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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Salted Caramel (Part 1)

By: Caleb

This story is property of the author. This story contains sexual and intimate scenes between Males. Read at you own risk.

Slamming the door of my beat up Jeep with my school gear in tow I made my way around the old fountain and through the tiny ancient door. Traffic was real bad this morning. Checking my jacket once more and my cowbell I made my way inside the kitchen classroom disrupting Chef Gene’s monologue about the history of Demi Glaise. He looked at me and raising his left brow and pointed me towards one of the empty seats in the rectangular table that the whole class occupied.
I took the seat next to Zane. She gave me a quizzical look trying to ask why I was late. I shrugged giving her a signal that we’ll talk later.
After Chef Gene’s discussion on the history and brief overview on their procedures he gave each of our groups our assignment for the day. Everyone started to gather their books and notes heading to their proper group stations.
“A little late waking up today Caleb?” Zane asked.
“Guess having a not so good day Zane, you may say that. Traffic was at its worse today I swear,” I said with a hint of exhaustion in my voice.
“Oh hun, tell me about it. I got a ticket for counter flowing in Shaw Boulevard on the way to class.”
“I was late but thank God I didn’t break any traffic rules to earn me a ticket,” I said giggling.
“So who’s making who today boss?” Carlos asked me.
Our group of four decided, well the rest of my group took the liberty to appoint me as the leader which I took humbly. Sarcasm at its best everyone,
I am a bit of a control freak and always liked to be in charge. No, I am not the bossy type who gets off on bullying and bossing around everyone. I just like to be in charge if that’s any difference.
“We’ll delegate the work as usual Carlos, but today we do it in pairs. Who do you want to work with?” I asked him.
“How about I get to work with Zane today boss?” He said while blushing. Zane rolled her eyes but didn’t argue.
“Fine me and Carlos today Caleb. Just don’t cream your pants working Johan boss,” she teased.
“What the fuck Zane? Johan might here you. He maybe a fucking gorgeous specimen of an Adonis but he is hopelessly straight,” I said swatting her left shoulder playfully.
“He maybe hopelessly straight but you can still pine over him hun. This is a free world after all,” she said while she and Carlos snicker.
Speaking of the devil Johan entered the kitchen. He excused himself a couple of minutes ago to use the bathroom.
“Did I miss anything?” He asked.
“We’re working in pairs today and you get to work with Caleb. Not too much flirting today you two. I don’t want to be throwing up in the middle of cooking,” Carlos said, “I swear you have got to be the flirtiest guy I’ve ever met. You’ll only encourage boss’ crush on you.”
“Oh shut it Carlos. We’re going to be behind all the groups if you guys don’t shut your traps and start working now!” I bellowed.
We started grabbing the items for our assigned dishes for the day and started with our mise en place. Going into my serious zone I took the lead with Johan. As serious as I am I still banter and trade jokes with my teammates. I always believed that having a happy and harmonious environment makes the work easy. Zane and I were the same age at 24 years old. Johan is three years younger than us while Carlos is 22. You guys are wondering why a bunch of 20 something is set to get a Diploma in Culinary Arts.

My family is in the export industry. We export different kinds of fish and other marine food products such as tuna, blue marlin, shrimp, prawns, etc. My grandparents started the business when my dad was still young. They started with two small fishing vessels in General Santos City in Mindanao Philippines. They were supplying fish retailers in the market and some clients in manila. God has been more than generous enough to them that by mid 70’s they expanded their market to exporting their catch to Japan and China. By late 80’s my grandparents have set up an office in manila while my dad went to study at the University of Sto. Tomas. My dad met my mom in Manila while she was studying there. See my mom is from the north of the Luzon it was by pure fate they met in the capital of our country as they would always tell me and my siblings. The business grew and they started export to different parts of the world. Don’t get me wrong, our export business may have a big network but we are far from being filthy rich. We live a comfortable life yes but we are not overly rich.
Although they gave us the freedom to choose what degree we want to earn in university we were all still expected to work alongside our parents in the family business. After graduating from the University of the Philippines with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology I joined and worked for my parents. I settled into a droning routine for the last four years. It came to a point where I felt like I was just dragging myself to work and I realized that I wanted a change of career. This is not what I want I told myself. My parents were so disappointed when I handed them my resignation and explained what I set myself up to do for the rest of my life. I want to study culinary arts. I lamented on how I am always impassioned with the thought of food. Through all my travels food has always been my priority, sampling the local delicacies of the latest place I’ve visited.
So nearly a quarter century I found myself enrolling myself in a culinary school and finding most of my classmates are doing the same thing as me. Most of us are shifting career and caught up in a mid life crisis. Yes I know I’m too young to be having a mid life crisis but it felt like that for me. A mid twenties gay man caught in a limbo. 

“Zane it’s almost three are you and Carlos about done with your assignments?” I said while checking how much time we have left to before Chef Gene order everyone to start plating and present their dish in front of the class.
“Almost done Caleb don’t worry we’ll make it in time,” She answered.
