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Friday, October 31, 2014

No Gender Basis (Part 1)

By : Lindz

It’s been years now since the wounds of being in pain was undergoing to its recovery of healing. I have to admit, my situation was like encountering a day by day agony while remembering each moment that we are together, which suddenly turned to its unexpected ending point. What made me strong as days passed by was the fact that I fought bravely to my solitude past. I was wondering why my heart continue beating, in fact it was embraced by those aches that had been planted through the years.
At the simple age of 17, I fall in love without even thinking what will be the consequences of the game I never thought would give me satisfaction and frustration. I gave all the best that a partner can offer, to the extent that I am the one handling the situation.
We both dreamed during our dates, wishing that someday we would end up at church, exchanging bows at each other while hundreds of people were there, watching our wedding. However, it was just a dream after all. The game of love will all depends on the action of fate, unless you both hold hand together and stay stronger.
It was year 2008 when they flew to States. It was our last year of our college days. At first, I was clueless, considering the fact that he left without any sort of explanation or goodbye. Later, I knew all the details with regards of why they leave the country and decided to migrate. They have their business to operate and it was urgent that time that they can’t announce the reason behind.
I still remember our first meeting, and that very moment, I never imagine myself falling from a guy who seems so conceited and arrogant. I never wish to spend time to a person whose duty is to insult me every time our paths cross.
‘The Heartthrob, Gab Trace Anderson reigned Mr. Engineering during the annual inter-school male pageant. Among 20 candidates whose craving to bring the crown home, the campus instant celebrity never fail the expectation of his colleagues and schoolmates to snatched the title and give honor for the school. It was another year of achievement to the milestone of his voyage.’
Another paragraph captured my attention. ‘During the Question and Answer, Gab was asked by a judge if time comes that he can meet a gay and accidentally fall in love with him, what could be his possible reaction and how can he takes the hypercritical words of insult by judgmental voices around him? Without any second thought, the school pride answered the question with confident in his voice ‘Love requires acceptance, it will never be unfair, never be judgmental. If I could meet a gay and fall in love with him directly, it will never be a problem. Love supposed to spread with no bias. In fact, gays deserve to be love, equally. I will treat him with respect, with importance, and with love. For that, I show to people that Love never requires Gender to feels how passionate love is. And if they prejudice our relationship, well, I’ll never give them the satisfaction to destroy what has we build to keep our relationship stronger and lasting. If they will question us, that will never be our problem, it’s them who can’t afford to accept the reality.’
‘Hey Sissy! Ehem. What is that? Patingen nga’ Di ko na namalayan na nasa tabi ko na pala si Franc, he’s my best friend since high school and still my best friend until now. He is straight forward but witty. He hates nerd, as well as jologs. He seems so easy-go-lucky, but responsible.His status? Well, He’s taken, 8 months now. Amazing right? Boyfriend niya? You must need to know. Why? Captain Ball lang naman ng tinitiliang Basketball Team ng Campus namin. They are the best example of Gab’s winning answer ‘Love never requires Gender to feels how passionate love is’. Ang swerte ng aking Sister. But I never feel insecure towards him. Alam niya ‘yun, at di niya kiniquestion.
‘So, you are staring the campus heartthrob ha? Yun nga lang, hanggang Picture kalang niya sa school paper publication’ dugtong pa niya. I am supposed to depend my side but he then continue afterwards. ‘Not bad for your taste. Gab is cool, cute and smart. Pero remember sissy, he is the apple of the eye ng mga flirt nating schoolmates sa different department. Gosh! Yung instant irog mo, di mo maabot sa sobrang sikat.’ Pabiro nitong sabi.
‘Excuse me, I’m just reading the content of this issue until nakita ko yan. Swear. Besides, he’s not my type. You know naman, I hate popular’ Sabay tawa.
‘Don’t fool yourself with your words, baka kainin mo. Wag mag bitaw ng patapos, baka subukin ka ng panahon’ makahulugan nitong sabi. Di ko nalang pinansin.
‘Sinapian ka ata. Why so serious Bestie? Sa sobrang in love mo sa boyfriend mo, nagmumukha ka ng matanda kung magsalita. Correction, love isn’t my priority. I enrolled here to gain knowledge, to become worthy of what I’ll be in the future. Kaya nga nagsisipag akong mag-aral. Again, Love or either Crush, that’s bullshit. It will destruct my focus.’ Mahaba kung paliwanag sa kanya para matigil na siya.
Biglang tumunog ang cellphone ni Franc. Kinapa niya ito sa bulsa niya at kaagad sinagot.
‘Yes Babe? Really? How about my best friend? Can he just accompany me?’ napapangiting tiningnan ako ng aking sister. His eyes getting wild. He press the end button at humarap sakin. ‘Fix yourself Honey, we have important person to look for. Be beautiful.’
‘Ha? But why? Am I not beautiful? Mom told me na kamukha ko na daw si Aphrodite? The goddess of beauty and love, remember? So, why do I need to fix things up? Besides, I’m fabulous.’ Sinabayan ko nalang ng tawa.
‘Loka loka! Halika na nga.’ Sabay hablot niya saking kamay.
As expected, Sissy meets his boy friend together with his team mates, syempre, we are right beside them. Accidentally that Gab walked towards us. Since he is known as Heartthrob, Henreick, Franc’s boyfriend called up Gab.
The person who is in front of me is like a God of his perfect sculpture, in every angle and his masculinity as well. Wow! Finally, I got the chance to see him closer. I can say that Gab deserves the crown, no question, no doubt.

