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Monday, August 15, 2016

The Construction Massage

By: Asyong Bayawak

The rain had stopped when I heard someone knocking on the back door. It could only be the neighbors. They knew the doorbell doesn’t work.
‘I’m coming,’ I yelled. I just came out of the shower, naked. I put on my jeans and sweater before walking to the door. Behind the screen door was a slender woman, holding a luggage. It took me a second before I recognized who it was. I opened the door. ‘Janine!’
‘Paolo, hi!’ She squeezed my arms as if trying to see if I was real. ‘Look at you, you’ve grown so big! And I didn’t know you’re back. When did you arrive?’
‘Yesterday.’ I smiled. ‘When did I last see you? Five years ago? Or seven, probably.’
‘It sure feels longer than that. Dubai… You went to Dubai, right?’
‘That’s right,’ I confirmed.
‘Oh, yes. Hey, I’d like to catch up, but I really need to go. Is your grandmother home?’
‘No, she’s in Pangasinan with my aunt.’
Her brows crinkled and she bit her lower lip.
‘Why, what’s up?’ I said.
‘It’s Bernie,’ she said. ‘His back’s aching so I was hoping Gran can give him a massage.’
My grandmother is an expert in traditional massage. We live in a fishing village and Gran’s one of the very few massage therapists in the island.
‘Then it’s a good thing I’m here!’ I chuckled. ‘I’m a physical therapist, you know.’
‘Oh, of course!’ She tapped her forehead with her palm. ‘Oh, thank God you’re here, Pao. So you’d drop by the house later? Bernie’s in the shower so just get yourself in. I left the door unlocked. Sorry, I really have to go. The ferry’s leaving in thirty minutes.’ With that she gave me a hug and then strode away with her luggage. ‘Thanks, Pao!’
A smile crept into my lips as I watched her take her car. I could finally get my hands on her husband.
Bernie, her husband of more than fifteen years, had been my jack-off fantasy since I was a teenager. He still works in his construction company, according to Gran. He’s about 5’9”, with muscles always trying to rip his shirt off. He’s a hairy, chunky daddy, if ever there was one. I can still remember watching sweat drip from his forearms and chest whenever he chopped wood in their backyard every summer. He always liked wearing those skimpy cycling shorts, and that would usually be enough to make me pump my load in the toilet. And I’ve always wanted to lick those nipples and suck that bulge in his shorts.
All these thoughts were creating a tent in my jeans.
It’s five o’clock and the sky’s dark, filled with stormy clouds. Perfect for a romantic massage.
We live at the edge of the woods and only have three neighbors: Bernie and Janine, who live right across our house, and Mr. Manalo, who owns a cottage at the foot of the hill. You’d have to drive if you want to go to town, or take the ferry to get off the island. There’s nothing to see from our windows but a paved road and lots and lots of hundred-year-old trees.

