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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hito's Pages (Part 1)

By: hitokirigenki

Chapter 1: Eight and Hard

You guys remember that I went to Enterprise, Makati last Friday right? Let me tell you the situation back then in the CR near Starbucks Enterprise Tower.

I was waiting outside Starbucks Enterprise and Family Mart for a friend who referred me to a job interview for a writer/editor position. I suddenly thought of checking Grindr, as I heard news of the cruising scene here. There was this big hunky Chinoy guy who messaged me. Quick fun, with 52 meters away distance between us. I looked around. I smiled. He smiled.

I messaged him.

“You saw me? I smiled at you.”

“The guy who’s wearing that chic floral t-shirt and a blonde man-bun right?”

“Yeah.” He walked towards me.

“You don’t seem like your profile picture.” He was on my side, as he said that.

“There’s only one way to find out then, I guess.”

He went to the CR and I followed him. He was tall. He quickly went to the furthest urinal near the wall. I took the urinal next to him. He pretended to pee, but looked at me slyly. I started to lift my shirt, exposing part of my chest, my abs and my treasure trail to him. His eyes widened.

I heard him whispering in my ear, “Fuck, let’s go to the cubicles na.”

His display picture was of him having that perfect V torso. It was true. His pseudonym was 8&Above. That was true too. He kissed me straight when he closed the cubicle door, pinning me against it. He pulled my shirt buttons open slowly, his daunt fingers teasing every inch of my abs. He loved it.
His tongue penetrated me. My tongue replied with equal fervor. His hard dick ground against mine, in the constrict of our jeans, with lust and passion. He suddenly grabbed the ends of my shirt and pulled it roughly off me, leaving me topless in his presence. His hands went down to the front of my American Eagle slimfit dark denims while my hands roamed his chest underneath his white anchor printed polo. I felt his pecs.

“Fuck, you’re huge. Larger than I thought.”

I moaned as his hands gripped me harder. His fingers teased my tip as he spread my precum and palmed me.

“Your torso is freaking perfect dude.” I flicked his nipple with my tongue, slowly teasing him. He moaned.

He pressed my head towards his upturned polo harder against his chest, as his hands delved down to reach my ass. I bit his nipples, wet and hard.

His hands grasped around my buttocks with strength, like he wants it. He purred while I slowly went lower inch by inch to his happy trail and his bellybutton. He groaned.

“Fuck, keep quiet.” I said.

His hands withdrew. He pushed my pants down to expose my butt. He looked at me with intense lust and licked his lips seductively.

“You wanna go bare, babe?”

“I don’t fuck without condoms.”

He sighed. My mouth then began to unzip him, with my teeth. I opened his fly, while my lithe fingers lingered on his torso. His fingers went back to my ass, teasing me and entering me slowly. He grinded me.

I licked his dick. It was true, his head was large. His shaft, was thick. And I swallowed him, slowly inch by inch as I felt his hand ond my head pushing me down.

I was kind of gagging. He choked me hard. His fingers kept pushing slowly inside of me. My moans were muffled.
“Fuck this I want you now.” Damn, I felt his dick pulsate on my lips. He was urgent. I felt him lower my jeans and proceeded to lift me up, carrying me.

“No condom, no fuck.”

I felt his dick, though near my ass.

Teasing my hole, not even inserting it one bit he thrusted on my ass. He pseudo-fucked me. His lips found themselves on mine, and somehow my hands found his. I heard him moan in my mouth. His lips grazed in my ear to whisper sexily, “I’m fucking near.”

His other hand started to jerk me off, to match his thrusts. I moaned louder than him. His hands were now wet with my precum. His arms gave way, my back now red in his palms. And my strength was gone.

He handed me tissues. I wiped myself and he wiped my back. He gave me my shirt, which was hanging on the tissue rack, and then suddenly hugged my back. I fixed myself up while he held me and I felt him reach into my pockets. He took my iPhone 6 and dialled his number. He quickly saved it as “Chino Babe”.

I freshened up a bit, as he let go of me and turned me to face him. He was disheveled. He kissed me, slowly.

“Text me later okay?”

He fixed himself up quickly and left the cubicle. Maybe now I was okay to leave. When I exited, however, all I saw were a batch of guys either sucking or jerking off. Maybe from us and the commotion we made in the cubicle. A few normal guys and no real hotties. Guess they kinda looked shocked when I left that the guy they fapped to wasn’t as hot as them, but got one of the hottest tripper there, since I looked like a teenager. They watched me look in the mirror and fix my untucked shirt, which gave them a brief glimpse of my abs.

I left them jerking.

As soon as I finished the interview, I went back to my Grindr and saw his sweet message: “I’ll add you in FB dude? If you want to. You already got my number there. Just text me if you want a repeat. :)”

I smiled. He added smileys.

“This is my number again, in case you forgot. 0917-xxxxxxx. Please text me again. I wanna fuck your sweet ass.”
I replied a quick “Sure thing”, and logged off. A day later though, he replied. I found his FB, his identity. He had a wife, and had a daughter of three. I found his pictures and saved it on my phone as “Chino Babe”. I never attempted to reply to his messages again.

Earlier, he messaged me.

“I fucking miss your hot ass. Can we fuck?”


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