‘Hey campus prince, how’s life? Please me to extend my congratulation.’ Vocal na sabi ni Henreick.
I wonder bakit siya nakatingen sakin. Asiwa ako habang naka tingen siya. I have to admit, masyado akong na conscious. Agad nabaling ang atensyon ko kay Franc ng magsalita siya.
‘Oh nga Gab, Congrats. We all know that your determination was paid off. Di kalang sikat sa school. Every girl wanted you. Well, also count the number of gays’ sabay bitaw ng makahulugang tawa habang nakatingen sakin ang aking Bestie. Gab just gives a smile. Habang ako ay umiwas lang ng tingen sa kanila.
Kung pagmamasdan, masasabing may pang tapat siya sa mga Boy-next-door na kilala sa industriya. Unang tingen mo palang ay papangarapin mong sanay naging sayo siya. But despite of his good looks, Gab manages to balance his academic and one of those dean’s list ng kanilang college. Kaya nga siksik ang bansag sa kanya, siksik sa kagwapohan, siksik sa katalinuhan. Napukaw ako saking pag-iisip ng biglang magsalita si Hendrick.
‘Pare, this is Ivan. Best friend ng aking kasintahan.’ Tango lang ang sinagot ko sa kanya. Pero sadya atang mabait ang loko, kaagad niyang inabot sakin ang kanyang kamay para mag shake hands. Parang may kung anong bultahe ng kuryente ang bigla kong naramdaman. Hindi ko maipaliwanag kung anong sensasyon ang aking kinakaharap. Pero bago pa man ako nabaliw sa nagaganap na eksensa, kaagad kong hinarap ang realidad.
‘It is my pleasure to finally meet you, Mr. Anderson. And please accept my warm congratulation for your reign. You never disappoint the school.’ Kalmanteng kong wika. Bakas sa kanya ang pag-ismid. Waring sinasabing ‘paulit-ulit nalang’. Nagkibit balikat lang ako. Sa pag tingen ko ulit sa kanya ay bakas na ang walang kapantay nitong ngiti na waring inukit ng isang dalubhasang skultor.
‘Ehem’ baritonong boses ang kanyang pinakawalan. Ang boses na galling sa kanya ay nagdulot sakin ng nakakakilig na pakiramdam. Di naman ako transparent para ipahalata ang aking kagalakan. Kaya mas pinili ko nalang na maging pormal.
‘Thank You Guys, I know that my fight is your fight too. Kaya I pursue to get the title so I can return the favor of helping me. Your cheers mean a lot. Kaya ginalingan ko. The victory of my winning is for the school’s name. They just used me as an instrument to prove further that the students of this University is well trained and molded, in terms of Academic, and in an active participation of an out campus contests and competition.’ Madamdaming pahayag ni Gab.
Ang gwapo niya kahit saang anggulo mo siya tingnan. Nangingintab ang kanyang mukha habang nasisinagan ng haring araw na nakadaragdag sa karisma niyang taglay. Nakakaengganyo ang kanyang mga labi na animoy pinaglihi sa prutas ng mansanas. Perpekto ang hugis ng kanyang ilong na mistulang nililok ng sikat na mang-uukit.Kay hirap niyang abutin.At kung di ka man lang nabibilang sa elite na pamilya, mas mabuting mahalin mo nalang siya ng palihim dahil sa napakatayog niya para angkinin.Namumukod tange ang kanyang personalidad.
‘Well, it is nice to hear that Pare. Anyways, I still have to change my shirt. Please excuse me’ Si Henrick. Pero bago pa man siya umalis ay binalingan muna niya ang aking Sissy sabay halik sa pisnge. ‘I’ll be back for a couple of minutes Babe. Stay put.’
‘I’ll wait’ ‘yun lang ang sinabi ni Franc. Naiwan kaming tatlo ni Gab. Umalis na rin kasi ang ka Team Mates ni Hendrick. Wala na din masyadong tao sa court dahil sa tapos na rin ang Practice schedule. Namagitan samin ang katahimikan. Walang nag initiate na mag bukas ng topic. Sa pagkabigla ko ay hinarap ako ni Gab sabay tanong ‘Hey, mind you If I ask your name again? Si Franc kasi, kilala ko na yan. I was there when my best friend Drick asked him to become Mrs.Froid.Well, ganun ka inlove ‘yung best friend ko sa buddy mo.’ Parang kianakausap niya lang ako na parang close niya na. Actually, ang sarap din naman sa pakiramdam na kausapin ng pinagpapantasyahan ng nakararami.
‘I’m Ivan Miguel Reyes.’ ‘Yun lang ang mga salitang nabitawan ko. Magkahalong pagkadismaya at lungkot ‘yung naramdaman ko. Parang wala akong maapuhap na sagot sa kanyang simpleng katanungan.
‘Di ko alam na ang tipid magsalita ng kaibigan mo Franc.’ Sabay baling saking buddy. ‘ By the way, I will go ahead Sweeties. My co-officers texted me. Malapit na kasi ang Intrams and we need to meet for the activities. See you next time’
Pagkaalis na pagkaalis ni Gab, agad akong kinurot ni Franc. ‘Aray naman sissy. Bat nangungurot ka?’
‘Can’t you see? Time mo yun para magpakilala. It was an opportunity who managed to give you time to make him feel comfortable. Well, you have lost the chance. Ewan ko nalang kung mauulit pa ‘yun.’ Magsasalita sana ako ng tumunog cellphone niya. ‘Yes Babe? I see. See you Tomorrow. Bye’
‘Ano daw?’ usisa ko sa kanya.
‘Mauna nalang daw tayo. He still needs to see his coach. Matatagalan daw. May meeting din sila for the up-coming league ng junior inter-school basketball. Tara?’
‘Sige. Ah sissy, paki email naman maya ng article mo oh. Iedit ko pa kasi. Submission na next week right?’ sabi ko sa kanya.
‘Copied Sissy. Lets go?’ at nilisan na namin ang basketball court kung saan kami unang nagkakilala ni Gab. It was great to finally saw him closer.Nakakawala sa sarili ang matitigigan siya ng malapitan. And the rest of my day turned so inspiring.
Kung ano ‘yung ikinaganda ng araw ko kahapon, yun naman ang kinaiinis ko ngayon. The clock speaks 8;30 ng magising ako kanina. 9 pa naman ang major subject ko.Para akong ipo-ipo kanina kung kumilos. Tapon ng tuwalya dito, suot ng uniform duon. Sipolyo, ayos ng sarili then baba. Di na ako kumain. Tagal pa ng taxi. Ma traffic na kasi. Mismong pasok ko ng gate ng may tumawag sakin. Dahil nga sa nagmamadali ako at gusto kong umabot sa major class ko kaya nilingon ko ang tumawag na hindi man lang tumitingen sa mga dumaraan.Nakita ko nalang yung mga dala kong drafts ng article na nakakalat sa semento. Nabunggo ko pala ang isang estudyante. Mag sosorry sana ako ng sa pag angat ng aking tingen ay nasilayan ko ang mukha ni Gab. Pero opposite sa kung ano yung gusto kong makita. Nakasimangot ito na naiinis.
‘Next time, maging responsible ka naman sa dinaraanan mo. You damn gay wasted half of my time to attend my class. Can’t you see? Maraming estudyante ang dumaraan at pinairal mo pa yang katangahan mo. You’re disappointing’ arogante niyang sabi.
Napako ako sa kinatatayuan ko. Gusto kong umiyak sa pagkapahiya dahil na rin sa maraming tao ang nakarinig at nakasaksi. Nakakahiya ang pangyayari. Umalis niya siya subalit naiwan parin akong tulala. Nang di ko na maiwasan pa ay dumaosdos na ang luha na kanina ko pa pinipigilan.Mistula itong tubig talon na tuloy-tuloy ang pagdaloy.
‘Here. It will help you dear.’ Isang boses ang aking narinig. Nagbibigay ng assurance na sa panyong kanyang ibibigay ay mawawala ang lahat ng aking iniinda. Tiningnan ko ang lalaki. Bakas sa mukha nito ang pagdamay sa aking sitwasyon.
‘Thank You’ At patuloy ko parin ang masaganang luha sa pagtulo.