Nobody would hear Bernie’s cries of passion. I wondered what he sounds like while getting fucked. I resolved not to touch my dick until Bernie’s writhing under my ministrations.
Like what Janine said, the door was unlocked, so I let myself in. I wore my navy blue, tennis shorts (even if it’s freezing outside, and a white tank top under my sweater. Bernie should see how big I’ve become. Over the last years I grew a few more inches, and now I’m 6-feet tall. I’ve worked hard for these muscles and I love flaunting them any way I can. I have small, rounded butt, nice arms, meaty chest, washboard abs, and muscular legs. I been offered underwear modelling before, but all the agents looked creepy, so I threw their calling cards away.
The house was dark, but there was light coming from the kitchen. The bathroom door stood at the end of the corridor beside the refrigerator. Everything looked the same. The green walls, paintings of the sea, bear figurines. Bernie was singing in the bathroom. The water’s running but his voice was loud enough to carry through. I used to wait for him come out of the bathroom, freshly showered, while helping Janine in the kitchen.
I pulled out a chair and sat. Bernie wasn’t expecting me. And he sure won’t expect what I’ll do to him. I played with my smartphone. I didn’t want him to know how anxious I was to see him.
The bathroom door opened and I had to keep my mouth closed. I looked up as he emerged from the hallway—buck naked.
Fuck me, daddy.
I smiled. ‘Hey.’
Bernie is perfect. His arms were bigger than I remembered. Strong legs. Dark hair covering his naturally-tanned body, courtesy of the Spanish blood running through his veins. Thick waist, but no beer belly. He shaved his head, and was now sporting a handlebar mustache. And most amazing of all, horse-hung cock dangling over his pair of golf balls, all for my eyes to see.
Fucking Father of the Horse Lord. Bernie is big.
It took all my willpower not to drop on my knees.
He then remembered how naked he was and made a grab for the pot holder to cover his cock. ‘What are you doing here?’
‘Janine came over the house and asked if I could give you a massage, since Gran’s not home,’ I said. ‘I’m a licensed physical therapist, so I should be more than capable to help you out.’ I couldn’t help it. I was grinning from ear to ear. Fuck, I was so horny. I didn’t want to rush things, but all this nakedness was stroking my cock. Good thing I was sitting and the table was hiding my hard-on.
‘Aw, shucks. Are you sure that’s okay?’
His voice was so deep I wanted to stick my tongue in his mouth and hear him moan. ‘It’s okay. No worries at all,’ I assured him.
Bernie smiled shyly. ‘Well, okay, if you say so. Let me just get my underwear. And I’ll bring the massage table, okay?’
‘Bed’s better. And you don’t need the underwear. We don’t want to get oil on your underwear.’

