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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Swimming and Straight Guys (Part 4)

By: Dexter

[From Part 3]
After a few minutes of stories, Ollin stopped caressing me, and started doing it on himself. I am not sure if I should be disguted but I was starting to smell Ollin's manly pheromones again. He seemed to start to sweat out, beads of liquid already on his chest and abs. His hand was already in his shorts. We were now both silent, me trying to stay focused on the road, him still turning himself on... and me as well... Ollin then removed his seatbelt and pushed his shorts and briefs down, to break his dick free. He let out a quick loud moan, which was unmistakably because of pleasure. Now, I am sure my concentration is quite broken. He was stroking it already, gently taking his time, and as if he was alone, as if I was not watching. He closed his eyes and softly moaning occasionally. What the hell, I thought, this guy has officially lost it. His arm was already dripping again of sweat, his chest and abs shiny. "Fuck Dex," he moaned.
This guy seems to be fantasizing me sucking on him. My penis is already raging, the rest of my body screaming in pain, already too tired but can't help but get stiffened. I decided that I couldn't take it anymore though we were just 20 minutes away from home. I took a right turn, off the main road, and headed to the parking lot which I know is always empty at this hour. Once at the empty lot and fully stopped, Ollin faced me smiling, and said, "T*ngina pare, di nga? Right

I quickly removed my seatbelt, lifted my top partially to reveal my equally sweaty abs and chest, then pushed my own shorts down to reveal the raging monster inside. "Sh*t," Ollin whispered, then continued to vigorously stroke his cock. I started stroking my own with my right hand, my left playing with my chest and nipples. While masturbating, I scanned Ollin's hotness, from his wet neck and armpits, down his chest, his tummy, his pubes, then his tool. Adrenaline rushed through me, or perhaps a combo with testosterone, that my body forgot its exhaustion and wanted to engage in a passionate sexual encounter. I can see Ollin's cock's head already red and might expolde anytime soon. I knew I had to do something, quick!
So suddenly, without thinking I held his arm and threw it away from his tightly gripped cock. He screamed, "F*ck Dex," as I slammed my face into his abs area, mopping his body using my damn handsome face! I myself was surprised with what I did but what the heck, I released my tongue to taste the salty liquid coating my food for that night. I knew Ollin liked it a lot, as he continued to breathe heavily, strong inhales and strong exhales. My face was already dripping of and drenched by Ollin's sweat.

His hands grabbed my head, forcing my face further into himself. Nevertheless I took control, and went up to his nipples. The scent was disgustingly turning me on.
It reminded me of my adventure with Paolo, as my tongue graced the sweaty body. I alternated sucking and licking aggressively, way more vigorous than my first with Paolo. Ollin was not able to control his moans anymore such that if anyone was nearby, our "secret" activity would have been given away. But it did not matter, I couldn't have cared less. After his nipples, I went for his pits, which was again disgusting with all the hair and its wetness, but it was a major turn on as well. It might actually be my fetish. I locked and planted his left arm into his seat, as if he was restrained and overpowered. His right arm now found its way into my shorts, crumpling my buttocks, and lightly slapping them a few times.

I then went for his lips to stop him from further moaning, and for me to swallow his breath... and saliva. His hand is again on my head pinning my head into his. Our tongues and lips were at war, or more like doing the real "oral" sex. He grabbed my top and tried to release it. I released myself from our kiss and removed my already wet top myself. After that, we suddenly stopped for a moment, looked at each other, and smiled. Ollin then took a look at the back seat and then turned to look at me, wearing a naughty smile. He was inviting me to continue our adventure at the back seat. I nodded, silently agreeing.