‘Just don’t mind Gab’s action. He unintentionally do that, he was pressured. Ako na ang hihinge ng tawad sa nagawa niya. By the way, I’m Nathan. Nathan Louie Puerre. Tahan ka na.’ Na relieve ako sa heartwarming niyang mga salita. Well, I guess it’s time to be strong,maging palaban. All my life, kinulong ko ang sarili ko sa pagiging mahiyain, aloof and timid. This is the right time na din seguro to go out on my shell, to socialize, to stand stronger. At pagsisihan ng Gab na yun na may isa siyang baklang ininsulto sa maraming tao. Right this moment, magbabago ang lahat.
‘Ivan pala. Sorry sa pagiging ma drama. I wonder bakit ako napaiyak ng ganun. Well, I admit, sensitive talaga ako, maybe that was the reason of bursting out my emotion.’ Tiningna ko yung relo ko. 6 minutes before mag start ang klase. Agad akong nagpaalam. ‘Nathan, right? I need to go. 5 minutes nalang yung remaining time ko para sa major subject ko. Thank you again. I’m looking forward for the days to meet you again.’ Kasabay ng aking paglisan at pag-iwan kay Nathan ay ang ngiti na aking binitwan.
‘Sissy? Why you’re seems pre occupied? Is there something bothering you? Care to share. You can lean on your problem. ‘ Sa classroom na ako nun at tapos na rin ang major subject naming. Buti nalang talaga at nakaabot pa ako sa mismong oras ng pagpapasa ng drafts ng mga articles. Vacant na naming at resume na naman ang klase at 1 o’clock for history.
‘Nope’ at sinabayan ko ito ng bubbling ngiti. ‘Wag mo na nga akong kausapin sissy. Marami pa akong iniisip para sa final presentation ng project natin. ‘
‘Whatever sissy. Basta pag nalaman kong may nililihim ka, may pektus ka sakin’ at pinagkikiliti ako ng aking best buddy.
‘Ooooooh my gooooosh! Gab Anderson!’ Sabay kaming napatingen lahat sa bungangera naming kaklase. Nagkibit balikat nalang ako. Nakakairita sa pandinig ang pangalan niya.
‘Gab just insult a gay a few hours. At ang caption pa, ‘Gab lost his temper due to a busy schedule!’ Talaga naman oh. Kahit Campus Prince, pumapangit rin pala kong magalit. Look’ pinakita ni Karryle sa katabi niya. ‘This is really disgusting! But wait, Hey! Parang si’ pinutol ni Karryle ang sasabihin at lumapit samin ni Franc.
‘Ivan? Is this you? Hell! At bakit sa dami-daming estudyanteng bakla na mapapadaan at mababangga niya ay ikaw pa? Look? You look so hopeless here. I pity you’ lantad sa mukha ni karryle ang pagdamay sa kung ano man ang nangyari.
Tiningnan ko si Franc, kitang kita ang lungkot sa kanyang mukha.
‘Bakit di mo sinabi? My God Sissy! All my life, all our life, di ka nag lihim sakin kahit sa simpleng kasalanan na nagawa mo nuon. Why now? Di man lang kita na protektahan kanina sa antipatikong yun. Akala ko pa naman kung mabait siya. Tingnan mo nga, kinaladkad ka pa niya sa kasikatan niya’ sermon sakin ng aking buddy.
‘Calm down bestie. It was also my fault. Naging tanga ako. Don’t worry, I’ll fix things up. Let the issue die in its natural death.’sabi ko nalang para hindi mag hysterical si Franc.
Pauwi na kami nun ni Franc ng may isang lalaking kumuha ng aking atensyon. Gusto ko sanang lumihis kami ng daraanan ngunit na corner na kami ng lalaki. May kasama siya, kilala ko at lalaki na nakasunod sa kanya. Nakaismid na tiningnan ni Franc ang dalawa. Nang aktong lalapitan niya kami at ako na ang nagsalita. Mahirap na kasi kong si Franc pa.
‘Just stay to where you are now. Hindi pa ba sapat na ininsulto at binilad mo pa ako sa kahihiyan? Sabihin nating kasalanan ko dahil naging tanga ako sa mismong dinaraanan mo, pero hindi ako ganun kamanhid para hindi maramdaman ang sakit ng mga binitawan mong mga salita. Bakla lang din ako Gab, may puso at nakakaramdam ng kirot. Pero di ibig sabihin nun na madali lang para sayo na saktang ang damdamin ko. Gwapo ka nga,oo, pero hindi makain ang ugali mo’
‘Please listen. I know I made a mistake. Swear,it wasn’t my intention to insult you, either harass you to people who know the incident. Kasalanan ko, kaya nandito ako to say sorry.I want to win your forgiveness’ nagsusumamong sabi ni Gab.
‘Too late to ask Mr. Anderson. At sana, this will be our last encounter. Let’s go sissy’aktong tatalikod na kami ng hinawaka niya ang aking kaliwang kamay. Nakakakuryente ang kanyang pagkakahawak.
‘I’ll wait the day when you’re ready to forgive me. I was my fault then. Sorry. I know words isn’t enough but I’m hoping to fix this issue. I want you to know that I respect gays. Nagkataon lang na pressure ako kanina. If only I could explain everything. Pero napakahirap at takot ako nab aka di mo maintindihan’ mahaba niyang paliwanag.
‘I don’t need your explanation Mr. Anderson. Okay na seguro ang sorry kahit di ko makapa ang sinseridad’
I wasn’t able to finish editing the article assigned to me for the creation of our magazine ‘cause I also need to finish the scrutinizing of the other unrelated output. Well, it is a tiring day after all. However, this is one way of showing leadership to my team mates for the betterment of our project and for the better grades to earn from our professor since it is our major subject, and it so saddened that when I check out one written output, I was dismayed. I saw the headline, and it says ‘The emerging Campus royal heartthrob, Gab on its water flow fame, Continual’. The article says about the hard works, perseverance of his journey towards reaching his aim goal and vision in life while fighting the day by day stressful hours listening to infinite lessons.
‘I don’t give a damn’ nausal ko nalang sabay ignore sa article. Since drained na ‘yong utak ko sa maraming nirevised, I went outside, trying to unwind to relieve stress. I was on our corridor then when I saw familiar faces. Yeah, FAMILIAR FACES to be exact.
I was about to step back to ignore them when someone utter words that made me face front. And since, maraming studyante na nakapaligid, It made me blushed and turned like a hot potato. Di pa nagsisink-in sakin ang sinabi niya.
‘Yeah, you heard it right students, I and this guy Ivan from the Language Department is my lover, he is mine and will be mine alone. Sorry for being afraid of telling you about our secret affair. But now, I have the courage enough to say that we are stable now and we’re happy for having this private relationship. I do hope that you’ll treat him the same like what you gave to me.’ Inakbayan niya ako na lalong nagpamanhid sakin. Mistula akong nakalutang sa alapaap na walang direksyon na pupuntahan.
Humarap siya sakin at sinabi ‘I know you’re surprised baby. But I can’t take it anymore.’ Artistang artista ang dating ng loko. Nakakainis ang pagpapacute niya. Nakakarindi ha? Pero nakakaganda naman ng araw.
Marami ng nagbubulong-bulungan. Tiningnan ko ang mga studyante, majority sa kanila ay pokerface, pero wala namang sinabi o inusal. Mas nakagaan ‘yon sakin ng loob. Ayoko kasing nakakarinig ng mga salita lalo pa’t naririnig ko.
Bumalik na ako sa aking katinuan, nag excuse ako sa mga kasama niya at sabay hablot sa kanya. ‘We need to talk.’ Wala na akong pakialam sa sasabihin ng iba basta makaladkad ko lang siya para klaruhin ang lahat. Masyado na akong stressed sa mga pinanggagawa niya.