I gave her a nod. Johan and I worked faster and we were just waiting for chef’s signal so we can warm our dish’s component and start plating. I made my way out to the garden to smoke. I found Nikki sitting on one of the stone benches. Nikki is on her 30’s and like me she left their family business to shift careers. She’s a mom of two girls. She is one bitchy woman and I hit it off with her the first day of classes.
She was taking a drag off her cigarette as I sat beside her. Taking out a stick of Marlboro Reds and lighting it I laid my head on her shoulder.
“So you were late this morning?” She asked.
“Traffic,” that’s all I said and she nodded knowingly.
“I only wish that he is a good lay and worth being late for class,” she said and laughed.
“Shut up Nik!” I hissed.
“Why? Am I wrong hun?”
“He is! Fine! Fuck he’s got the one gorgeous ass Nik,” I said.
“Oh do tell Caleb I want all the juicy details,” she demanded.
“Not with the details Nikki. All you need to know is he is a good lay and a gorgeous ass,” I said.
“So I take it you were late because had to drop him off somewhere?” She asked knowingly.
“You can say that.”
“So that is why you were late huh?” Zane quipped startling me while Nikki laughed.
“God you are such a slut Caleb,” Zane teased.
“Aren’t we all?” Nikki and I chorused. And we all laughed.
“So tell me all Caleb,” Zane said.
“Not you too. What is it with you girls wanting to hear my sex life?” I asked exasperated. They both gave out a hearty laugh.
“So where are we drinking after class?” Zane asked.
“Frankie and Jeff said at Good Earth at Promenade,” Nikki said.
“I’ll swing by the gym first then I’ll meet you guys afterward,” I said.
“Make sure you’ll be there,” Nikki said.
“I will, don’t worry. Chef Gene is going inside the kitchen now let’s go,” I said to both of them.

I was soaking wet with sweat and my shirt clung to me like second skin as I made my way to the locker rooms. The cycling class is always enjoyable. I never sweat as much when I run the treadmill. I peeled off my shirt and opened my locker. Michelle the instructor always pushes everyone to add more weight. My legs throbbed from the pain, but it’s a good pain. I peeled off my Climacools then my socks and stuffed them inside my shoe bag. After I put my wet shirt and shorts inside my bag I headed towards the showers with my towel and bath kit.
Occupying one of the shower stalls I welcome the cold cascading water from the shower nozzle. The cold water soothed the throbbing muscles of my arms and legs. After a few minutes under the shower I made my way to the steam room. There were a couple of guys soaking in the steam. I made my way to one of the corner and bathed in the wet heat of the steam room.  I was to beat to cruise if there were any willing ass in the steam room.

The gym was just a block away from Promenade. I decided to park in front of the Promenade instead of the parking near Fitness First, the Gym I go to. After dropping my gym bag in my car I headed to Good Earth to meet up with my classmates. Wow did I just said classmate. I’m 24 and here I am back in school again living the life of a student yet again. The small patio/smoking area of the establishment was occupied mostly of the people from my class. I took the sit beside Nikki. I grabbed a bottle of San Miguel Light and gulped half of the yellow liquid inside the bottle and settled down listening to the bits of conversation going around the table. I was taken out of my reverie when I felt Nikki gave me nudge on my arm.
“You seem awfully quiet, a penny for your thoughts?” She asked.
“Nothing important, the workout took all my energy,” I said.
“Anything hot happened in the sauna?” She asked.
“Quit it Nikki, and no I didn’t come to the gym to cruise. Besides it was the steam room I used not the sauna.”
“Anyway, we start our in house internship a week from now. What schedule are you picking?”
“I have to go with the morning schedule. I want my afternoons free. And I might want to extended till afternoon so I can get the internship over with,” I said.
“Same with me, the sooner we get done with the in-house internship we can start to apply for externship. Where are you planning to do your internship?”
“I’m eyeing the Sofitel Philippine Plaza. My dreams of doing my OJT outside the country won’t do. I’ve already asked around and I need almost $5000.00 to finance it. I don’t have that much to spare right now,” I told her.
“You can always ask your parents to help you out,” she said.
“Not an option for me Nikki. They were against my decision to go back to study again.”
“You’re too proud Caleb, sometimes you have to swallow that pride of yours. It would be a good opportunity for you, you know. It will be good on your resume,” she said.
“I’ll think about it. Anyway have you guys thought of a theme for your repertoire?” I asked diverting the conversation.
“Well we have been brainstorming. Frankie wants to do contemporary French but I am leaning towards a specific region, Provence. But I want to redefine it and interpret it in a more modern way. Fusing with another technique and cuisine might be a good idea but fusion is fast becoming passé.”
“That will be hard, but we have to up our games and step up to the challenge. It will be hard competing with Bernard’s group,” I said. Bernard might have overheard our conversation and joined in.
“A friendly competition mate, but it doesn’t hurt to win it. I’m pretty sure everyone will be working hard to come out on top of all the other groups. Remember we are also competing with the afternoon class,” he said reminding us.
“Yeah but you know we’ve heard a lot of bad comments from the instructors regarding the afternoon class. I don’t think I would consider them competition,” Nikki said.
“Well I guess, I’ve heard from Chef Gene that they don’t know what they’re doing most of the time,” Bernard said agreeing with Nikki.
