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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hito's Pages (Part 2)

By: hitokirigenki

Chapter 2: Shangrila Shenanigans

When I left Enterprise, I had to go home. EDSA was traffic as fuck, and I had stalled going home by hanging around Shangri-La Shaw East Wing. You know, another cruise spot.

After Chino Boy, I was quite horny and hormonally active. Yung tipong even after cumming and everything we had done (besides it was a fucking hot encounter), I needed more. This was Friday last week. So the incoming influx of passengers made me spend another hour because it’s Payday Friday.

I started to doubt the veracity of those who posted about the select cruise spots in Manila. I mean, I opened Grindr and there seemed to be a lack of nearby men who cruised there. Hence, I decided to go rogue and went inside the 4th floor CR. I found no one there.

I went and fixed my hair: a messy manbun. That’s when i saw a guy went in and go by the urinals. He wasn’t like Chino Boy. He was moreno, maybe 5’6″ as opposed to Chino’s 5’10” height. He also had a nice bulge going on. I noticed him pee longer than usual and stalled too long on the faucets. He looked at me and winked.

I nodded. He dragged me towards the cubicle where we found a nice empty and corner facing one. He tried to kiss me, but I didn’t kiss him. For the sole reason he was sporting a smoker’s breath. Superficial, it seems.

He hurriedly took of my shirt and in return, i tried to unbutton his long sleeved shirt that had the name of his coffeeshop company where he worked at. His chest was fine. I loved his fine chest hairs sprinkled in between his pecs. He had no abs, but had a great shoulder and bicep. That’s also why when he undressed me of my shirt, he exclaimed
“Putangina, you have abs! Payat na may abs, yummy”

I laughed. He pushed my head to his nipples, wanting me to suck them hard. So i gave him his enjoyment, and added biting to the mix. Licking his nipples in between my teeth and tonguing it like something to nibble on. He was unbuttoning my jeans then, grasping my dick hard.

I started jerking him off, while i bit his other nipple with my teeth, rolling them off and twisting them. His khaki pants and checkered boxers did nothing to hide his precum and hardness in my deft agile hands.

My finger played with his precum. I decided to give him a taste of it, so i picked a dollop of it and pushed it to his lips, making him lick my fingers clean.
His tongue happily danced on my finger, licking away at his own wetness.

He kept jerking me off, hard. I saw his eyes then. Even though he was taller than me, his eyes kept looking down. This was where i decided.

I pushed his shoulder down.

He licked me hard. I clutched his head and patted it a bit. He began to kiss every bit of skin he saw of me. He wanted this, i knew. He dived in. He sucked me hard while I moaned in satisfaction. I gripped his hair, a little bit harder than necessary. I ground my hips to his mouth, making him take me deeper in his throat. He started to choke.

His tongue was doing magic tricks on my head. I started to thrust towards his throat as he formed an appreciative hum of contentment and it resounded. He was jerking himself off too, as he drunk me in his throat. I noticed that and used my feet to play with his balls.

“I’m near dude.”

He stayed sucking me. His balls felt really hard. I guess he wanted to cum too.

“Mouth or face?”

“Mouth.” He sucked me deep then.

I let loose as he playfully sucked me in between his plump red lips. I felt his cum on my feet. We both were panting hard.

He fixed himself up a bit later and left. His shirt was unkempt. After going out the lavatory, i saw him working at his coffeeshop. Maybe paout na din siya. He had this fucking huge ass grin and winked at me.

I saw him lick his lips slowly. His shirt, i noticed, had a bit of spot of cum in them. We laughed it off when i pointed it to him right when i was ordering coffee.

“Looks like you still have cream there.”

Three days later, i returned to his workplace again to get some coffee. He smiled again. He motioned the bathroom again. I shook my head then, thinking.

Who knew that a fucking cute guy like him had a hunger like that?

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