Dinala ko siya sa cr ng department namin. I want to talk to him heart to heart and to clarify things up. Ayokong pag tsismisan. Mas ayokong mabilad sa kahihiyan.
‘I know na sikat ka. Kaya mo akong ikabit sayo para makilala ng iba. Pero iba ‘yong ginagawa mo eh, it always humiliating Gab. I wonder bakit mo pa nagawa ‘yon kanina. Are you out of your mind? Haven’t you think about the consequences? Wag kang magpakabobo. You are fooling your own self. Nakakabastos kana. Paulit-ulit nalang Mr. Gabriel Trace Anderson.’
‘Can’t you see the reason why I’m doing that? Ha? Di mo ba nakuha ‘yong point? Gusto kong mapalapit sayo but your pushing me not to enter your world. Ikaw ‘yong selfish eh. Ikaw ‘yon. I did everything to please you with my action. It is unusual for me to create another account on facebook to sent friend request and stalked you all the way. The one who is sending you flowers? Ako ‘yon. Chocolates is another factor. Para na nga akong nanliligaw. ‘Yong minsang may sumulat sayo to invite you dinner in a resto na di mo sinipot. Ako ‘yon at naghintay ako ng mahigit anim na oras. But I did not complain. Nang minsang nag status ka para magpa answer ng assignment mo sa statistics, I sent you the answer via email. Alam mo ba kung ano yong masakit sa lahat ng ginawa ko? ‘Yong naka mascot ako na pumasok sa room niyo para aliwin ka at matuwa kasi sabi ni sissy mo tuwang-tuwa ka sa mga ganun but I heard when you screamed that it is kinda boring to entertain such annoying trying hard mascot to make everyone laugh. Labis akong nasaktan non, pero nakuha ko bang mag give up? Hindi diba? Narito parin ako. Last option ko na ‘yon kanina. At thanks God, kahit ganito ‘yong set up ng pag-uusap natin ay okay na para sakin. Di ko alam if what seems to be unusual? Were in fact, di ka babae, pero nakakabaliw ka. First encounter palang natin para na akong nahypnotized. I don’t know if this is right, but I want you Ivan. I really do’.
‘Tapos kana ba sa Sona mo? Hininge ko rin ba na maging ganun ka towards sakin? In the first place, I did not even tell you to do all that.Masyado kalang paranoid at feeling mo natamaan ko ‘yong pride ng pagkalalaki mo. I don’t give a damn with your efforts. Di ko rin kasalanan if ganyan naging reaction mo. Maybe, settle with things you used to do before. Para naman di mo maisampal sakin ‘yong ununsual drama mo. The best thing you could do? DISAPPEAR. That will help to make things smooth. Para di kana mamoblema para iplease ako. ‘ Aktong tatalikod na ako ng hinawakan niya ‘yong kaliwang kamay ko. Di na ako humarap pa. Baka bumigay lang ako.
‘Yon ba talaga makakapagbigay sayo ng presence of mind? Say it, and I will damn give it to you!’ Mahina pero may awtoridad ang kanyang boses.
‘Please do.’ ‘yon lang at umalis na ako. Masyado ng mallit ang cr para saming dalawa.
Nakatunganaga lang ako sa monitor ng computer. My classmates keep on posting their insights regarding the approaching Intramurals. Wala naman akong balak pumunta, dir in naman kasi ako sociable. I rather spend time facing the computer than to go school having a boring moment. Ganun kasi ako, even when I was in High school. Ayoko ma exposed sa ganung mga event. Its kinda tiring. I am about to shutdown the computer when Franc, my sissy called me up.
‘Where are you all this day?’ bungad niyang sabi.
‘House. Facing the monitor. Why?’
‘Dress up. I’ll pick you 5 minutes from now. I want to show you something’
‘I see. I’ll wait then.’ Sabay patay ko sa phone.
I went downstairs when I finally finished making myself comfortable with my dress. The doorbell rang. And since ako lang mag isa sa bahay kasi namalengke sila yaya at mama, ako nalang ang nagkusang mag bukas.
‘Sissy.’ Bungad ko sa kanya.
‘Sakay na.’
Wala na akong nagawa at din a nagtanong pa. SAKTO! Sa school pala kami pupunta. I wonder why, since wala kaming pasok at wala kaming task na kelangang gawin.
‘Why we’re here Franc?’ nagtatakang tanong ko.
Before he answer,I saw an engineering students coming while singing a love song. They all have red roses and about to go to where I am standing. Nakakawala ng tuliro. Before I know, Gabriel appears with a microphone on his hand. He has a bouquet of flowers in his left hand. I can’t even predict what will happen next, basta sunod lang ako sa flow.
‘I know it was a reject statement when you told me to leave you alone. Nakakainsulto ‘yon sa pagkalalaki ko Ivan. But I understand. Last night, I was preoccupied. I kept on thinking on what to do to forget you this quick, but surely am, I can never.Now, in front of all the student, I will court you. Wala na akong pakialam if ano mang sabihin nila. Only your yes to be mine will matter at the moment. Allow me to enter your world. I promise, I’ll do what everything for you to be happy.’
Pagkatapos na pagkatapos niyang bigakasin ang mga katagang ‘yon, bumalik ako sa realidad. Naging mas matalino ako kung ano ba dapat ang pakikinggan ko. Nakakaasiwa lalo pa’t dumarami na ang mga studyante at mas lalong nagkumpulan. Mahirap talagang mag desisyon, lahat ba’t bakla ka lang at liligawan ng isang sikat na personalidad sa inyong paaralan. Parang jackpot sa lotto.
‘I’m not the right person for you. I have this feeling that I couldn’t be a good partner if ever. Please, there’s a destined person that could give the love in return.’ Malumanay kong wika.
‘Don’t fool yourself Ivan. I know that I have place in your heart. You kept on denying the true feeling inside. Give me a chance to prove that I can be worthy with that love. I never ask for more now, I have everything I could be proud of, but it didn’t have any difference to a beggar asking for a centavo or a coin, because I haven’t you. I am empty. I am hopeless’ madamdaming pahayag nito sa maraming tao. ‘Yong ibang mga studyante ay nagkumpulan na rin dahil sa nakuha na nila ang atensyon.
Wala akong makapang sagot sa kanyang tinuran. Mistula akong nawala ng panandalian sa aking katinuan. Nakikita ko ang effort niya. Pero takot akong masaktan at umasa. Ayokong pagsisihan kung sakaling mag desisyon ako ngayon. Nanumbalik sa akin ang iniisip ko kagabi. Hindi ko lubos maisip kung totoo ba lahat ng kanyang sinabi. Ayokong matulad sa iba. Dahil kung atin mang iisipin,ang lalaki ay para sa babae, at ang babae ay para sa lalaki. Gayun lang ‘yon kadali.
‘Gusto kitang bigyan ng rason at bukal sa loob na tanggapin ka at pasukin ang aking mundo. Pero ayoko lang masaktan. Ayokong mapaglaruan. Mas lalong ayokong maging kawawa. Ni hindi ko pingarap na makabit sa kasikatan mo. Mas Masaya na ako sa kung ano man ang meron ako ngayon. Gab, sabihin ko mang ayokong tanggapin ang hinihingi mo, pero alam kong mas dalawang ulit itong masakit. Naguguluhan ako. Kagabi, hindi ako makatulog. Iniisip kita. Iniisip ko ang mga sinabi mo. Pero Gab, hindi naman kasi sapat yon para mapatunayan na totoo nga ang intension mo. Sorry sa ngayon, pero ipokrito kong sasabihin kong hindi kita gusto. Pero doon nalang seguro ‘yon. That’s the least thing I could do to help us saving from consequences so that we have we have choice not to take risk to start a foundation. I’m sorry. But I can’t accept your proposal.’