“Oh come on guys, don’t be too sure. That kind of thinking will make you complacent. They might just surprise us in the end, who knows,” I said.
“You’re right Caleb,” Bernard said.
Bernard is in his late thirties and recently moved back to the Philippines from Australia. He’s the second oldest amongst us. Mia takes the title of the oldest. She’s in her forties. We’re 17 in the class and so far it has been fun, almost all of us drink regularly after class. It has been our ritual since the classes started.
I took another bottle and continued my conversation with Bernard and Nikki about our repertoire. The repertoire week is considered to be our finals. Each group will be choosing a theme that we will be interpreting in a sit down dinner menu. The four groups in our class plus the four groups from the afternoon class will be competing against each other. The group who will have the highest rating from the judges will be featured in one of the food magazines in the country. The group and their menu will be featured. Everyone is excited by the prospect of having their pictures appear in a magazine. The thrill of besting eight groups will be a big honor.
We were engrossed in our conversation when everyone started laughing loudly which made us turn our attention to the whole group.
“Yes Frankie just like that. Flex those biceps,” Jeff said urging the drunken Frankie to flex his arms.
Frankie is one of the youngest in our class. He can’t seem to hold his alcohol consumption really well. He always ends up getting drunk most of the time and often everyone makes fun of him getting him to do laughable things. Everyone was laughing as poor Frankie flexes his biceps for everyone to see. He is a good kid and pretty sweet most times but sometimes acts really dumb. Well you can’t have everything I guess. As handsome as he is he’s not the brightest in the bunch to be frank pun not intended. I felt a little guilt because Nikki and I were the ones who started with the make fun of drunken Frankie episode. But that’s just it we don’t mean him any harm it was just a little bit of fun and he don’t get offended anyway.

The next day I woke up around 10 in the morning to the sound of my phone ringing. I checked the screen and Zane’s name was displayed on it. I hit the answer button and mumbled a sleepy yes.
“Wake up you lazy ass. We’re meeting at Gram’s Diner in Rockwell in an hour. Don’t be late bitch!” She said cheerfully and hung up without waiting for me to reply.
I dragged myself to my small kitchen and got myself a glass of blueberry juice and made my way to the patio to smoke. After my last drag from my cigarette I made my way to the bathroom.
After thrity minutes I was making my down the building to the parking. Climbing onto my Jeep I started the 20 minute drive to Rockwell.
Zane and Johan were sited on one of the tables outside Gram’s Diner. I sat across Zane beside Johan.
“So what are we doing today?” I asked them.
“Do you have to ask?” Zane said and as if on cue one of the servers made her way to our table setting down a plate of Buffalo Wings with blue cheese dip, Mozzarella sticks and a bucket of beer.
“Oh so were all in a hurry to get liver cirrhosis and lung cancer are we?” I joked.
“Yes we are. Now shut up and take a bottle,” Zane said.
As it took a sip of my ice cold beer and munch on a mozzarella sticks I settled comfortably on my very uncomfortable chair. Just then I heard Nikki’s high pitched laugh heading towards our way. I turned to where I’m hearing her laugh and saw Carlos with her. Nikki and Carlos leave near each other and sometimes they carpool to save on gas plus they won’t have to drive alone going home especially when we drink. Carlos like Frankie has no control when drinking and gets drunk most of the time.
“Oh! As I live and breathe!” I shouted, “Nikki come sit beside me.”
Nikki took the sit I offered to her and Carlos sat beside Zane. They took each a bottle of beer. I felt Johan put his arm on the back rest of my chair and I laid my head on it. Johan took it as a cue to flirt back and make fun and unsettle everyone. He leaned his body to me.
“Oh such a flirt man!” Carlos shouted.
“You guys get a room will you?” Zane said, while Nikki directed an arch eyebrow to Johan and me.
We laughed at everyone’s reaction although inside I was melting. Johan’s father is an American marine who married a Filipina. He got his mother’s hazel brown eyes but his fair complexion, his pointed nose, towering height and light brown hair came from his father’s heritage. He is a handsome fellow I have to admit and I am crushing big time. Although I know he is straight and he has a fiancé. A fiancé who is an absentee because she chose to work in Los Angeles as Johan would say. After he gets his diploma Johan said he will follow his fiancé in the US. He wouldn’t have a hard time anyway because he’s a US citizen.
Everyone might think that we were a bunch of over privileged brats. That is one of the advantages of living here in Manila. We are a country of hardworking people but the life here in the Philippines is not as fast paced as the others. We have a much laid back society and fun loving culture. We tend to make excuses to party every now and then celebrating even the simplest occasions in our lives. Life Is too short to spend it working your whole life. That’s one of my beliefs.
It may have been a joke to Johan but for me I was taking advantage of the situation and dropped my hands to one of his thigh pretending to continue with our joke.
It was late almost seven in the evening when we decided to get coffee to kill our buzz and headed to the nearest Starbucks before we call it a day.

After our class the next day we decided to take advantage of our student discount at the school’s restaurant, Café Ysabel. I wasn’t in the mood to drink too much and I decided to take off a little early. Nikki was disappointed and wanted me to stay but I begged off. Since Johan’s place is on the way he decided to catch a ride with me. Johan’s family has a modest way of living, although they can send him to a culinary school which by the way is a bit expensive here in manila they can’t afford the luxury of having a car for each family member.
