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Friday, April 4, 2014

Three- Zero

By: Paul

Hi! I am Paul, 21 years old, medium-built, 5'10". At present, I am an editor-slash-writer sa isang publishing company. Although I regularly write as part of my job, this would be my first time to write a sex story (and even more, my own sex story). That being the case, please bear with my article if this is not as arousing as the others that you have read in this site.

So, to start.

This happened over a year ago.
One morning, Mio, a 27-year-old bi that I've been texting with for almost three days asked me to come over their boarding house; saying he's alone there. And so, I did.

When I arrived, we had a small talk of naughts. None much, really.
We went straight to business. We kissed there while sitting at the sofa.
We kissed like crazy. His tongue against mine.
Palitan na kami ng laway nun.

And then, I was feeling his dick. It was hard already.
But I need more stimulation.
So, ung dibdib na lang niya ang pinagbalingan ko.
I sucked his nipples. I sucked it, and I sucked it hard.
He was so turned on, he pulled out his dick. With his shorts and briefs down to his knees, lumuhod na ako sa harapan ng sofa.
I couldn't take it anymore, I have to suck him. And so, I did.
I put out my tongue and let it kiss with the eye of his manhood.
Something on his dick aroused me even more. He has a mole there.
On my mind, I was "Hell, this could compensate for the size that this dick lacks."
True, hindi ganun kalakihan yung dick niya but it was enough for me.
At least, nasubo ko yun ng buong-buo.
But second to sucking, I like teabagging.
And so, I turned to his balls naman.
I sucked them alternately. The left and then the right.
Then, he stopped me.

I thought I may have hurt him.
But he just want us to go to the bathroom lang pala.
So there, at their bathroom under the splash of the water coming from the shower, we continued the lovemaking.
We kissed hard. Like there's no tomorrow.
He soaped my back while kissing me on my nape.
I then soaped his chest, washed it with water and sucked his nipples again.
When we had so much soaping, I knelt and began sucking him again.
I played with his dick. Then with his balls. Then with his dick again.
I licked the eye on his dickhead. Until his moans started becoming louder.
I can feel his dick throbbing inside my mouth.
Until he came. Inside my mouth.
I swallowed it all. That was the first time I swallowed another guy's cum.

We ended the lovemaking there and got back at the sofa, only to cuddle there.
After maybe an hour of cuddling, kissing, and whispering sweet nothings, we then went upstairs -- at his room.
We were fully-clothed when we got there but all those fabric went off when we got our back on his bed.

I again, sucked him.
Gustong-gusto ko yung taste ng dick niya.
Lalo na pag bumaba ako dun sa balls niya.
And then he whispered on my ear, "Chupain kita."
And so, he did.
While I'm lying on my back, he crawled downwards and knelt.
He was sucking me.
Gusto kong magmura nung time na 'yun.
He was licking the entirety of my manhood.
Then he licked my balls.
Then, my manhood again.
Ansarap, grabe.

And then I asked him to sit on my chest.
This has to be one of my favorite positions.
He sat on my chest while I am sucking his dick.
It was an alternate job for the two of us.
One moment, my mouth will be sucking his dick.
The other, it will be his dick fucking my mouth.

Until it was time for him to put that condom on.
He lubed my crack and lubed his enclosed dick also.
I was lying on my back then.
He knelt between my widespread legs.
And he started fucking me.
He slid half of his dick in on my narrow crack.
Second time ko pa lang yun na magpa-bottom.
At di ko pa nenjoy nung una kasi sobrang taba nung dick nung first-time ko.
Pero ngayon, nararamdaman ko na yung sarap.
Kahit nakahiga ako, lumalaban ako ng paggalaw sa kanya.
I locked his back using my legs, enclosing him.
Ako ang gumagalaw.
Until after a few more thrustings, he came.
He came hard. Inside me. With that condom on.

Just as when I think we were about to rest, we just kissed and he told me, "you're special, I think we can be more than friends."
That moment right there, I was struck.
I never had a boyfriend.
If so, he would be my first.

And so I embraced him and kissed him again.
This time, with more passion.
Not just lust.
And he told me that he would like to fuck me again.
This time, bare.
Wala na daw siyang condom.
Ako naman, pumayag.

And so pumosition uli kami ng ganun.
Ako nakahiga.
Siya nakaluhod sa harap ko.
At ipinasok na uli niya yung erect na uli niya na pagkalalaki sa akin.
Mas naenjoy ko na this time.
Kung naenjoy ko na nung una, mas higit pa lalo ngayon.
While fucking, we were kissing.

Mga ilang minuto pa and he, once again, came.
Inside me. Without a condom.

Now, it was my turn daw to cum.
Oo nga naman, nakatatlo na siya, ako hindi pa.

Una sa CR.
Mio: 1 --- Paul: 0

Then when he fucked me with a condom on.
Mio: 2 --- Paul: 0

Then when he fucked me bare.
Mio: 3 --- Paul: 0

He sucked me again.
He licked my balls.
he sucked me again.
We kissed.
He sucked me.
He jacked my dick.
He sucked me.
As if using all the talent his tongue could offer.
He was a really good sucker.
But however the excellent blowjobbing skills he was using, wala pa din talaga.

Until, sumuko na kami.
Hindi na ako nilabasan nun.
So, ang final score:
Mio: 3 --- Paul: 0

Sabi niya okay lang daw yun.
Ulitin na lang daw namin sa ibang araw.
After nun, umalis na kami sa boarding house nila at kumain sa labas.

Then, I got home na.
After two days, naging magboyfriend na kami.
Pero after din naman ng one month, nagbreak din kami.

And infair, nagcum na naman ako during our other sexual activities (one of which is a threesome, haha).

So that's my story.As of now, wala na kaming communication.

Sana ay nagustuhan ninyo ang aking kuwento.
Thanks for reading! More power to you guys.



  1. I love it. First part pa lang, attack agad ng libog. Tagal mo pala labasan ano?

  2. Duduguin ako e but I love the story na enjoy ko ung part na matagal labasan Haha gnun din kc ako pag sa bi hnd ako nilalabasan agad ewan ba.

  3. Tangina parang basketball game meron scoreboard!!!

  4. Wala ngang libog pero shet award-winning ang writing skills, minus the flaws syempre.

  5. I bet he's a feature writer. Haha. Wild guess lang naman :)

    1. I'm a feature writer too. :)) Kudos author.


  6. Gusto ko ang paraan mo ng paglalahad.

  7. Safety tip. Wag magpabareback pag di mo pa kilala. He whispered sweet nothings into your ears as he could have said to anyone else. Magingat tayo lahat diyan

  8. Di man lang nag-develop yung story. Di man lang na-notice nung mga nagbabasa. How did you get accepted at your job? Must be some lousy publishing firm.

  9. Di man lang nag-develop yung story. Di man lang na-notice nung mga nagbabasa. How did you get accepted at your job? Must be some lousy publishing firm.

  10. Hi Lentivirus! Practice safe sex!

  11. "Something on his dick aroused me even more. He has a mole there."

    Say hello to my good friend HPV, others know him better by the name "Genital Warts" !!! Google it and other std associated with oral sex

    Quick fact: HIV can also be passed orally. Hence the term, 'low-risk activity'.