  1. kakakilig! HAHA. Next na yan! :D ang ganda kasi ng story, nakakarelate ako. HAHA. Kudos Kiddo. Thanks. :)


    Grammar issues na nakaka distract sa pagbabasa.

    2nd? Spacing naman. Paragraphs. Sakit sa mata basahin.

    Combined together created headache. I lost interest after the first paragraph.


    1. By the way, it's falling FOR a guy.

      Not falling FROM a guy.

      Just one of the numerous distracting errors.

      Sorry again....

    2. Why are you so JUDGEMENTAL! Why don't you produce your own story and we'll critique your work. Do it also in Spanish, para bueno comprender.

    3. Para bueno comprender? Lols!

      Are you serious? Hahaha!

      That is just stupid. Some idiot may do it, but I am definitely not one of them. Though we had Spanish classes back in college at the UST, my Spanish fluency is not enough to write an article as I have to be mindful of Spanish grammar rules, something I do not use on a daily basis, hence irresponsible and risky. Que habre estupido amigo mio, porque yo no hablo bien Espanol . Lo siento mucho.

      And yeah, I actually have published articles in another site where I get paid for each views on my story. Not only that, I also get paid for every single like and comment made by viewers. And yes, all my stories are in English. So far, not a single comment about my grammar.

      Satisfied? LOLS!


      Appreciate the constructive comments as that is the only way to see the things you missed, giving you the chance to avoid making the same mistake twice.

      That being said, I still want world PEACE!


    5. Uy bakla ang taas mo naman! Meaning, parang nakadrugs. No need to flaunt your irrefutable grammar skills that sound a bit forced/academic. Shift f7 pa more. Charing! Oh wag nang bitter! Alam naman ata ng karamihan ung flaws, nakakaumay lang yung merong maghahigh horse any moment. Bukluh dahan dahan sa thesis-sounding "critiques" wala atang may bet makarinig non. Ust ka kamo? Kaya pala. Biro lang poooooo!!! Madaming magaling sa ust ha! Lalo na sa cfad at med. Marami ring gwapo.

    6. Uy, ikaw na ang ndi bakla. LOLS! Simple at constructive ang comment na nauna. Ang kaso may umepal at naghamon. Kaya ayun....BOOMPANES!!!

      Hindi yan high horse. Palanstahan lang yan. Nakakirita ung epal eh. Gusto ko sya plantsahin. LOLS!


      Ndi naman bitter. SInagot lang ang hamon ng epal na bading. Basahin mo naunang comment kapatid.


    7. Totoo naman eh. Mapapasin at mapapasin mo ang mali sa grammar sa sobrang dami at yung iba sobrang simple na nga ng sentence mali pa rin. Wag na isulat sa english at masyadong trying hard ang dating eh. Sayang kasi eh, maganda pa naman story mo

    8. In fairness magcocomment na sana ako pero te ang baho lang ng word na boompanes. Ang cheap nya noh?

    9. Ang daming grammatically incorrect sa story. Sorry, pero naka-isang paragraph lang ako. Di ko kinaya.

    10. To hombrepara2 - "at the UST" ?? SERIOUSLY? haha! It's for me to know and for you to find out why I would say it's WRONG! Even at first glance. No war meant here. Just reality that nobody's perfect and so are you - kahit sa english pa. Learn to comment or use your knowledge for the benefit and goodness of others. Kung ikaw ang mas nakakaalam, dapat ikaw ang mas nakakaunawa. OK?

    11. Ate......may punto naman si hombre..kung binasa mo ang threads. Maayos ang comment nya at simple. Tapos may nagmaganda at naghamon. Ndi issue ang school. Kung naintindihan mo...hinamon sya na magsulat ng kwento sa Spanish. At inamin nya na katangahan pag gnawa nya dahil ndi sya magaling sa Spanish. Basa basa din pag may time. Wag skimming..para ndi maligaw.

    12. Psst ! Baklang Anonymous Nov. 11 10:42PM................Ganda ng advice mo kay hombrepara. Pero mas bagay sayo...dapat gamitin mo. Sakto sa yo eh. Idol mo si Michael Jackson? Hahaha!

      I'm standing with the man in the MIRROR...I'm asking him to change his ways...

      Winner ka bakla. Tinira mo sarili mo. LOLS

    13. OMG! "at the UST?" "back in college in the UST?" "So far, not a single comment about my grammar." Check it out. LOL

      Nov 12 6:49 PM -- hindi nga issue ang school, ang grammar ineng ang issue. AT THE UST Basa-basa din ulit. Masyadong perfectionist si hombre so I can't believe it. So siguro itatanong mo sa akin ngayon, ano ang tama? Check niya ang sentence niya, tutal iyon naman ang pinapagawa ko sa kanya. AT THE UST (in his sentence) ay MALI.

      Nov 12 7:04 PM -- Oh my gosh! You're so pathetic. Practice what you preach.

    14. Sa admin ng KM, please magkaroon ng kayo ng editorial stuff este staff. Haha!

      NAG-AAWAY AWAY ANG MGA BAKLA DAHIL SA MALING GRAMMAR! Ang daming madunong dito. Ipa-edit niyo sa kanila! Mga peste!

    15. ANON Nov. 13 7:21PM

      May pinagdadaanan ka teh? Bakit Galit na galit kay hombre? Ndi ka ba pinatulan? Hanap iba...madami jan. Dami ng comment sa grammar si hombre bet mo?

      Tama ung isa nag comment. Ung bashing comment/advice mo? applicable sa iyo. Inulit mo pa...practice what you preach kamo ndi ba? Gising ka teh. Kape ka.


    16. Whoaaa!!! I see I got myself a "fan"...LOLS!

      If I'm you...I would quit using OMG with your comments, especially if it is followed by a "not so perfect" line .

      Check grammar websites...you will find out that IN is not the only preposition you can use before a university name.

      AT is generally use for places ( e.g., at home, at the office, at the hotel, at school )

      Addition of the article THE varies on the familiarity of the subject place.

      And by the way.......you corrected the phrase with "IN THE UST" ? Seriously?

      in UP....in Ateneo...in La Salle...in UST...in Trinity University...

      Got my point?

      You "corrected" a grammatically correct phrase with THAT?

      And if you noticed, my first comment was plain simple and constructive.

      Then some arrogant dickhead bashed me for nothing and challenged me to write in Spanish and even questioned my English skills. I just put him in his place. Why are you so affected? You should never be, unless....that was also YOU.

    17. Opps.....and before you go ballistics again, try to read my first comment before I was bashed, and ask yourself if your " advice" is applicable to me.

      The way I see things, you could very well benefit from your own advice.

      I am done with this.

    18. Oh my gosh! This is even worst than I think. "If I'm you..." ??? Seryoso? First, AT THE UST now, "IF I'M YOU.." Sorry, but definitely not convinced. Masyado ka kasing marunong, I thought you would figure it out dahil NAPAKADUNONG mo. I-reiterate ko ha? Your sentence was "Though we had Spanish classes back in college at the UST." If you still can't figure out why THE is not needed, then you failed UST. You just let your school down.

      And oh, not to mention the new one - "If I'm you..."

      Hayss. O siya, ikaw na ang panalo para matuwa ka naman. I'm sure you'll answer to this dahil masyado kang PERPEKTO.

      I agree on your comment ok? There were a lot of errors on the authors grammar. And your comment was simply good. But bragging "not a single comment about your grammar" is too much. Even native Americans screwed up with their grammar. Ikaw pa kaya? Oh eh di ikaw na! Iyung-iyo na! Hahaha! "If I'm you"!! Hahaha!

      Winner! I'm gonna use that phrase nowadays. ROTFL!

    19. I'm sure hindi 'yan mapapakali si hombre na sumagot sa comment ko, mag-aanonymous 'yan. Hahaha. Hindi 'yan makakatulog nang hindi naidedefend ang "grammar" niya. HAHA!

      Ipaliwanag kung bakit hindi na kailangan ang THE sa pangungusap na "Though we had Spanish back in college at the UST." Bakit tama kapag may THE? Ipaliwanag 20 points. lol!

      Bakit tama (kunu) ang "If I'm you.."? Explain 10 points. lol!