“What’s on your mind?” Johan asked out of the blue.
“Huh? Uh nothing I’m just a bit tired is all,” I said.
“Come on Caleb spill it. I can feel something’s bugging you,” he insisted.
I sighed.
“My parents are pressuring me again,” I said.
“Pressuring you to do what?”
“They wanted to invest in me, they said. Since I took it upon myself and decided to shift career then they might as well invest in the career that I wanted,” I whined.
“What do you mean?” He asked.
“After I finished with school they want to put up a food establishment, a restaurant that they want me to oversee and manage.”
“Wow that’s great!” He said enthusiastically.
“That’s not great Johan. I wanted to establish myself alone. I don’t want them to meddle in this one. Do you know why I resigned from the family’s business? Because I’m tired of them meddling with every decision I make be it work or my personal life. They call all the shots. Even if my proposal is feasible and would yield a lot of profit they wouldn’t take it seriously not unless my younger brother approves it. See, my brother is the apple of my parents’ eyes. My sister is the youngest and gets the rest of the attention. I get all the blame. I won’t be tangled in their affairs again just to get blamed in the end if everything doesn’t work out,” I said with a hint of sadness, anger, hatred and determination all at the same time.
“Wow that sounds so complicated. I guess you’re not in good terms with your family then?”
“You can say that. I still care for them but I’m just tired of trying to get my parents’ approval, trying to please them, trying to beg for their attention. This time I want to live my life in my own terms not having to depend on them.”
“Maybe you just misunderstand you parents’ intention. Maybe they just don’t show how proud they are of you but they really are. Sometimes there are things that our parents do that we don’t understand Caleb,” he said.
“They don’t have a hard time showing it to my siblings? Why not to me then?” I said with frustration in my voice.
“I don’t have an answer to that Caleb. Maybe you should talk to your parents about these issues you have?” He said making a point.
“I don’t know. It hurts talking about it now. Talking about it with them will just be worse. I might not like what they have to say to me,” I said.
“Well if that’s the case then you’ll live with these entire unanswered questions swimming in your mind. It will drive you mad you know,’ he said.
“I can take that than be hurt more than I am now.”
“Smile Caleb it doesn’t suit you. Don’t think about all of it now. Hey we’re near my stop. Just take it easy okay?”
“I will. Thanks for listening Johan,” I said.
“Anytime, you drive safely okay?”
“Yes dad, I will,” I joked and gave him the first genuine smile from me that day.

I opened the door to my condo and made my way to the fridge. I took a bottle of Corona and sliced some lime and went to sit in my balcony. I wanted to drink in solitary and think and get wasted.

I woke up with a massive headache. Glancing towards my bedside alarm clock told me it was already 10 in the morning. I got up and made my way to the bathroom to wash my face when my phone started ringing. I rushed to answer it.
“Hey Caleb afternoon,” Johan greeted cheerfully.
“Hey you,” I said.
“Zane called me said she has been trying to contact you since 9am and you weren’t answering.”
“I just woke up Johan.”
“Oh I hope I didn’t wake you up. Anyway Nikki told the gang to meet at Eastwood around 12pm.”
“Rain check for me Johan am not really up for drinking today,” I said.
“Need some company. I guess I have to let my liver rest for a day too,” he inquired.
“I am a boring company today.”
“Then I’ll take you out from being a bore then. It doesn’t suit you to be a recluse. I’ll take a cab to Serendra and meet you eleven, alright.”
“Okay let me get ready then.”

It was 11:10 when I got to Chelsea, one of my favorite resto in Serendra. The condo I live in is just beside these clusters of establishment. I saw Johan sitting at one of the tables outside. He had a bright smile that melted me that instant.
“You are ten minutes late,” he said while glancing at his watch.
“Oh for fucks sake we’re just meeting for lunch Johan. Ten minutes is not that long.”
One of the waitresses approached our table and took our order. After a couple of minutes she brought a plate of bread a toasted head of garlic and my glass of zinfandel.
“I thought you weren’t going to drink today?” Johan asked.
“Its just a class Johan. Did you wanna meet just to annoy the fuck out me?” I said while rolling my eyes.
“Why’re you so grumpy Cale? Frowning will only give your cute face lots of wrinkles.”
“Cute huh?” I said teasing him.
“Well… yeah… Anyway what excuse did you tell Zane?”
“I told her I’m having lunch with my mother.”
“Oh smooth, very smooth,” he said while taking a sip of ice tea.
After sometime the waitress brought our food. I looked at my duck confit and my stomach let me know how much it was delighted to come face to face with the golden brown crisp of the leg quarter of a duck that was slowly braised in its fat for hours. I dug in my food. Not the best duck confit I’ve ever tasted but a more than decent confit. I all about forgot that I have the guy of my erotic dreams in front of me. I looked at the table across me and saw Johan looking at me with a funny expression.
“What I like my duck confit thank you very much!” I retorted.
“Its pretty obvious Caleb.”
“Mind your roast pork Johan.”
He snorted and we proceeded to wolf our food down. I was licking the sauce off my fork when I got this sudden impulsive idea.