We lifted our shorts back up but left our tops off us. We both stepped out of the car shirtless and sweaty, taking advantage of the darkness and emptiness outside, then went to the back. We started with another kiss, both of us kneelin, our bodies facing and lightly touching each other's. Both my hands were beneath his pits, my thumb playing with his nipples. His hands however were way down, caressing my cock. He then slowly pulled them (shorts) down carefully releasing my hard on. He did the same to himself and now our tools have officially engaged in a sword fight. He stroked our cocks, holding them together tightly. the friction was totally electrifying.
The passionate kiss and the cock stroking seemed to last forever, myself feeling about to boil up and just fully erupt in pure ecstasy.

Ollin shifted his focus from our dicks then dove into my shorts, way past my balls. His hand found its way to my butt hole. He slipped one finger into it and I instantly moaned and screamed "Sh*t!" It was damn painful! He then removed it from the inside. But his fingers kept circling the sides of my hole, seemingly prepping for another dive. And then he did! "F*ck you! Sh*t!" I screamed mad, and jerked a little. I lust-raged and pushed him hard down the seat. "This time I do the hurting!" I thought.
I pulled down his shorts fully, then stared at my victim. I placed my palm to his chest and my other hand already caressing his cute little butt. My middle finger was already teasing his butt crack, pretending that it couldn't find its way to the hole. His right foot was already on the car floor, while the other resting on the head back seat rest. The goal was wide open, I thought. I then stared at him with determination and he stared back, looking anxious-angry. I then did what he did to me, inserted my middle into him. It was hot and moist, and a bit hairy. He moaned in pain, and pleasure maybe. I then did some gentle strokes mimicking what a dick inside it would do. He grabbed the front and back seat back head rests tightly, trying to endure every motion I did inside him. I tried inserting a second finger, my index, but he blasted in pain, and retracted, almost bumping his head on to the door. He swore loudly and I apologized. We stopped moving, both of us breathing heavily. "Dude, nothing like that next time ha,"
Ollin said. "F*ck it dude, you started it!" I said almost laughing...

"What now?!" I said, while both of us still frozen from exhaustion and the literal pains in our asses. I like looking at his chest now, expanding and er, contracting, as he breathed slowly and heavily. His arm was now on his head feeling obviously the tiredness from our passionate sex. But, none of us had actually cum, which was surprising given that almost every second I felt like giving in to the heat that built up inside me.

Finally we decided on something: "Race?" Ollin challenged. "Sure!" I accepted. "Loser gets winner's cum spray!" Ollin offered. "W* the f*?," I objected.
He then explained that we needed to take a bath first somewhere else anyway. He offered that he'll book himself a hotel, then we can use the shower there.
And so, the naughty little angel in me agreed. We sat side by side to officially start the race. I laughed in my head at the thought of how anti-climactic our cumming was about to become, after all the much more exciting love-making we had. Nevertheless, I started stroking mine, thinking about continuing to hump Ollin after the finger incident. I imagined him enjoying and moaning to my every thrust, me kissing him every once in a while, and playing with his nipples, then spitting on to his body, and then.... "Oh f*ck oh f*ck!" Ollin suddenly shouted loudly. As I opened my eyes, I confirmed his imagination was way better than mine that he couldn't even hold his cum to spray it on me. He had his cum all over his body with some still slowly spurting out from his still stiff cock.
I was so turned on by the scene that I jumped to his cum-covered chest to lick it and then went for his cock to suck it vigorously. Ollin moaned more loudly as his body twitched a bit violently. I then went to kiss him, my mouth still having remnants of his own liquid. He did not object, lust was overruling all the disgust we should have felt...

And so, I jerked myself off to cumming just watching Ollin as he emptied my tissue box to fix himself. We then drove to a nearby hotel and had our much deserved hot shower together.


  1. yehey just 1 week of waiting! Another great story dex!

  2. next week ulit! part 5!

  3. Very well written! Makes your imagination go wild! Hot! Until next week Dex!

  4. Ito talaga inaabangan ko. The agony of waiting.

  5. wheeeew part 5 please!!!

  6. Dex...you never fail to give me a huge hard on with every story. When will i ever get to swim with you:-) Ron