    20. You amaze me...really ! Made me smile too. Your arrogance apparently knows no bound.

      I was attacked and defended myself so I proved my attacker wrong. I have a reason.I did not even bashed the author.

      What is your reason to bash me? Hmmmmmmmm!


      Your the author?

      Your my attacker and now pissed off coz i smacked your face?

      You hate Thomasians? why?

      As for the grammar....I will leave you with it. You are obviously as thick as a mule.

      Though I stated a fact about my literary works. I never said I am perfect.

      Your hatred and arrogance is amusing me now. You must be currently connected with one of the BPO companies there in Manila.

      You want recognition? Willing to fight tooth and nail to have it?

      It's all your mate. Have it. I don't need it.

      I just defended myself to my attacker ( which based on your actions, could very well be you).

      And......If I am you...is a phrase commonly used here in UK by Brits and non Brits alike.

      Since you are desperately trying to prove to everyone that you are sick with the language, I will assume you know the many differences between American and British English.

      Oppps....."sick" means excellent/very good/awesome here in England.

      Yeah...laugh away with the phrase If I am you. Sometimes ignorance can be a bliss.

      Bash away. Have fun with it.

      Whatever makes you happy mate! Show everyone who you are.

      As for me....you no longer exist.

    21. Bakit nga ba. Nakakalurky kayo mga beks!

      Sa baklang basher ni hombre.....ateng....bakit nga laki ng galit? may pinagddanan?

      At saka...wag ka magagalit ate ha..... tama ba ung "even worst" mo?

      Nacurious tuloy ako...nang gigigil ka kay hombre....bet mo sya ateng?

      Ikaw naman hombre..wag na patulan. Magkaiba pala kayo ng English na ginagmit eh. Ndi nga kayo magkakasundo.

      Grabe!! Palong palo sa comment dito.

    22. Eto naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

      Sinusubaybayan ko eto...ang war ng 2 bakla na nagmamagaling. Mas nakaka aliw kesa sa story ni author. peace!

      Hombre....muusok ka na ba sa galit? kasi...mdami kn din sablay sa comments mo..mga grammar issues. Pero....ganun siguro talaga...pag galit..nawawala sa wisyo. wala na focus

      Sa baklang kaaway....TARAY no? YOU NO LONGER EXIST daw. Ateng !!!! may power ka na.

      New name mo ateng....The Invisible Girl

      Taray....Fantastic Four si ateng!!!

      si Hombre...pwde ...ikaw ang THE THING...tutal..hilig mo gamitin ang THE....





    23. Hahaha! Comedy na ini!

      Sabi ko na nga ba, hindi 'yan makakatulog si hombre. Sasagot at sasagot 'yan! Haha. At ako pa ngayon ang arrogant? Na-question ka lang dahil sa mga sinabi mo. "No single comment about my grammar" - oh eto na. Hindi lang isa.
      Ang dami mong kuda! Yung BP mo neh! Galit na galit? Harhar! Ikwento mo sa pagong! Pinanindigan mo talaga ang "If I'm you.."? Dati, UST ang dala-dala mo. Ngayon, buong UK naman. Hoomaygawd! Ikaw na nga!
      Kawawa ka naman. Kapag mali, mali ineng. Tutal ikaw ang nagsimula ng "grammarnazi" na 'yan. Swallow your own dosage.

      Natawa naman ako dito sa dalawang sumunod na bading. Laging ganoon no? Pagkatapos ni hombre may susunod. I checked the stamping, confirmed.

      6:41 PM - hindi ako basher at hindi ako galit kaninuman. Maybe you misinterpret my comment. Depende rin kasi 'yan sa pagbabasa. At oo nga no? Mali ang "even worst" - thank you. Even badder dapat, haha! Charought. At least wala akong sinabing "not a single comment about my grammar." I stand corrected and I won't mind.

      Kay 6:51 PM naman - nag-iisip pa ako ng pangalan. Haha! "If I'm you" Pwede na siguro 'yun. Hehehe. Let's spread that phrase like Brits and non-Brits alike. Ang alam ko kasi hindi sila ganun ka grammarnazi, so long as they understand one another, they are good. Pero syempre iba kapag formal writing and the likes.

      ZZZzzzzzZZzzZzz Kaantok. Hehe! I'm looking forward sa comment ni hombre, anonymous man o gamit niya ang hombrepara2. Sure ako, hindi 'yan patatalo. Brits and non-Brits alike, If I'm you. Hahaha!

    24. Hindi ko na binasa ang story dahil sa grammar, magkokoment sana ako ukol dun nang mabasa ko ito. Hahaha! Ayoko nang dumagdag

      MAGSITIGIL KAYO!!!!!!!!!! hombre at sino nga ulit name nung nagbabash sa kanya? hihi. Baka kayo ang magkatuluyan niyan. Hahahahahaha Tapos publish niyo di2. Matututwa kami ahaahahaha ang tagal na nitong story, magsimove on kau!!!!!

    25. Anonymous Nov 14 6:51 PM
      Hindi yan grammar issues neng. Ganun daw talaga sa England sabi ni hombre, Brits and non-Brits alike. Haha!

      Anon Nov 14 10:49 PM
      Huwag ka nang sumawsaw. Haha!

      Goognight. ZZZZzzzZZZzzzzZzz -"If I'm you" here. Hahaha

  3. Paayos ng grammar... May prob sa tenses kasi. Sorry, but it seems unrealistic na gumagawa ka ng article or doing editing in some mags or something kung may flaws sa grammar mo. Anyway good story if it's real then congratulations! However di pa tapos and parang malungkot ang ending gaya ng nabanggit sa first part... Be careful lang sa tenses... Tulad nung sa question and answer, may Mali na agad sa English ni Gab... Makikita mo ung error if you will read it again.. Well, Goodluck for your next story.

    1. Hi ...kung lalaki ka cguro po gwapo ka..":)


  4. Same comment, wrong grammar: will all depends, with regards, etc. Trying hard sa English si author. Baka kinopya lang. Di ko na binasa nang buo.

  5. Grabe naman si anonymous November 1, 2014 at 5:39 AM,lahat po ng tao nagkakamali tsaka ka na mag ganyan pag di na ka nakakagawa ng mali and ikaw bakit di ka gumawa ng sarili mong story and let see kung perfect ang magagawa mo.To you Mr. Author ok lang yan lahat ng tao nagkakamali goodluck sayo and sa story mo aabangan ko to :)

    1. Kitid ng utak mo pre. Sinasabi yan para maging mindful ang author at next time ayusin nya ang grammar.

    2. Grabe ang grammar, nakakalasing. At nagpretend pa na member sa editorial staff. Nakakahiya!

    3. Talagang makitid ang utak ni ANONYMOUS November 1, 2014 at 8:13 AM. Kaya nga pinupuna kasi may mali sa isinulat ng author. Mali na nga gusto mo pang gawing tama. Paano matututo ang isang tao kung hindi mo itatama? Pag nagkaanak ka, ano ituturo mo kung ang mali ay tama sa iyo? Mag-aral ka ng grammar kung sino ka man!

  6. is this really happened? Or fiction?

    1. *Did this really happen? Or is it just fiction?

      *Did this just happen? Or am I a figment of my own imagination? (Ahahahaha shabu pa!) Echos

      O ayan mama inayos ko na for you.

  7. ako din. nakailang paragraphs lang ako. sana, tinagalog na lang, hayst...