“Hey Johan wanna go to Tagaytay?” I asked him.
“So random I like it. Yeah lets go for a joyride!” He said excitedly.
We settled our bill and headed to my condo. We went straight to the parking lot and started the one hour and a half drive to Tagaytay. Traffic was not that bad and the drive going to South Expressway was smooth. After 45 minutes of driving we were entering Tagaytay proper. I turned off the AC and rolled the windows down. The cold breeze assaulted us and it felt refreshing compare to the smog polluted air of the metro. It was then that I realized neither of us remembered that we forgot to bring jackets. O well some cold breeze won’t kill us anyway. I’m pretty sure the temperature only drops down up to 18-15 degrees Celsius max. Passing by a couple of establishments I savored the cold breeze coming from outside. I turned off the engine after I parked in front of the Seven Eleven near the rotunda.
“We drove all the way here just to go to a convenience store how righteous,” he said.
“We’re just going to buy some drinks and chips.”
“Oh okay,” he replied.
We bought some chips and soda and made our way to Highlands. I looked at my passenger and saw this puzzled expression on his face. I just gave him a smile. Finally I turn to one of the driveways and honk my horn. A man in his early 40’s came out to check who we might be.
“Ay sir Caleb kayo pala yan. Hindi kayo tumawagpara naibisuhan nyo kami para naka pag handa kami ng makakain. Teka bukasn ko lang po yung gate,” the man greeted. (Oh its you sir Caleb. You didn’t call to let us know you’re coming so we could have prepared food for you. Wait I’ll just open the gate.)
“Hi Arnold, sorry it was a last minute decision to drive here. We’re just here for the afternoon,” I said.
“Ah okay sir.”
After parking the Jeep in one of the empty parking spaces I let myself out to stretch my legs that were starting to cramp.
“You didn’t tell me we were going to your house in Tagytay,” Johan muttered beside me.
“This is not mine, its my father’s house,” I said.
“Well technically yeah but your family owns this place.”
“Whatever lets go inside.”
We were greeted by manang Gloria, the housekeeper as we made our way inside. She offered to go to the market to buy some produce so she can prepare dinner for us. I looked at Johan thinking.
“What’s that look?” Johan asked me.
“Since its Sunday tomorrow, you wanna stay overnight here?” I asked him.
“Shit! I don’t have any change of clothes Caleb.”
“I’ve a closet full of clothes in one of the rooms. You’re not much bigger than me. I’m pretty sure you can fit into a pair of them. What do you say?” I asked.
“Are you sure?” he asked. I just smiled at him while he sighed, “okay let me just call my parents to let them know where I am. You won’t go psycho killer on me will you,” he joked.
“Shut up asshole!” I said while punching his arm, “Make yourself comfortable.”
I gave Gloria some money and send her to the market. I made my way to the basement leaving Johan in the living room. I went to the wine cellar and brought out a couple of Moët & Chandon Champagne Nectar Imperial for the occasion. I put the three bottles in the freezer and went to find where Johan is. He wasn’t in the living room when I passed by.
I found Johan in the right balcony smoking. I stood at the entrance watching him taking a drag off his cigarette he looks so sexy leaning against the rail with the smoke coming out of his mouth. God this is bordering on unhealthy obsession I tell myself. I breathed a sigh and made my way beside him. I pluck the cigarette from him and took a drag.
“Fuck! The view is so surreal,” he said.
“You like it?”
“Yeah I do. I wish my family can afford to buy a house here.”
“Oh shut up Johan,” I said while punching his right arm again.
“Hey that’s twice already.”
“You wanna swim or use the Jacuzzi?” I asked.
“Nah I’d rather look at the view besides its freezing cold.”
“Scared of freezing your ass out? The pool is heated,” I told him.
“I’m good. No swimming for me,” he said.
“Okay, I chilled some champagne. Let’s drink it after dinner.”
“I thought you want break from drinking?” he asked incredulously.
“Yeah it thought. We’re staying overnight so why not uncork a few bottles of good champagne. Its free anyway. My dad won’t find out for some time. He rarely goes up here.”
“Stealing your dad’s champagne, that’s brilliant,” he said laughing.
We just stayed at the patio and talked and savored the view and cold breeze. It was almost five when manang Gloria called us for supper. Johan and I went to the dining area. The table was filled with hot steaming dishes that can feed two families. Manang Gloria didn’t forget to cook Bulalo it’s a local fare of beef shanks boiled for hours to make it tender. Its then served with the broth and boiled Swiss chard, green beans, potatoes, corn and other assortment of veggies sometimes young jack fruit and sweet potatoes. She also steamed some okra and grilled some eggplant and served it with bagoong, fermented small shrimps she sautéed with tomatoes, garlic and onions. There’s also grilled pork belly, milkfish stuffed with onions, garlic and tomatoes. And my favorite pinapaitan which is a bitter soup of mixed offal of an ox served in a clay pot.
