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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Basketball and Straight Guys (Part 1)

By: Dexter

Hi, I'm Dexter. My friends call me Dex. I am a bisexual and has known it since I was in highschool. It all started when I kissed a fellow handsome guy during a stupid drinking truth or dare game. But that's another story I will post later. For now, I am just too excited to share a newer experience which never failed to give me a raging hard on. By the way, I am a fil-am, currently a college sophomore at one of the of expensive universities in the country. I am 5'11, medium to lean build (because I enjoy working out, swimming, and basketball), light-skinned, and, must I say, I have some good looks any guy can be proud of. My current girlfriend mentioned that I have some resemblance with Dom Roque, a local celebrity. I looked him up, and I think I should agree. Plus, the guy's hot. ^_^

And oh, like I mentioned, I have a girlfriend. And I am bisexual... and the only person who knows that I like boys too is Paolo. He lives 3 houses away from mine in our subdivision. He's a freshman in a different university, but still, it is quite near mine. We're like best friends when in our subdivision - play basketball, swim, jog, drive, and watch TV sports together. He's slightly smaller, maybe 5'8 to 5'9, slightly darker but still relative lighter-skinned than the average Filipino. He has this interestingly super smooth body, somewhat medium build but noticeably with some baby fats. Despite the lack of muscular definitions of his body, I drool everytime I see him shirtless. Adding to his hotness are those wavy hair, wicked killer smile, slightly curly but packed armpit hair, and that amazing slightly hairy muscular legs.
Anyway, to get the story started, it happened one weekend when we were planning to watch basketball on TV. We were both in our favorite "at home" attire: tank tops (sando) and light shorts. Best thing is that no one else was at home except for our household help. We had the chance to indulge on hotdogs, chips, and beer! Beer in the morning!

Pao sat and leaned comfortably on the couch, occasionally having his hands raised behind his head, exposing those pits that really give me what I call sexual chills. Also, seeing his sides with his nipples nearly peeking through his loose tanktop kills me, making me wanna tear his clothes. Everytime we have this chill weekend time, I always have this silent hard on, which I have always been trying to hide from him and thought that he never noticed... Until he finally spoke up this time... "Dex, Dude, libuging bata ka ah." I was not really good at speaking Tagalog, but I do understand most sentences. "Man, what are you saying?" I said, smiling, almost laughing. "Your titi dude, I don't know if it's really big, or kung lagi ka nalang tigas pero mukhang nakatayo talaga pare," Pao said in a joking voice. "Don't tell me you don't have this male morning sickness problem. Plus, I am still at puberty stage. Biology dude." I retalliated in an obviouslyn defensive tone. Paolo also laughed, "sabi ng Bio teacher ko, hindi tumatayo yan without stimulus, are you always daydreaming about your girlfriend?" he said now laughing hard and teasing. That smile in between his laughs further heightens my lust that morning. He added, "pero, seriously dude, nag-sex na ba kayo?" I smiled, thinking "enough said". His jaw dropped, then smiled. "Weh, di nga? How was it? What did you do?" I told him my sex exprience with my girlfriend, and I think I had him getting slight erection.

"The oral's the best dude. You should try it. So I am urging you to get a girlfriend." He smiled, and I noticed that the thing down his shorts is getting really pumped up. This gave me this fire inside me which made me say something very stupid... "Or I can give it to you..."

He was stunned, but still smiling. I smiled back. After some awkward silence, he blurted out "That's gay dude!" Again, I said nothing, I just laughed. "Or wait, are you setting a trap? Are you suspecting Im gay?" I was surprised by his reaction. It was an possible escape scenario from the stupidity of my big mouth... But I thought, what the hell, this is my chance to get it out of my mind, to tell my best friend what I am going through. "Pao, I am serious... I am a bi, if you've heard about it." He smiled, the he laughed. "Fuck you dude! Tang-ina seryoso? After all these years? Kelan pa?" And so, again I told him about the high school experience that started it all...

"So teka, libog ka ba ngayon because of me? Di naman siguro sa mga basketball players, diba?" Paolo teased me. I confessed, "Oo pare, lakas kasi ng appeal mo." "Pano yan pare, di ako pwede, straight ako dude. Andaya mo, ikaw yung hindi straight, ikaw pa yung gifted with a girlfriend... Unfair!" he said, again laughing. "Dude, bi ako, pwede pa rin ako sa babae." I said defensively. "Hindi ka naman ilang diba?" I asked, slightly nervous of the answer... He was silent for some time but finally responded, "Dude, I know ganoon talaga, you can't have it all. And ayos naman tayo hanging out, doing the same stuff, but I am just not available for a gay relationship, hahaha" then he laughed hard. This made me sigh, blow out the heavy air inside my chest then thought about what I can make of this...

"So you can still let me give you the oral?" I teased. "Kung mapapatigas mo ulit ako without saying a word, and without touching my dick, I can give you a show." He teased back... I know this guy is also looking for an adventure, and I know just what to do... Clock is ticking, so started closing in towards him, staring straight to his eyes. Then my hand went straight to his chest to look for that nipple that I always wanted to grab, lick, and suck... He leaned back further and deeper into the soft couch, then raised his arm and hand to the back of his head, giving me an all-access pass to his gorgeous torso.

To be Continued


  1. Fuck! Dex conman dude we're excited to read the continuation!..

    Dex, ADMU or DLSU? Eh si Paolo? =))

  3. worth-reading! y always need a part 2 damn! excited!

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  5. Well, that was exciting! Hahaha. Next part pleaase! XD

  6. hey Mr. Cardinal :D where did you get your name? mascot ba yan ng school mo? well, if yes. im a cardinal too haha wanna meet? haha

    1. Yep, I'm a Cardinal. Eng'g.. =)

  7. ang gwapo ng model' hehe'

  8. HAHA! nice story. Is the author a cardinal? Cardinal here 4th year.