  8. Ganda po ng story nyo....naintindihan q nman po.....request q lng po ....untian nyo nlng po yung english nyo ...try nyo po damihan yung tagalog baka maisulat nyo po ng maayos yung gusto nyo.... Wag nyo nlng po pansinin yung mga nega dyan....hihintayin q po yung next part....thank u... ;))

  9. This story tells us how stupid ang mga baklang nagffiling kaw n nga ligawan ayaw p peo panay nmn hiling n mgkabf letse pg anjan n aayaw pg wla panay ang hanap kepyas nyo bulok..

    1. Ang nega mo naman -_- natural kwento yan dapat may kaartihan.

    2. Ahahahaha parehong nega. Pero te totoo naman ang sarap lang batukan ni girl. Pasweet masyado parang tanga. Jusko kung ako yan ay daay may mga anak na kami the next day ko syang sagutin.

  10. I lyk d story but I dont lyk how it was composed... Dami grammar errors...

  11. If this really happened wow ang ganda mo ate. Hahaha. Yup grammar really is an issue kasi pag d lang din kaya mag straight english why not native tounge mo na lang ang ginamit dba? May espasyo para sa tinatawag na IMPROVEMENT do better lang next time :-)

    1. Totoo nakakakilig! Pinilit kong tapusin kahit nagdudugo na puso ko kkadapa sa mga malgramar! Shet sana nangyari rin to saken siguro warak na warak na wafut ko by now.or araw araw lang akong magpapadagan sa kanya. Ahahahhaa

  12. Bakla naman tayo tayo na nga lang, magpapashalahan pa? Sayang yung story ganda sana pero ang wrong lang tlga ng talak. Sana coloquial kuda na lang mas realistic pa. Parang script to ng paluging teleserye e. Echos lang. Pero te pakitagalog na lang. Kikiligin na sana kami e. Wala nalost.

  13. Ayyyy aabangan ko ung katuloy nyan! Nakakakilig....

  14. it's nice to think ma may ganito story but sadly, it's too good to be true, masyado pa-girl, yes, as gays there are times na we want to be treated like a girl pero naman try to be realistic, too much drama going on, and these dramas are making the story a bit trying hard, sorry

    1. Sorry rin, ang limited naman ng mundo mo. This kind of shit can happen and did happen to a few people i know. Pero namn like hello there are times na theres just too much envy going on! Echos lang po! Your drama is making me sorry for you. Echos lang uli ahahahaha.

  15. Grammar errors and it is very unrealistic. Try to be more realistic even though its a fiction story. It will be more pleasing to readers if you do so.

  16. Mga te bawal bang humopia(maging hopeful)? Hindi ba pwedeng realistic ang nangyari dito? Ang iinggitera naman! Sa ayaw at sa hindi merong mga "straight" na naiinlove sa bading(pagirl or pamin). Tawag don fluidity of gender. Meron ring mga bading naiinlove sa tomboy(i know lason!). At meron ring mga pagirl naiinlove sa kapwa pagirl(performance art yon wag kang umarte). Rare nga lang pero nangyayari siya. Most of the time suppressed dahil bilang taboo. Ibigay niyo na ang amats ni girl! Altho hndi ko parin kaya ang amats ng wrong grammar.

    1. Wagi ang comment mo teh!

  17. Totoo na nakakadistract ying grammar errors. Maganda sana ung story kaso dahil sa grammar errors at hindi maayod na spacing/paragraph construction nagski-skip na lang ako to finish the story. Kung ti-nype mo siguro muna yan sa ms word or any similar program, most of the grammar issues ay naresolve na.

  18. Forget the nega comments. :'> Totoo nga yung sinasabi nila.Pero pwede pa namang maimprove diba? Next Part plss. <3

  19. Sino po ung nasa picture ang hottie

    1. this comment is the ultimate winner !!!

      Ndi napansin ang story...ndi napansin ang grammar issues...


      Aliw much!!!

    2. Ahahahahahahhahaha tangina i love et! What a way to turn things around nga naman ano! Ahahahaha!!

      Ang lalaking hubad ang napansin. Ahahahaha shet para kong tanga ngyon tawa ng tawa on my own. Aliw nga! Pero mas aliw na napansin mo to.

    3. Si Michael DY po yan. friend ko. :)

  20. Maganda Yong story.. totoo man o Hindi ok lng un.at least may nababasa kaming kakaibang story dito..sa mga nega comments hayaan mo nlng Sila author..don't mind them.sabihin nlng natin na magaling Sila sa grammar o whatsoever..d nila kailangan ipagmalaki un....pede naman mag puna ksi para ma aware ka...pero dapat yong sincere d yong ipapamukha talaga sayong Mali ka..na pagtatawanan kapa..kasi tayong mga pinoy correctionist eh..may kanya kanya namn taung opinion eh..Pero Sana guys watch your word para d ka makkasakit ng tao o ng kapwa...anyway gudluck author..I can't wait sa part 2

  21. Seriously maganda na sana. Kaso darn it yung grammar... I do agree with some here who says that you can only grow as a writer and be better at your craft if you open your mind ... and perhaps accept criticisms not as detriments to your passion but as foundation. Just please next time, before the author pretends to be part of an editorial staff (seriously i believe he's just joking about this knowing the painful grammar), be truthful na lang sa sarili mo. You don't impress your readers with your qualifications. Impress them with your writing skill and the medium you're using. Ok? So peace out. muwah muwah

  22. Cool ng story halos kinulang ang isang araw para maintindihan ko yung story. PISTI..!! hindi lang ilong ang dumugo sakin., pati na mata, tenga, utak. Etc pati freinds ko sumuko. 15,000 ng tenses ang mali at 10,000 na word tenses mali din ayon sa wedsite na pinuntahan ko para sa grammar correction (ginamit ko yung ganyang site nung nag thesis ako. Sorry po. Next time author tagalugin mo nalang po. Kase English make things complicated ika nga nila.

    Ulitin mo nalang po author yung tagalog naman ng story mo maraming madla ang nilagnat, nabalis, tinrangkaso, naospital, nausog, naingkanto, natroma, nacomatose, nagbigte, naglaslas sa nuo, nagbasag ng pinggan, sinunog ang bahay, kumain ng bubog, sumakit ang ulo at kung ano ano pa. Sige ka baka mamaya mag protesta sila sabahay mo pag nahanap ka nila w din Ikawdin mawawalan ka ng privacy sorry sa comment..

    P.S: love love love Jehn..

    1. Thanks ANONYMOUS November 5, 2014 at 9:21 PM. Napatawa mo ako sa iyong comment especially the 2nd paragraph! Tunay ka nakakabaliw ang grammar ni author, pero sa isang banda sa dami nang pumuna ay nauwi sa comedy ang ilan.

      Nalulungkot at nagtataka naman ako dun sa iba: bakit pag may nagcomment ng negative ay binabara nung iba. Kaya nga naglagay ng word na "COMMENT" ay para magkomento! That serves the purpose. At tandaan lagi na iba-iba ang opinion ng bawat isa sa atin kaya kung may MAGANDA o PANGIT man na komento ay talagang ganoon. Respeto na lang sana sa bawat isa.

    2. Yun na nga point te kaya may nega, kasi nagkakatapakan ng respeto. Tawag don calling out ng mga todo feeling magcomment. Level-headed sana ang pagcomment. Kaya ang saya lang na naging comedy na yung iba. Magcocomment na nga lang bobita pa. Self-serving rin kasi yung iba kaya nakakagigil icall out. Kanya knyang trip kung baga.