I sat at the head of the table while Johan sat on my right. I was about to serve myself when I saw only two plates. I called manang Gloria and Arnold to join us. They told us to go ahead but I insisted that they join us. The four of us shared a very sumptuous meal. I was so full when manang Gloria took out some ripe mangoes from the fridge. Now who can refuse that. I took one cheek of the mango and shred the other one with Johan. Manang Gloria was animatedly telling us stories. She has been with the family for more than two decades. She was my nanny growing up and she was telling Johan embarrassing stories of my childhood but I wasn’t embarrassed even a bit. I guess I wanted to share them with Johan I concluded. I would blush from time to time but never really embarrassed. After our supper I took Johan to my room to change into some comfortable clothing. I changed into a black shirt and sweatpants. Johan chose to wear shorts.
We went to the kitchen and got a spittoon and filled it with ice. I took one of the champagne out of the freezer and put it in the spittoon. Johan got us two champagne flutes. After putting it on the patio I went back to the kitchen to get the grapes I asked manang Gloria to buy and scavenged for some stray cheeses in the fridge. I found a cave aged Emmental, some Brie de Meaux and Saint Paulin. My sister and her friends must have been here the week before hence the cheese. We share the same fondness for cheese and wine. After toasting some pecans and walnuts I went out to the balcony with Arnold in tow carrying the cheese platter. After we set down the platter Johan made a show of taking the cork off the champagne.
“Wow I feel so sophisticated. I’m having champagne and eating cheese and nuts and grapes,” Johan said.
“God you are impossible are you not?”
“Yeah I am. So what’s the deal with your family? I thought you weren’t in good terms with them but here we are in your parent’s house,” He asked.
“Well not really in good terms. And I wouldn’t call it rebelling against them because I’m not. I’m just tired of pleasing them, trying to gain their approval. I just don’t care much of their opinion of me. I still go to our family dinner every Sundays once in a while, though.”
“Or maybe you’re too proud…”
“Too proud to what? Too proud of what? One thing my family has is too much pride. We all have too much pride for our own good,” I said as I looked at him.
“Pride won’t help you with your cause,” he said eyeing me.
“My cause? What cause?”
“Proving that you can make it on your own,” he said.
“I am not proving anything to them now. I’m sick and tired of proving anything to them. This is me making it on my own because I owe it to myself to be free and having no one to answer to but myself. This is me trying to live my life the way I want it. This is me trying to make my own decisions without their meddling and this is me trying to be finally happy of me. Even if they’re not proud of what I have become as a person and of my accomplishments so far I will be happy, I owe myself that much for always doing what they want me to do even if I want something else for myself,” I said letting out the breath I was holding for speaking too fast.
“Wow that was full of angst. I’m sorry,” he said meekly.
“I… I’m tired of asking myself what if questions. Its time for me to step up for myself away from the suffocating and demanding clutches of my family.”
“Maybe it will do you good. You seem happier,” he said.
“Happier? What do you mean?” I asked curious what he meant by that statement.
“First day of classes when I saw you look so unsure, so insecure. Don’t get me wrong okay? You look regal and so confident with the way you stand, walk and sit and when you talk but there’s this I don’t know… uncertainty and I guess sadness in your eyes,” he said.
“Really?” I asked looking at him curiously.
“No-I mean yes. I mean you lack that sparkle in your eyes happy people have?” He said sounding unsure himself.
“And who has that? Among us that is?”
“I… sorry I didn’t mean to sound like I’m judging you or what and trying to sound like an expert on reading people or what.”
“No its okay, I’m not trying to offend you I was just curious.”
“Well there, but lately you seem too carefree and not too stuck up. Sorry no offence,”
“Non taken, I guess I am happier these days. Anyway why’re you not with your girlfriend this weekend?”
“Huh? Uh… well she kind of broken up with me the other day. She said she wasn’t happy anymore,” he said.
“And you just let her go just like that?”
“I tried to reason with her of course but who am I to dictate her what she should do more so feel. She took a job overseas. I only found out when the night she wanted to break up.”
“Sorry,” I said.
“Don’t be. I guess we were heading that way anyway. After I told of my plans of marrying her next year she became cold. That was 5 months ago.”
“I don’t know what to say,” I said.
“How about you? Why are you single?” He asked.
“I’m single by choice. I don’t really believe in a long term relationship with my kind.”
“Your kind? You make it sound like you’re of different species,” he said laughing, maybe you haven’t found the person to really love to stick it for the long haul?”
“Like you? Maybe…”
“Like me, yeah…”
Our conversation jumped from one interesting topic to another. I was more than talkative and less reserved maybe because of the alcohol or maybe because Johan makes me feel at ease. He’s the kind of person that seems to be interested to whatever you want to tell him like he would earnestly listen even if how nonsense and ridiculous it sounded. I was feeling the effects of the alcohol and became bolder and bolder asking him stupid questions that I would probably regret asking him once I’m sober.
“So you think you are 100% straight?” I asked.
“Yes I am. Why are you asking?”
“Because you think I’m cute? How many times have you referred to me as cute?” I said teasing him.
“I… well… Is it illegal to refer to the same sex as cute? I’m sure of my sexuality and have no qualms admiring the same sex,” he said. I notice his voice crack a bit.
“So you are then. And you’re comfortable to be alone with someone who’s gay and…,” I felt bold and confident and crazy but my heart was beating faster, “and obviously attracted to you?”
