha?! Ilang araw ka nang ganyan sakin?

Cindy: Wala kang pakialam!

Miko: Namimihasa ka na Cindy. Kuya mo parin ako! Wag mo kong pagsasalitaan ng ganyan!

Maya maya pa, napagod na ng kakasunod si Miko so he grabbed Cindy by the arm to stop her from walking.

Miko: Anu ba?! Mag usap tayo!

Nagpupumiglas si Cindy

Cindy: Leave me alone!

Pero lalo pang humigpit ang pagkakahawak ni Miko

Miko: Tumigil ka nga jan!

Cindy: Bitawan mo ko!

She's struggling and crying furiously then niyakap sya ni Miko.

Miko: Tahan na.

Pero nagpupumiglas parin si Cindy at hinahampas sa dibdib si Miko.

Cindy: Ibalik mo sakin ang kuya ko! Ibalik ko sakin ang kuya kooo!!!

Nagulat si Miko. Paulit ulit na isinisigaw ni Cindy ang mga katagang iyon.

Miko: Ano bang pinagsasabi mo?!

Cindy: Huhuhu ibalik mo sakin kuya ko!

Napagod at nanghina na si Cindy so she stopped struggling and just cried.

Miko: Let's go somewhere and let's talk properly nang maintindihan kita.

Nagpunta silang dalawa sa Cat's Eyes at doon nag uusap.

Miko: Ano bang pinagsasabi mo kanina ha bata ka?

Cindy: Hindi ikaw ang kuya ko.

Miko: Don't be ridiculous Cindy, you know that's not true.

Cindy: Nakita ko.

Miko: Ano?

Cindy: I saw that day, nung nagkita kayo.

Miko: Nagkita?

Cindy: wag ka mag maang maangan, I know now. Ikaw si Gab!

Miko: Cindy, what's gotten into you?

Cindy: Nakita ko kayo ng kuya ko, ako mismo nagulat because you two look very similar. Nababalitaan ko na noon pa man yung mga tsismis na ampon lang si kuya but I never entertained those rumors, and eventhough nakita ko kayo na maaring magkakambal na magkapatid kayo hindi ko parin inentertain yung thought because I love my brother too much.

Miko: But I am your brother!

Cindy: Then it happened, more than a year ago.

Natahimik si Miko.

Cindy: That time, nawala ka for a day, pagbalik mo gabi na, you were so drunk, you were crying do you remember? I heard you say it.

Nakayuko lang na nakikinig si Miko.

Cindy: Paulit ulit mong sinasabi na "I'm sorry Miks hindi ko alam". Syempre, akala ko dala ng kalasingan mo lang. Like it was just you being stupid and drunk. Pero it made sense to me nung makilala ko si kuya Akhi at nalaman ko ang storya ni Gab, ang storya mo!

Miko: *chuckles* This is ridiculous.

Cindy: You think this is funny?

Natahimik si Miko at yumuko nalang ulit.

Cindy: Kinabukasan non something felt really off. You were so out of place, ramdam namin ni mama ang pag iba mo. Minsan iniisip ko baka nabagok ang ulo mo habang lasing kase andami mo nang di maalala. Yung tipong kailangan ko pang ipaalala sa'yo?

Miko: That's not true.

Cindy: Stop pretending! After ng first time na nagkita kayo I've been stalking long enough to know na matagal tagal nyo naring kilala ang isa't isa. Once every month nagkikita kayo. It started when I was 16. Perhaps magkapatid nga siguro kayo ng kuya ko. Lucky for you my kuya Miko also goes to gym. Pero nagtataka ako kase hindi naman ganun kaganda ang katawan ni kuya but all of a sudden umuwi sya like overnight in the gym instantly he improved so much but because he does, you managed to pull of a convincing alibi.

Hindi makagalaw, or makapagsalita Miko.

Cindy: Then that accident, na kamakaylan ko lang nalaman and all about Gab. It was that day na wala ka sa bahay at kinabukasan kinagabihan umuwi ka ng lasing. That same exact day. That can't be a coincidence, can it?

Napatingin ulit si Miko kay Cindy but he still wasn't talking.

Cindy: What actually happened that day huh? Umamin ka na! Why did my brother board that plane and why did you come to replace him?

Miko: Cindy-

Cindy: "I'm sorry Miks hindi ko alam" sabi mo? So it means you've got something to do with it?! Else why would you come to our lives and replace my brother? Kung wala kang kinalaman you didn't have to be with us! Pero kase nga it's because you feel obligated! Kase kasalanan mo?! Ano?!

Miko took a deep breath then spoke

Miko: Cindy first of all, I really don't know what you're talking about. It's true that in the past I have met Gab, we don't really know kung talagang magkapatid kami but we certainly felt a connection. So we became friends and we became close like brothers.

Cindy: That's bullshit! Then why would you hide that from me? Why pretend to everyone that you don't know the guy? Especially to kuya Akhi? Kase nahihirapan ka diba?!

Miko: Cindy, no matter what happens, ako parin ang kuya Miko mo.

Cindy crossed her arms, and rolled her eyes as she look to the side with a mocking smile.

Cindy: Yeah right. Napaka sinungaling mo.

A long while of silence followed through then Cindy spoke again as she calmed down. 

Cindy: *sigh* Okay, sige. I'll play along. You want to keep pretending? Sige. I don't know what you're up to. But someday you're gonna have to come clean, and you owe me and my mother so much explanation.

Miko: *sigh* look, you've clearly misunderstand things. Let's just forget about this okay? Ako si Miko no matter what. Ako parin ang kuya mo. So let's just go home at sana atin atin lang ito. Usapang pamilya ito kaya wala dapat ibang makaalam.

Cindy: Usapang pamilya? F*ck that! Pero sige, hindi ko sasabihin kahit kanino.

Miko: Umuwi na tayo.

Bago pa man makalapit si Miko kay Cindy ay nauna na itong lumabas ng nagmamadali at padabog.

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