It was a little awkward. My bare ass leading the way to the bedroom. With a man following suit. I wanted to cover my ass, but what the heck. He already saw everything.
Paulo’s a man now, isn’t he? Last time he was here, he was a skinny teenager. Now he could best any porn star on the net with his boyish good looks and hunky physique. The girls must be all over him.  ‘You’ve grown big, Pao,’ I said as we entered the bedroom. ‘How old are you now?’
‘Twenty-seven,’ Paulo answered with a smile in his voice.
It still felt awkward. I always get a massage in the living room, and I always wore shorts. At least the room wasn’t a mess. Good thing I cleaned it this morning.
‘Okay. How do you want me?’ I asked.
‘Lie on your stomach,’ he instructed.
I plopped onto the bed. Just the thought of a massage was enough to lull me to sleep. I’ve been doing a lot of overtime work at the mayor’s house lately and my back’s starting to act up again.
The bedroom’s on the second floor of the house and the howling wind was rattling the windows. Soft, yellow light from the lamp illuminated the room. ‘You can get lotion from the dresser.’
He placed little pillows on both sides of my head.
‘I brought coconut oil,’ said Paulo. I heard him rubbing his hands together.
The bed sagged; Paulo sat on my buttocks. Good heavens. I sighed.
‘Hard?’ he asked.
Strong, warm hands pressed down my lower back and I heard a couple of pops. I moaned. Fuck.
‘You work too much,’ Paulo whispered. ‘Janine said you’re having back problems. But I’m going to give you a full-body massage, okay?’
I sighed in agreement.
A moment of pure bliss. Callused fingers rubbed the kinks and pressed my tired muscles. He rubbed my shoulders, round and round, running down my spine. His thumb ran in circles on my nape and the blades of my shoulder. It went on and on until his hands traveled down my lower back again. I almost growled. Paulo was pushing the right buttons. Fuck. 
So much better than sex. I wanted to sleep, but I didn’t want to miss the pleasure.
He was rubbing my bubbles, parting them from time to time. It was making me hard. My cock stiffening between the bed and my body. An oily finger brush over my hole.
The sides of his palms just traveled through my crack. His hands were back to massaging by bubbles, but my heart was pounding like crazy. My breathing came harder, hard as my cock. Damn it to hell. I haven’t had sex in weeks. And fuck me to hell, I’m thinking about sex while there’s another man in the room!
I almost lifted my ass when the hands left my butt and travelled down my left leg. I couldn’t remember craving for someone’s touch so much. I must have growled in frustration, because Paulo asked if I was okay.
I was in heaven. I grunted affirmative.
He focused on my thighs and calves, the flat of my feet, and then my toes. Paulo slid his hands up my oily legs. I shivered in anticipation for his hands to brush against my hole again.
I hoped Paulo knew what he was doing, because I didn’t. At the back of my mind, I knew this was wrong. I have a wife and Paulo… to me he was a brother. A younger brother. But the things he was doing to me—they were waking up something inside me that I never knew existed. I was never one for sexual adventure. I banged girls regularly since high school, but I was faithful to my wife. We used to have a lot of sex, but lately we’d only do the deed once a month. Sometimes not even. I was just always tired from work, and so was Janine. We’ve long given up trying to have kids. The doctor said we’re both healthy, but still we couldn’t have a child. Maybe we should have tried harder.
Hands worked my inner thighs, bringing me back to the present. Shit. Holy! Holy-holy-holy.
Fingers were playing with my exposed balls. So wrong. This was so wrong, but I couldn’t do anything but moan. Paulo should stop I before we do something we’d regret. But I couldn’t tell him to stop. Not now. Now when I’m ready to bust my nut.
And then, to my horror, his raging hard-on sat on my left foot.
Fuck. Fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck-fuck.
I’m not gay. But I didn’t want this to stop. My heart thundered in my chest. I didn’t know what to think. This should stop now, but I was lost.
‘Okay?’ he asked. His voice thick and smooth. My cock sprang harder and I was sure I was leaking pre-cum by the buckets.
I wasn’t okay. But I didn’t answer. I didn’t want him to stop and I wanted him to continue doing me.
He started massaging my arms then placed his bulge into my open left palm. I turned my face to him, he was still fully clothed. Or at least wearing his skimpy shorts and a tank top. He smiled at me, and in response, I squeezed his balls. I heard him take a deep breath. Good. I resigned myself to whatever’s going to happen tonight. I sighed and buried my face on the pillow. He changed places and my hand missed his body.
My wife and I hadn’t been happy with our relationship in a while, and I have a feeling she has another man. I call her my wife, though the truth is that we were never married. The ring on my finger was just for show. So that people won’t ask. Right now I couldn’t care less. I might as well enjoy the freedom. Even with another man. Another MAN. Fuck. And this is Paulo. Double fuck. My chest was still hammering like crazy. I wondered if I’d get a heart attack after this.
Paulo stopped what he was doing, probably to take a breather. It felt like an eternity since we started. I heard the rustle of his clothes and the unmistakable sound of an opening zipper. Shit.
Just this once, I told myself.
‘Turn around,’ Paulo instructed.
Here goes nothing. I took a deep breath and turned to lie on my back. My eyes zeroed in on the erect cock within groping distance. Fuck, it was HUGE. Bigger than mine. Paulo’s taller than me by two inches, but I never imagined him to have what looked like ten-incher, and thick as a bottle of Corona. I felt myself swallow.
‘Touch it,’ he whispered. And I did. It was velvety, warm, and throbbing. I squeezed it—red head turning purple, clear liquid oozing. Damn it was big. I’ve never touched another man’s dick before, and never have I thought to put one in my mouth either. Until now.
We stared at each other.
‘Do you trust me?’ he asked.
I nodded. His dick fucking my mouth slowly.
‘You’ll tell me if you want to stop.’
I nodded, and then choked on his dick some more.