  23. The story was good. Kudos to the writer.
    Just use your native language in writing next time.
    And spacing. :)

    Can't wait to see more of your future stories here in this site.

  24. gooooooooooooooood story pero anong presence of mind. HAHAHHAHAHA tangina talga sorry ha. tawang tawa ko don HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. Mas nag enjoy ako magbasa ng mga comments! XD
    Di ko na tinapos din yung story, dumirecho na ako sa comments section. Hehehe!


  26. aliw naman mga comments..maganda naman ang story..basta tyagaan lng ang pagbabasa..kakainggit si Ivan..hehehehe

  27. wow daming comments oh! Mr. Author ma-inspire kapo sa kanila...

    Grabeh. ang tatalino nila oh! ang sa'kin lng din po, tama na ayusin niyo po ang tenses. dapat may SVA kasi para di po nagkakagulo, tas yung spacing din po e consider, masakit sa mata eh.

    pero yung content at flow ng story is superb, may kinuha ka nga lang scenes. like sa yung efforts na nagawa ni Gab. maybe sa PoV na niya yun hahaba na kasi masyado =), ang galing niyo po. kudos to you, sana di kagaya nung ibang stories dito maka-update sana po kayo agad. Huwag po kayong mambitin pls. masakit ehh, sa bandang puson! hihihi JK.

    p.s: kung true story po ito, ibahin nio nalang po ang ending kasi parang cliché. 'parang' lng naman. :)
    -tas basahin nio po ulit ang gawa nio para maiwasan o ma edit ang typo errors-


  28. I'm not good in writing or speaking in english but you can't deny that his work is full of grammatically incorrect sentences.

    1. Ay talaga? Parang dalubhasa nga e. Echos! Bakla naman ang dami nang pumuna basa basa ng comments, mare! Redundant na. Go basahin mo kaaliw!

  29. Ang dami magaling! lol pero mr author tama sila haha grammar and storyline, muntik ko na di tapusin kaya lang unfair sabihin na panget story without finishing it, so i did, and sumakit bangs ko sa pagintindi, peace on earth!

  30. Medyo maraming error pero i think edit lng kailangan and for sure this story will be great to read... sige ituloy mo to mr. Author.....

  31. Sa tingin ko totoo nman to ei. These kind of things usually happen naman, esp sa mga exclusive schools. Saksi kasi ako sa mga ganito.. i am a graduate of a maritime school in iloilo kung saan puro lalaki lang yung nag-aaral. That was then ewan ko lang ngayun. Pero the point is, maaring totoo.. hehe..

    And about the story, okay yung flow yun nga lang sabi nga nila masyadong magulo.. baka hindi lang talaga na proof read ni author tsaka dapat yung admin ng KM, kung may magsubmit ng story at nkita nya na parang hindi okay yung pagkagwa, tulad ng grammar, spelling and the likes, pakiinform nman yung author to correct the doc agad para walang gulo.. hahahaha


  32. Hahhaha.. ang dami nang na Bush ni hombre ...masyado kasing perfectionist Mali din pla ang grammar..ñakahanap Karin ng katapat mo.. go invincible girl Tama ka... anu ka ngayon hombre supalpal ka..hahaha

    1. Hehehe! Si hombre din naman kasi ang naghukay ng sarili niyang libingan. Kung nag-correct lang siya and simply criticized the author's work. Okay lang yun. Eh kaso, naglitanya pa ng kung saan siya galing, anong alam niya - haha! Kundi ba naman talagang conceited. At ako daw ang arrogant niyan ha?Haha! Patawa.

  33. I am you???? Not good. It should be if I were you..

    1. Correct. Tapos ija-justify niya pa na common daw iyon sa UK. Nandamay pa? Dinala pa ang buong UK. Pathetic talaga. So obsessed of winning. Ayaw makanti ang ego. Ano to, may sariling grammar rules ang UK? So meron din ang Canada? At Australia? Tsk! My point is you can correct others in a nice way or otherwise. You just don't need to show off where you came from, what achievements you have because that's too much claiming about you. Dinala niya pa ang UST sa Kwentong Malibog. I don't think it's necessary, it's really inappropriate. At ako pa ang arrogant sa lagay na 'yan ha? Ang sarap supalpalin. Hahaha! Oops, that's bad. Erase.

    2. Ateng na hombre....awat na. Talo ka. Kahit ano gawin mo. Wala ka binabat jan. Nasa london ka kamo....classy at posh ang British nde ba? bakit pinatulan mo?

      Matalino ka. at Boba din. Namimili ka dapat ng aawayin mo. Baklang butangera ang kaaway mo....ano laban mo? yan ang tipo na lalban ng sabunutan at sampalan kurutan jombagan sa kalye para lang manalo. Bwahaha!

      Butangera na anonymous pa..pinatulan mo. Ang tanga tanga mo ateng. akal ako ba UST ka?

  34. Excuse me anonymous Nov 16? Ang fresh naman ng comment mo. Anong Butangera? I'm sorry but alien sa akin ang word na 'yan. And yes, this is Invicible Girl, the one you just called butangera.

    Did I say foul words? Did I say "dickhead"? Did I say, "As for me, you no longer exist."??? NOPE. So who's butangera now? Ang sabihin mo talagang wala lang talagang binatbat yang si hombre. Napaka OC sa grammar, waley din pala. I-analize mo ang mga comments niya, sobrang matatawa ka.

    Payong kafatid din ha? Huwag masyadong gullible. Kapag cnabi ko bang I've been in Europe many times, maniniwala ka? Please, para din 'yan sa kapakanan mo.

    I never thought I would do this and reached this stage of answering comments I practically find kinda low but I guess, it's kinda worth it.

    I even said on my very first comment last Nov 11 that I meant NO WAR but I guess battle is inevitable DAHIL may katulad ni hombre na so much about himself, makitid ang utak, ayaw magpatalo, and too focused on his own. And yes, let's not forget his follower na minsan ay followers who sometimes stand by the name Anonymous (na palagay ko ay siya rin). Asar talo si hombre kasi masyadow siya. Masyado siyang mapagmataas at laging namimintas (Stupid Love yeah!)

    Review mo ulit ang mga comments niya pansinin mo kung paano niya isinisingit ang sarili niya sa comment niya habang grammar ang punto ng diskusyon. Habang ang akin naman ay pulos galing din sa kaniya. Ibinabalik ko lang.

    Nagkamali din nga ako sa grammar ko eh pero tinanggap ko because I understand that nobody's perfect and it's not my native tounge. That's so easy for me. Which I think what hombre is lacking. Kita mo pa? Mali na nga ang "If I'm you" niya, he still tried to save his face by saying it's completely normal sa UK. Hindi naman pala masyadong pinapansin sa UK ang grammar, bakit napaka OC niya sa grammar?? At galing siya ng UST dapat alam niya na mali yun. Bakit niya pa ginagamit?

    You see now the drift? Marami kasi siyang sinasabi tungkol sa sarili niya na hindi naman kailangan. A person is asking for an argument, give him an argument not "what I have" and "where I came from" thing.

    Sarap niya tuloy asarin. Hehe! Anyways, sana ay naintindihan mo ok? And for the winning title, I even proclaimed his victory, didn't I? Para matuwa naman siya. Hehe. (Ang hirap pala talaga kapag phone ang gamit sa pagko comment!)

    Love, Invisible Girl. muah?!

  35. Mr. Author paki post na po ng next chapter nito......thanks

  36. 2015 nlng wala pang part 2 :huhu ito inaabangan ko