“I… what? Are you saying that you’re attracted to me?” He asked surprised which in turn also surprised me. I thought it was obvious, how I feel about him.
“Yes? Isn’t it obvious? The way Zane and Carlos tease me I thought you’d know by now.”
“They were serious? I mean all the teasing ?”
“Oh God! I think I’m going to burst of embarrassment now. I thought you knew.”
“I never really thought of it. So what it’s not like you’d take advantage of me. You won’t right?” He asked sounding unsure himself.
“Of course not. God what an asshole!” I said incredulously.
“I was just teasing,” he said.
“You were serious Johan, I can see it in your face,” I said.
“Sorry, I know you won’t I was just…”
“What? You’re not too sure of your sexuality now I am Mr. Straight?” I taunted him.
“I am. Are you baiting me?” He said all the while laughing.
“Maybe I am. You know about gaydar right?”
“Yeah? I’ve heard about that… and?”
“I can feel that you’re not totally straight,” I said ragging him.
“Really? Now I’m pretty sure you’re just fucking with me,” he said still laughing.
“Kiss me then.” I said in my all too serious voice.
“What?” He asked surprised and wide eyed.
“Prove yourself that you’re straight that you won’t feel anything if you kiss me.” I said getting really brave. I was half expecting him to run or slug me on the face.
“You’re not serious are you?” He asked staring at me trying to read my face.
I just stared at him, daring him to move and grab me and put those luscious lips against my own. We stared at each other for like hours. My heart was beating fast and hard it felt like it would leap out of my chest any moment. I can see him breathing real hard looking at my eyes with this baffled expression.
“You told me I’m cute right? What’s the harm in trying?” I whispered.
He searched my eyes for understanding, understanding for what I’m trying to accomplish with my dare or maybe understanding of the craziness and absurdity of the situation. I suddenly felt scared that I crossed the line and suddenly afraid of him getting angry and losing his friendship. This is fucked up and so stupid of me. I can always blame the alcohol. But we both know that neither of us is that drunk to be out of control and claim temporary insanity due to too much alcohol consumption. Oh the absurdity of the situation I created. Me and my big stupid tactless mouth.
I started to turn to save myself from further embarrassment when I tripped on the table. I was trying to grab one of the chairs to prevent myself from falling but my hands were too wet and it slipped and the gravity pulled me down. The table shook and the spittoon wobbled and fell on top of my back soaking me with all the water inside it. I was stunned from the pain but then like a lunatic I started laughing my ass out thinking how fucking absurd all this is. I turned on my back still laughing and saw Johan looking at me bewilderedly. Then suddenly he started cracking up too. We were laughing our ass out of how ridiculous the situation has become. After what felt like 7 minutes of laughing Johan offered me his hand. I grabbed it and he pulled me up with too much force I thought I was going to fall on the other direction but he caught me and planted a kiss on my mouth. I was too shocked to react and stayed rigid like a corpse in his embrace.
“See I am straight. I felt nothing man,” he said.
Recovering from my shock I stepped forward and grabbed his neck and force him to me. I let our lips touch but I wasn’t finish with him, the bastard. I force his mouth open and pushed my tongue inside. I nipped on his lower lip, licked his lips and pushed my tongue inside again exploring his mouth. When he came out from shock I felt his hands grabbing my shoulders. He was going to push me now. Then I felt his tongue enter my mouth and his hands slipped from my shoulders sliding to my back caressing me. I felt him moan and pushed himself against me with more force. I suddenly felt something hard pushing on my left thigh. Oh God Johan is hard. I can feel his erection rubbing my leg and I’m pretty sure he can feel mine on his. It was pure bliss, that 10 minutes was pure bliss and rapture. Slowly we pulled from each other but maintaining eye contact. We were panting. His eyes were wild and glassy and confused all at the same time. I notice his obviously hard member making a tent in his shorts and stared at it for a moment. He followed where I was staring. When he noticed his erection he looked at me, his face and neck were read from blushing.
“That was amazing…” I said breathlessly.
“I… Uh… so I am not that straight then?” he said with so much confusion in his voice.
“I don’t know. Shit, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to confuse you or question your sexuality. I… This is all my fault I couldn’t keep my fucking attraction to you in check. I have to go and ruin our friendship. I’m sorry Johan please…,” I said pleading with him.
“I… I kissed you back. I… I’m fucking hard.”
“It’s the alcohol Johan,” I said.
“Oh fuck you! We both know we’re not that drunk. I kissed you and I’m hard and I like it and I’d like to do it again,” he said while walking towards me.
He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him. I met his lips and gave him the most passionate kiss I could ever give. Well for now. How absurd is that. Our tongues fought with each other for dominance. In the end I yielded. He was far more forceful both of us where burning passion and we were each other’s fuel. Our tongues dueled and our hands roamed each others body. I felt every movement of the muscles in his back as we kissed. He was holding my hair and bent my head to get access to the side of my neck. He was kissing, licking and sucking on the flesh that will surely leave a dark purplish bruise. It felt like he was marking me, making me his own.