Bernie’s eyes were glazed and full of lust. He was staring at me, arms spread, hands gripping the sheets. His pelvis lifted, dick clamoring for attention. I smiled at Bernie. This bad boy is mine. I told him to close his eyes.
I gazed at the feast before me. When I positioned myself between his legs, his dick sprung in anticipation. Dark hair covered his hole. I lifted his feet and placed them on my chest, rubbing my nipples. Normally, I would spend a long time licking my partner, but with Bernie, all I wanted to do was to shove my dick inside him without mercy, fuck him hard ‘till the sun comes up. I shivered.
I told him, ‘Fuck your ass with your finger.’
Bernie moaned and hesitated for a bit before his right hand reached under his balls and slid his oily middle finger tentatively in his pucker.
Fuck, I wanted to do it myself, but watching Bernie violate himself was a fucking hot scene. I ran my tongue on the pad of his left foot and said, ‘Prepare yourself for me.’ I almost didn’t recognize my voice. It was thick and so much deeper than it normally was.
I replaced his finger with mine, in and out of his hole. The surrounding dark hair was wet with oil. I sucked on his toes. Bernie was delirious. His neck and face were so red, veins bulged in his temple.
His eyes flew open. ‘I’m gonna cum,’ he said.
‘Not yet, baby. But soon.’ I forbade him to touch himself as I fingered him. I have big fingers and I fucked him with two. Bernie was so tight and struggling with the intrusion, even if they were slicked with oil. He growled in pain when I jackhammered his ass. Legs splayed, his whole body open for my eyes to see. Mine.
His dick remained rock hard. His chest falling up and down as we stared lustily at each other. I added another finger and his body sprang, but I pushed him back with my left hand. ‘I’m going to fuck you like a bride on her wedding night. Your vagina will be so loose it can fit three dicks in it after I’m done with you.’
His dick wept. He gasped and I used the opportunity to dive my tongue in his mouth. I cupped his head with both of my hands as I sucked the soul out of his body. We sucked each other’s tongues greedily and explored each other’s mouths with abandon. I tried not to rub our dicks together, because from his moans, I knew Bernie could cum any minute now.
There was no more time. I slicked my cock with oil and positioned it in his small opening. Bernie froze at the intrusion. I coaxed him to relax and placed my right thumb in his mouth. Sucking it seemed to relax my man a bit. Slowly, I invaded his virgin hole, while my tongue played with his left ear. Bernie could do nothing but grunt as he sucked my thumb with his eyes closed.
I was in heaven.
His greedy hole sucked my whole length to the base. Bernie stopped sucking my thumb as he tried to accommodate all of me. Inside, he was velvety, warm, and oh so tight. It was squeezing my dick like an angry fist. I needed to move or I wouldn’t last.
My head at the crook of his neck, I began with quick, short thrusts. Bernie was cursing nonstop, as if it was all too much to bear. A smile formed on my lips before our mouths connected once more. He held me in a tight embrace as I fucked him in earnest.

I clung to Paulo like a drowning man. His arms wrapped around my waist, while my arms and legs enveloped his back.
He was so big. He made me feel so full. Every little push drove me to the edge. At first it was pure pain. I didn’t know how I survived it. With all the sensations coming from every part of my body, my mind was just everywhere. I thought my chest was going to explode. But then the pain dissolved in a puddle of pleasure I never knew existed. There was a button inside my ass that he kept on pushing, and it was driving me wild. As if his body was channeling electricity into mine.  And when he started pounding me like an offering to the gods, I reached nirvana. My screams filled the room. My shouts were louder than the rain pounding the windows.
‘Deeper, deeper!’ I pleaded.
Paulo was spewing debauchery into my ear, which made me harder than ever.
‘You’re so tight, baby,’ he grunted. ‘I’m going to call on your construction workers to gangbang your hole. We’re going to make you so happy, your ass will be leaking cum for days. And you’re going to suck the dicks of all the lusty fathers in this town and you’re going to get pregnant with their babies. We’re going to fuck you in the shed, in the kitchen, in the woods. I’m going to fuck you by the river for all the town to see. Do you want that, baby? You little slut? Your ass in mine now, you little cunt.’
His promises of depravity were making me hold on to him more tightly. ‘Fuck me,’ I begged. ‘Fuck me harder!’
And he did. He fucked me on my back, on all fours, on our sides. I watched him watch his cock go in and out of my hole. Most of the time, he trapped my shoulders to make sure I don’t go anywhere as he drove his monster into my bum.
I already came twice and he was still fucking me—didn’t even have to touch my fucking dick. I pissed once while his dick was pounding my hole. Holding it wasn’t an option.
I wasn’t going anywhere. I was addicted.
Paulo yelled as he filled me with buckets of gooey cum. He collapsed into my semen covered body and then we kissed. We kissed for I don’t remember how long.
When we separated, we were both covered with sweat and cum. His face was so beautiful. His lips plump and red. I wanted to kiss him again, but my mouth was already aching with abuse.
There was no going back after this.


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