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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Swimming and Straight Guys (Part 1)

By: Dexter

Hi, Dexter "Dex" again. Author of Basketball and Straight Guys (the adventure with Paolo) here.
Just to recap, I am a half American Pinoy, a student at one of the "expensive" universities in the Philippines. My height's 5'11, swimmer's build because of swimming of course, but I do workout and lots of basketball as well. As mentioned in previous post, my girlfriend said that I somewhat resemble local celebrity Dom Roque, who is equally hot. I am bisexual, and the only person who knows that is Paolo, who I also had my only male to male sex with... Until this happened...

During my sophomore year, I joined this swimming + diving group, which is not the university's varsity team, but nevertheless, the group is damn competitive. I joined the team along with 3 more guys and 2 girls. The 2 girls were petites but were slim and sexy, but for the sake of this story, I will focus on the boys.

First up is Ollin, yeah weird name. He's a petite guy, probably 5'4, but man, his natural chocolatey color is a major turn on. He has a shaved head which, he said, has always been that way. He has pretty muscular arms and legs, but not yet quite sculpted chest and abs. Nevertheless, the combination of his hairy muscular legs, slightly curly armpit hair, and the ultra smooth torso turned me on during our first swim.

Next is Jude, a Chinese-looking guys, "chinito", with almost the same height as mine. This guy is much slimmer than I am but still toned. It seems he is going for the ultra-lean build. The ultimate turn on for this kid is his bulge when wearing his compression shorts/trunks, which I don't hesitate to bump "accidentally" every time the humps get near me. His complexion doesn't indicate he swims a lot, but then again I don't have the dark complexion either, probably because of my American genes.

Finally, the 3rd guy is Mikel. He is an ultimate cutie, donning the white smooth complexion, killer wide smile like in a toothpaste commercial. He looks like a high-end type of guy who seem to do a lot of self-maintenance (hygiene?).
He has a modest and friendly aura all the time, which some people might find sign of gay-ness. Nevertheless, he has a seemingly quite successful relationship with a girl studying in the same university. I didn't care though, because, I, too, have a girl friend.

On our first day (actually night around 9PM), we were introduced to each other and the other members of the team, by the training head, Chap. After introductions, the rest of the team went to the other side of the pool for their regular training. The newbies are then separated by gender for orientation (not sure why at first there was need for gender separation). Coach Jen handled the girls, while Chap handled the boys. We were taken to the boys locker/shower room where whiteboards were prepared.
We were then asked about our intentions in joining the team, our hobbies, and other boring stuff, except the detail that Mikel is a part-time model, and that Ollin loves basketball a lot. I thought maybe we can play together later with Paolo.

What happened after was shocking, at least for me. We were asked by coach Chap to drop all our clothes. The objective was that we needed to get comfortable with our own skin, and seeing others' skin. He said that we will all be changing into swimming gears in lockers and other shared rooms and that being shy had no room in the swimming team's soul. He also admitted that a few of the team members were gay, and that we should learn not to let that get in our way in terms of team bonding... And so, at first, we just looked at each other, not knowing how to start... Then Chap started to remove his top... Chap is also a shorter guy, maybe 5'6. He's tan which obviously was not his natural color. But man, his body was divine, tan and sculpted. His arms were gorgeous, super yum! Testosterone was all over him...

"Guys, siguro naman hindi ako dapat ang mauuna", Chap said, with a serious tone. With that I stripped down to my whities and Mikel and Ollin followed suit. I was taking some quick peeks at Mikel while he was stripping and had an immediate hard on. I told myself that there was no point hiding my stiffened penis, because it was too big. But nobody has yet spoken about my obvious problem. We were all in our undies, each waiting for somebody to get past that point... until Chap said, "Dexter, mukhang you need to release the kraken." I giggled softly... that was somewhat embarrassing since it made Mikel and Ollin direct their attention to my "kraken". Having no more left to hide, I dropped my undies, and revealed
my stiff penis but slightly covered it with my palm. Olin joked, "Gay?"... I set out a fake nervous laugh, and said, "No dude, first timer." Everyone laughed. I guess that loosened up the atmosphere.

Mikel finally removed their undies, and revealed their cocks. Mikel was surprisingly soft, given the rumor that he might be gay. Even his pubes seemed well maintained which made me thought that this guy must have had sex just recently, or he is just plain OC with his body. Ollin, however, was semi-stiff - lengthened but not quite hard. Pubes, like his legs, were also somewhat curly hairy, which was perfectly manly. Chap, to my disappointment, remained topless only. The orientation went on with all 3 of us naked. The orientation was so boring that all my rage was consumed and my penis ended up soft.

After the orientation, we were given 30 minutes bonding / shower / prep time, then we join the rest of the team at the pool are for our first swimming skills test. It was much like the "diagnostics" type which aimed to see how much swimming skills we start with. We first got into the open shower to clean up because we ended up with sweaty butts when sitting naked. Oh my, Mikel's sweaty buns were damn hottest! Ollin's were packed tight, bulky, nice to give a little spanking. After 5 minutes, Mikel finished up his shower (again surprisingly early). He stormed into the locker area, and I wanted to follow too, but I enjoyed the hot shower so much so I decided to give it a few more minutes.

"Dex..." Ollin whispered. "Seriously, are you gay?" He was caressing his body with soap. I get it, he was trying to turn me on. I laughed it off, and didn't respond with words. He also laughed softly then moved his hand down his flaccid penis. It was small at first but it got hard pretty quickly. It got me thinking, "Is he secretly gay or bisexual too? Is he just horny? Is he seducing me into a trap?"... Nevertheless, I had no escape route, my body started to react, my nipples hardening, my cock rising and straightening up. He looked at me smiling victoriuosly. I smiled back nervously, not knowing what to do next. I just continued soaping my body then noticed he turned to look at the shower entrance. He then approached me, went for my hand, urging me to tough him. Oh my, my cock was screaming and in pain once again. I looked at him in the eye, then lifted may hand to his nipple. He then lifted his own hand to do the same to me. The nipple play was surprisingly electrifying, first time feeling it
in the shower.

"Dex..." Ollin whispered again... I looked at him. He nodded then looked at his raging hard on. F*ck, he's inviting me to go down on him!

To be continued...


  1. man your stories are so damn well written!

    However I think you totally forgot about Jude? The Chinito guy you mentioned earlier. Was he not on that training day?

    And please updates regarding you and Paolo's sextrips haha.

    Man! Please post the part 2 and 3 immediately!

  2. nice stories dex! more pls!

  3. makanose bleed kaya instead n tigasan ako ewan ano nangyari... but am excited for the succeeding parts...

  4. more more please dex! great writing!

  5. nakakalibog Grabe.
    wala pa nga sex na nangyari.

  6. nakakalibog Grabe.
    wala pa nga sex na nangyari.

  7. this is the best series in this site! Shittttt, great writing!