I couldn’t contain my lust and I never wanted to. This might be the only chance I get with Johan and I’m sure not going to be fucking wasted. I grabbed his hair and licked his right ear going down to his neck and locking lips with him again. I pulled away from him and started to rip his shirt off him. I glanced at his perfectly chiseled chest and abdomen. Oh what a sight that needs to be worshiped. I took his right nipple in my mouth licking and gently biting it. I heard him let out a growl as he grabbed on my hair pushing me hard against his chest. I licked my way down to his navel while I get my hands busy with the buttons of his shirt. He was hooked from my ministrations and I felt no resistance as I pulled his shorts and underwear down out in the open not knowing and caring if somebody is watching. His erection stood away from his body. It was straight and has a slightly big mushroom head. I looked at it studying it memorizing each vein as it throbbed to the beat of his heart. I let my tongue have its first taste of his perfect manhood; slightly salty and earthy. It tasted like aphrodisiac to me. It fueled my lust more. I lapped another taste of it getting a whiff of his woody musky scent. I wanted more I was in sexual overdrive and desirous. I engulfed him with my mouth eliciting a more animal growl from him this time. He tightened his hold on my hair causing a little discomfort but it won’t stop me from fulfilling my desires. From the sound of his moans he won’t wake up from this lust craze I put him in. We found a steady rhythm. He plowed my mouth with such intensity yet with such amor and gentleness. Not once did I gag. He was careesing my hair, my face and my neck alternately while looking at me with heavy lidded eyes. Oh such lust I see in his eyes.
I stood up and looked him in the eyes then I licked his jaw up to lips. I pulled his right hand and lead him upstairs to my room. He had this glassy look.
As I was closing the door he pulled me to him and started crushing my lips to him. We were far gone to even think of the repercussions of our lust. We’ve shattered the boundaries of friendship and its irreparable. There will be a fork in the road that we have to choose on the aftermath of this lust but now, now is not the time to think about it. Now is the time to fulfill that lust and reach its culmination.
He pulled my shirt and licked my nipples then made his way to my neck licking it, biting it, sucking on it and leaving his marks. He helped me pull my sweatpants and underwear down he was momentarily taken aback when he saw my erection and indecisiveness showed in his face. I pulled his face to mine kissing him licking his face to ward off that uncertainty. After a few seconds I felt him press against me letting our erection grind and share heat and their nectars. I pushed against him harder guiding him towards the bed. Our legs intertwined as we fell together in the soft cushions of the mattress. I made my way down to his solid pulsating erection. I looked at him and our eyes connected. I made sure he was looking at me as I devour his manhood to the hilt. He elicited a load moan while looking at me through lidded eyes. He never lost eye contact with me he was watching me pleasuring him.
I felt his hands on the back of my head urging me to go faster but I have other ideas. I climbed up his body giving him another passionate kiss while my hands fumble with the grape seed oil on the bedside table. I was in a lust craze and I wasn’t thinking straight. I pulled for our lip locking and poured some oil on his manhood as I massaged it never losing eye contact with him. His eyes were questioning asking what I’m up to. I gave him the most seductive smile I can make and just smiled at him. I poured some of the oil on my left palm and reached back for my quivering hole anticipating the price it would get in a moment. I put the oil back on the bedside table and positioned myself. He then realized what I want us to do and I saw his eyes become wide with shock, lust and anticipation. I took hold of his manhood and let it touch my sexual orifice. He gave me a nefarious smile; it was scary and erotic at the same time. He then pushed himself up that caught me off guard. The head of his manhood entered me in haste with such deliciously carnal pain. I grabbed his hair while I gave slap his right cheek with my other hand. His eyes were wide with shock but you can see the lust underneath the shock. Slowly I sat on his manhood and my orifice engulfed every inch of it.  He threw his head back from sensory overload. When we have him buried to the root he recovered and pushed himself up into a sitting position. I grind my hips and made circular motions and he moaned against my mouth. I grabbed my waist to steady me to which I comply. He made clear its his show now. Grabbing me on the buttocks he carried me while he pushed himself into a kneeling position turning us around. He put his hand at the back of my neck and slowly lowered my head to the bed. I grabbed a pillow to position it under where my butt would touch down. Slowly he placed me down without him pulling out of me. I can feel him twitch with anticipation inside me. He started to slide in and out of me in a steady rhythm looking at me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him to me. Our fevered flesh met molding into the crevices of our body perfectly. I met his lips with mine. His rhythm suddenly increased. He pulled away from our kiss. He braced his hands on my sides giving me that lust crazed stare that I also have. His rhythm got faster almost to the point of him losing control. His manhood was touching my prostate every time he thrust deeper inside me and I was in lust overload. His continued ministrations on my prostate sent me over the edge and I let go. My sphincter muscles clenched tight on his erection and that sent him to his climax. I can feel the hotness of his seed spread inside me and that took me out of my lust craze. I tried to push him off me but he grabbed me and buried his face on my neck. I was trying hard to push him out of me realizing in my lust crazed insanity I forgot about protection. We are so fucked. I’m praying hard that he’s clean.
Exhaustion caught up to us. He rolled off me and lied there. Neither of us tried to get out of bed or move even a single muscle. We must have fell as sleep. I woke up in the middle of the night disoriented. I was shivering from cold. I pulled the comforter over us and surrender to sleep once again.


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